Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Weekly Happenings Post #181 (August 27-September 2)-- A Lovely, Leisurely Week

Whoa, this is late. I just had other posts I wanted to get done this week, but it's here now, so all is well :)

Last week was perfectly fabulous.  We hardly had anything going on and I wore gym shorts the whole week with the exception of church and to Carrie's and Morgan's houses.  The kids took good naps for the most part and even slept super late one morning.  We played in the rain and colored a lot and read books and Peyton and I talked more than we have in a awhile. I'm sure I'd get tired of weeks like this after awhile and I do love the stuff we have going on most weeks, but it was nice to have such a great break!

 I subbed at my old elementary school on Monday.  It was fun, but to be honest, the day went slower than it usually does.  And those four year old seemed so grown up (one talked about her boyfriend, for example).  Anyway, it was still fun to be back at my old stomping grounds and the kids did have me laughing all day!

When I got home, my mom had the kids (Peyton had watched them until one thirty when he left for work). I visited with her and then she left and I played with Graves and Annie.  Graves really needed a nap (he had had a short one one a walk Peyton took the kids on that morning), so I put him down and AP played in her room.  I picked up a little around the house and then got on the computer.  Annie fell asleep, too, and it was so hard to wake her up. We cleaned up their room, which was a disaster, and by the time AP mellowed out, Graves was M.A.D. I decided he was hungry and he did eat some, but pretty much screamed throughout dinner.  While he ate, I vacuumed the kids' room and moved the furniture back to where it went (their room had been all kinds of crazy- we had to move the dressing table because Todd was working on their window and AP had been sleeping on a mattress on the floor since she broke her arm). Graves wouldn't play or do anything and even sniffled when I held him.  I went ahead and gave him a bath and get him ready for bed.  When he screamed bloody murder through his bath and bedtime routine, I decided I'd just put him to bed early.  I nursed him and he went right to sleep.

Annie wanted to watch Kipper, so I told her she could watch one and I vacuumed the study and our room. I was looking for a toy for her so I vacuumed under the sofa cushions, too and then I sorted some laundry and got it go and ironed the little curtain that goes in front of our trash cans (I had washed it over the weekend).  I ironed a few other things and then unloaded and loaded dishes and swept in the den while AP ate supper. I gave Annie a bath and painted her nails and got her ready for bed.  My friend Jennifer called and we discussed some stuff about Circle and then I got on the computer. Peyton got home and we visited a little and then I finished up my Weekly Happenings Post. We had a little fuss right before bed and I slept terribly.

Thankfully, Tuesday was a good morning.  I woke up with Peyton and the kids and we all got ready and drove to a trail near our house.  We took a nice long walk and then went by Great Harvest for some bread. They were out, so we went to the other location.  We make a quick stop at the grocery store and then headed home.  I browned some meat for tacos and I started laundry and dishes and picked up stuff and tried to do my usual morning stuff.  Peyton ate and left for work and the kids finished lunch and we did our Morning Meeting stuff and then I put Graves down.

 I read to AP a little and ate my lunch and then got on the computer.  Graves didn't sleep long but he did play for awhile.  I was just lazy and caught up on Twitter. I did write a blog post.  My head was hurting from all the weird weather junk and so I laid down for a few minutes on the sofa.  When the kids got up, we cleaned their room and then I unloaded and loaded dishes and started some laundry.  I got some things ready to take to my sister in law and got us all ready because they were having a family get together for her birthday.

We had such a fun time seeing Peyton's family and hanging out.  Peyton's parents fed the kids for me and basically did everything and I didn't have to lift a finger.  It was nice to get a break! We headed home and on the way back Graves started fussing.  I asked AP what was wrong and she said "He wants his momma". I asked her to tell him that I'd get him in a few minutes and she said "Momma will pick you up in ONE minute" and then she started making up a little song about me holding him, like she's heard me do countless times when I'm elbow deep in something and can't get to him that minute.  It was so sweet. I just love watching her nurture her baby brother. When we got home, I put him right to bed and got her ready. I got on the computer and cleaned up the house a little.  Peyton got home and we visited and I as going to go to bed early, but we ended up just hanging out together in the office playing some dumb Facebook game and talking.  We chatted and went to bed super late.

Wednesday was Peyton's day off and it was a great day. He got up with the kids and I slept late.  He made cinnamon rolls and then we all took our time getting ready.

 I did our Morning Meeting stuff with AP and we headed out to run an errand.  We went by Walgreens to get some school supplies for AP since Peyton has a discount there and then we went to Mugshots and got burgers for lunch.

We got home and I put Graves down for his nap and let AP play in the rain some. She had a blast.

 I did a shortened version of her naptime routine and put her down. She ended up falling asleep and both kids took great naps.

 [He did, too!]

 I texted with some friends and caught up on Twitter and finalized a blog post.  I read a few blogs and then I did my She Reads Truth bible study and read about ten pages in two different books.

When the kids woke up, AP said she wanted to play in the rain some more.  We took Graves outside and sat on the porch and put him in the Exersaucer.  Obviously, he's really too big for it and that didn't last long before this happened:

We didn't have church because of the really bad weather, so we just had a fun time and the children wore themselves out some more.  I brought Graves in and bathed him and fed him supper and then he was pretty much ready for bed. No complaints here! Peyton and AP came in and she ate and had a bath, too, and then we did her night time routine.  She went to sleep pretty easily for having taken such a long nap. I cleaned up the kitchen and started laundry and then Peyton and I talked while I folded a big load. He read and I got on the computer for a while and then went to bed.

The kids slept SO late on Thursday- we all did! Graves woke up around seven thirty, but he went back to sleep and slept until ten thirty. Peyton cooked us pancakes and we all ate and then I took a bath and got ready.

  I did the morning meeting and then I left to go get AP a backpack. I bought one, but then I talked to my mom and ended up having second thoughts because of her advice not to have her whole name on it. I went back and cancelled it but of course I only got store credit.  I came home kind of exasperated because I had already ordered a backpack that didn't work (it was too small).  Peyton was sweet and reminded me that it wasn't really a big deal and the kids were playing dress up and were so cute. I played with them and then put up laundry in their room and got some stuff from the attic. Graves had lunch and I put them down for naps.

Of course they didn't sleep- it was actually Graves's first day without a nap ever. I had to keep going in there and AP decided she was hungry. I felt bad so I let her eat a banana.  They did end up staying in there for a couple of hours, but I didn't get much done. I wrote a blog post and ate my lunch that's about it.

When they got up, we all played some and I folded and put up some more laundry.  Graves had an early dinner and I read him some books while AP did puzzles and ate and then I put him to bed.  Annie wanted a bath and so I put her in the tub.  I went through some clothes to send to my sister in law while she was in the bath and then I got her ready and put her to bed.  I got on the computer and read blogs and worked on my September blog design.  Peyton got home and we visited and then I finished up my blog design.

Friday was a fun day.  I got up early with the kids and Peyton and had breakfast and got my bath.  I started dishes and AP and I did the morning meeting and then Elizabeth and her kids came over to drop some stuff off and stay for a little visit.  It was nice visiting and I know Peyton enjoyed being here to see them. They got ready to leave and the kids and I got ready to head to Carrie's for lunch.  We had a good time as usual and Carrie had made some delicious pasta salad.  The kids did really good- even the little boys didn't bother each other much :) We got home and I put the kids right down.  Graves transferred well and AP played pretty good.  I picked up some around the house and messed around on the computer and then did my She Reads Truth devotion and made a to-do list.  The kids got up and we cleaned up and put some dishes in the dishwasher and packed them some snacks and we headed over to Morgan's for supper. Haydn was going to a football game and I hadn't seen her and the girls in forever, so we decided to get together! She fried chicken and we had SO much fun catching up.  We got home late and I got Graves down and then picked up the house a little and got Annie down. I got on the computer, but when Peyton got home, we went to bed early. We ended up staying up late chatting and watching some videos of the RNC.

The kids slept really late on Saturday.  I gave Graves his paci a couple of times, but they both slept until ten! When they got up, I started laundry and dishes and played on Instagram a little.  We all read and played and I got the kids dressed and myself ready and I we were about to go run some errands.
 I was SO sad to say goodbye to these sweet Summer outfits!

I was already all emo about the Summer clothes and then I saw AP's sticker sheet and I nearly came undone thinking about Ashley (London is like her favorite city) and how much I wanted to celebrate her news together.

 I wanted to put some songs on my iPhone first, though, and by the time I did the sky fell out and it was raining hard.  We just played some more and I fed the kids lunch and put Graves down for a nap. I was surprised he went to sleep so fast since he slept so late, but by the time I read to AP and got her ready for rest time, he was asleep! I got on Twitter and read a few blogs and then worked on my Sunday school lesson for the next day some.

When they got up, I headed out to do my errand- I wanted to go to Tuesday Morning to get some funky storage boxes Morgan had.  We found them and I spotted a rug I loved.  I got them to hold it and we went home.  Peyton met us at home and we went over to my parents' house for chili since we had missed beans.  We had a good time and got home pretty late. 

I got up on Sunday and started getting ready before the kids woke up.  Peyton was going to a program about child slavery that afternoon so he was working at a different store in order to get off early and had to miss church entirely.  I got us all ready, but we were running a little late- not ideal since I was teaching Sunday school. We made it and I got everyone dropped off.  Sunday school was pretty sparse due to the holiday weekend and football starting.  We had a good lesson, though- it was about global injustice and I wish Peyton had been able to teach because that's right up his ally.  I picked up AP and took her to church after Sunday school. There wasn't children's church because it was communion Sunday and when she realized she got so upset I had to take her out.  She calmed down, though, and did well the rest of the service.

We stopped by Target to get a few essentials on the way home.  I had to get the big box of diapers AND wipes, so that was a fun puzzle trying to figure out how to fit it in the cart with the two kids. We got home and they had lunch and I put them down for naps.  Graves took a while to go to sleep, but then he took a good nap. I worked on my blog almost the whole time they rested- for some reason I couldn't get the font to change.  I ended up having to redo a bunch of html, but I finally got it to work. I laid down for about half an hour and then started cooking spaghetti for Stewpot that night (I already had the meat browned).  My mom came over and we got Graves up. We dropped the spaghetti off at our friends' house (since everyone was out of town, I didn't end up keeping kids that night) and then went back to Tuesday Morning to look at a rug. I wanted to show my mom a bedspread at Target, too, so we went back there and then came home. Peyton was home and he started mowing the yard and I fed the kids supper. We took AP's monthly picture and  I bathed them both and got Graves down.

 I cleaned up their room and the kitchen and Peyton got AP to bed.

 [Family picture fail. Dude, do not click until I'm ready!]

 We had our family meeting and ended up just talking for HOURS. Peyton cooked some fish and we ate and I called my mom and then got on the computer.

I thought this week was going to be super crazy from looking at our calendar and it certainly has been different that last week, but it hasn't been too bad at all!

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I am amazed that you can get your hubby to talk for hours. Impressive! Carl is grilling right now so he's certainly a fabulous husband - talking is just not his favorite activity!