Thursday, September 13, 2012

Letter to (Seventeen Month Old) Graves

Dear Graves,

You are such a delight and so, so sweet.  I know I'm biased, but I think you have the best little personality.

Mickey and I were talking about Annie the other day and how opinionated she can be on things now and I asked him what he thought you'd be like and he said "Oh, Bud's just going to be a real fun guy".  It was so funny how he said it!

Speaking of Mickey, y'all have continued to grow even closer.  I think y'all meet a need for each other.  So often people get preoccupied with AP because she carries on full conversations and such now.  And I know you get a little sad, because you're so social and LOVE attention.  Anytime Mickey is there, though, he goes straight to you.  And you always go right to him.  You see, he's kind of used to be ignored sometimes, too.  So often Cookie or I will call and before he can get a sentence out we say "Can I speak to Momma?" We don't mean to, but sometimes I think it hurts his feelings.  I'm so glad you y'all have each other!

You've started doing something so cute and I can't tell if you're just that sweet or if you already have my number.  When I correct you (like you might be playfully slapping at my face and I grab your hand and say "No, Graves!") you stop immediately and put your arm around my neck and snuggle close.  I love it SO much and I always just melt.

Communication is about the same, except that I can tell you understand a lot more of what we say. You say the same handful of words you've been saying, but "Momma" is still your favorite.

You're still nursing twice a day, but you've gotten much better with sippies and even use the kind without a spout that took AP YEARS to get.

You love going on strolls and playing with any kind of ball and you still enjoy reading board books.  Your favorites are Spot books.  When you wake up from your nap, you often sit and "read" Spot for a bit in your crib.

You are sleeping great at night and taking some awesome naps (2-3 hours, on average) lately.  You are NO fun to be around when you're sleepy, though, and you seem to really need your rest.

I'd say your favorite food right now is peanut butter.  You eat at least one sandwich a day.

You're still so little- I'm pretty sure most of your 12 mo. jonjons will fit again next Summer unless you have a major spurt.

We did get your haircut (finally) and you look like such a big boy to me.  It's a little sad, but your so darling I can't be too upset.  I think you're about the cutest thing ever.

Graves, we love you so much and the more I see you bubbly little personality and watch your gorgeous grin light up a room, the more in love with you I fall.  You are the sweetest boy and I'm so thankful to be your momma.

Momma (and Papa)

P.S. Your bubble is a 9 mo. (and you had spilled water all over it!).

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