Friday, September 7, 2012

New Feature on In the Warm Hold: Monthly Song Lists

I started something new thing month.  I was inspired by Megan's Summer playlist and I decided it would be fun to do something similar, but I wanted to change it up more often.  I love changing things monthly and seasonally- I love redoing my blog design each month and coming up with new goals, I love copying a quote for the month (so far it's been the same one as in the header) and putting it in our kitchen, I love changing out the candy in our candy jar to go with the holidays and I love the liturgical calendar.  There's something that's so orderly, so right, about all that.

Anyway, when I saw Megan's list it occurred to me that it would be fun to make a "monthly playlist".  I typically listen to CDs in the car (I mean ever since Peyton got me a CD player installed) and when we're at home I listen to music on the computer.  Well, my new "system" came with an iPod adapter thing and I can actually plug it right in! Since having an iPhone, I had actually never put music on it until last week. It's been really nice to have a songlist for the car!

It probably comes as no surprise to anyone that I thought a fun extension of the project would be to blog about it. Obviously, I blog about most significant feeling things in my life, big or small, and this seems right up my ally.

One thing I love about blogs is when I learn more about the person.  I love seeing pictures of kids and always will and I like "Weekly Happenings" style posts, obviously, but I really enjoy posts where I get to know someone.  Music plays a BIG role in my life, so it's fitting that these post will likely be a little window into my heart.

The playlists will be pretty short (the duration of a CD), and my idea is just to share a little about what the song means to me and/or what it meant during a specific period of my life.

I know that kind of the last thing I need is another regular commitment, as a given Photo A Day post tend to show up halfway through the subsequent month and my Weekly Happenings Post was half a week late.  But I'm really excited about this and couldn't get the idea to go away, so it's here to stay for a time. I'll be sharing my September picks next week!

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