Monday, September 3, 2012

Letter to (Three Year and Five Month Old) Ann Peyton

Dear Ann Peyton,

You are too much! This month we've seen more of a bit of a different side from you. I've mentioned it before, but as Mickey said this morning you have a strong "determination of purpose". I've hesitated to call you "strong-willed" because I think that term is so over used, but you have gotten awfully stubborn lately. It's not so much defiance or even disobedience, it's just as Mickey said, you are very determined to have things the way you think they should be. Of course, sometimes this just can't happen.  Other times, it's fine to let you do things differently than we probably would have- differently from the way our adult minds best see fit. And other times, it's just downright comical to hear you express your strong little opinions on things.

I think Mickey and Minnie see a lot of me in you these days.  I was a very determined little child and so sure about the way things should be.  I was, in a word, particular. And I'm just now letting go of that mindset at twenty seven years old. I think it's great to be picky about some things, it's helps to be discriminating when picking out children's clothes and it's always nice to be decisive about issues like where to go out to eat.  Unfortunately, I'm only particular once we get somewhere and they don't have what I want.  I'm learning, though, and my prayer is that you'll learn these things much earlier.  It'll make life so much easier, sweet girl.

As far as a  specific example, I really thought this would be I'd have one more year to pick your Halloween costume, but you told me yesterday that wanted to be Cinderella.  I gently suggested a soft, sweet (babyish) costume and you said "My choice is Cinderella." This carries over to your regular wardrobe, food choices, and attitudes about what all you can do "by myself". I'm at least glad you waited until you had so many words to have so many opinions.

Speaking of, your favorite food (by far!) is Nutella.  [Although we did have a discussion in which I told you that you could not have any candy out of the "treat drawer" and needed to eat something good for you and you responded with "but a treat IS a healthy snack". It was difficult not to laugh too hard.] Your favorite outfits are usually bubbles (which makes me happy), your "Cinderella dress" (which is just a poofy linen dress you wear to church), and (this is your most favorite) a bathing suit or panties. You are so quirky (and, of course, Papa and I love that because we're super quirky ourselves). Things you like to "do by myself" include getting in the car, getting on (any and all manner of public) potties, and putting on your clothes.

You'll have to excuse the potty story, but it's too good not to share- the other day you and Graves had both woken up from naps and were both playing happily.  [You love to talk to him through the crib rails and more often than not that's enough to keep him happy, so usually y'all entertain each other for about thirty minutes post nap. I love that about you two :)] Anyway, you walked out of the room.  You came in the room where I was and said "He went 'uhhhhh' (whimpering noises)". I asked you why he did that and you said "I think he loves me".  You realized what was wrong and ran back to his crib (I peaked at y'all) and said "It's okay, Baby Graves. I know you'll miss me, but I've GOT to potty." It was too sweet.

Also, the other night we were riding home from a birthday party started fussing. I asked you if you knew what was wrong with him and you said, "I think he just wants his momma." I told you to please tell him we were almost home and I'd get him in a few minutes. You told him, "Momma will get you in just ONE minute" and then you started to sing to him a little song you made up about me picking him up, like you've seen me do countless times when I was elbow deep in something and couldn't get to him right then. Watching you nurture your baby brother is one of my life's greatest joys and it's something you do so well.

Annie, I say something like this every month, but being you momma is just such a wonderful gift from God.  I am so proud of you and so thankful to call you mine.

Momma (and Papa)

P.S. Your dress (the Cinderella dress) is a 2T. You're still tiny :)


Bre said...

Love AP's face in this picture. Such a character!

Bre said...

Love AP's face in this picture. Such a character!!

Lisa Rusczyk said...

I use to follow your blog, but have not seen it in a while. I can't believe how big she is! I started doing this with my baby (now 8 months old) but with our dog instead. Great idea!