Friday, September 21, 2012

Photo a Day Challenge: August

Um, well, I'm later doing this than I ever have been.  That's okay.  August was also probably my worst month of keeping up. I did most of these three days late and did them batch style like four at a time.  Anyway, here's last month:

Day 1
Minnie fixed this yummy enchilada casserole and took the kids (outside) so I could eat in peace.

Day 2
(One) down, (one) to go.

Day 3
Random Gail Pittman jar that we just for (coin)s.  Basically a Sonic bank account.

Day 4
(Somewhere I sat)- my kitchen chair, after fixing dinner at nine thirty and cleaning up at ten.

Day 5
A month of bullseye abstinence and I still have succumbed to its lure. I do have quite a few bags still, though, from previous failed attempts at self-control. (Logo)

Day 6
It's past time to change this thing out for August. (Writing)

Day 7
It's a few minutes past (8 o'clock) and Bud is in the bed.  My guess is that in a few more minutes he'll be out.  Sister's another story all together.

Day 8
Annie in her daisy (glasses) after her doctor's appointment.

Day 9 
Now that my best helper is down to one good arm, my house sure is (messy).

Day 10
My engagement (ring).  Peyton's great grandfather brought the diamond over from Germany, but Peyton picked out the setting.

Day 11
Ann Peyton calls the (purple) friend "Purple-y".

Day 12
Love these colorful (spoon)s in my kitchen.

Day 13
Something so (simple) that makes sweet Annie so happy.

Day 14
Can't remember the last time an (arrow) had me this excited.

Day 15
(Ready) to kick off Fall Wednesday night activities.  Peyton is leading this.

Day 16
Yummy late night snack. (Food)

Day 17
Some of my favorite (faces).

Day 18
Snuggled up (inside) for the night.

Day 19
(Holes) in my Chucks.

Day 20 
(Today) at the grocery store.

Day 21
This is (cool) for us.

Day 22

Day 23
I'm sad to have to put this (pair) up soon, but I'm excited about this new (pair).

Day 24
Grace for all life's (path)ways...we've been learning this during our Morning Meetings and AP loves it.  I'm glad these strong, beautiful words are being chiseled on her heart early.

Day 25
(Fresh) strawberries and grapes in a Pooh Bear bowl.  Id' say it doesn't get much better, but he's having Mickey's red beans tonight.

Day 26
It's a lovely feeling when your starter home starts to look like your (dream) house.

Day 27
The (tap) of rain earlier today on my windshield.

Day 28
OMW, why am I still awake? (clock)

Day 29
I can't lie- I'm a little (down) about the fact that this is the last time they'll wear these.  I'm sure we'll be much funkier next Summer. If you read my blog lately, you know I mourn stages ending just a little. I may mourn seasons ending a tiny bit, too. [Well, just Summer.  I can't ever remember being truly sad to put up the Winter stuff.]

Day 30 
(Card)s in Annie's room- she loves looking at her friends.

Day 31

My sewing machine and the gingerbread house (hidden) beside the Pack N Play. Pretty sure my strongest asset in NYC will by my ability to "make space". 

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