Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Weekly Happenings Post #182 (September 3-9)-- Dinos, Meet the Teacher, and an Ice Cream Social


I had kind of thought last week was going to be crazy busy, but it turned out not to really be that bad! I don't know why, but looking at the calendar I had in my mind it was going to be like super hectic and it really wasn't at all? Anyway...

Monday was Labor Day and it felt like a weekend, sadly because Peyton was working more hours than his weekday shift.  At one point, I started feeling sorry for myself, but then I thought about the kids Peyton had told me the night before whose parents prostitute them because they can't find jobs. That was convicting.

The day started out good- Graves slept until nine and AP snuggled with me and watched cartoons after Peyton went to work. When Graves got up, I took a bath and got ready.  AP found some lipgloss and put it all over herself including her hair.  I tried to wash it out in the sink and that made her furious, so I put her in the tub.  She was so mad and I lost my patience with her. We moved on to breakfast and had a short Morning Meeting and things got better. I worked on putting some tracing sheets in clear pocket things so AP could trace. My friend Catherine came over to pick up the Exersaucer Graves outgrew and some clothes I was loaning her and right after she left my mom and dad got here. Minnie kept the kids and my dad road with me to pick up the rug that I finally decided on. We went by the grocery store and then headed home. We put the rug down and I finished feeding the kids lunch (my mom had started them on it) and put them down for naps.

I organized my pictures and wrote AP's monthly letter and checked Twitter and then I put some pictures on Facebook. I folded a load of laundry and AP woke up.  We had a small snack and cleaned their room and when Peyton got home, we headed to his parents' and my parents' for some food and fun! We had a good time catching up and my dad had grilled chicken and made potato salad and picked up slaw from Cock of the Walk...and made ice cream! It was so good. We put the kids to bed when we got home and Peyton fell asleep, too. I got on the computer and then went to bed.

I was really productive Tuesday morning.  I nursed Graves and put him back in bed around eight.  He had been up "talking", so I didn't think he'd go back to sleep, but he was totally quite for half an hour.  He and AP both got up a little before nine and I took my bath and dried my hair and then I got to work- I loaded dishes and took out the compost, collected laundry from the bedrooms, and striped our beds and put the linens in the wash. I picked up toys in our bedroom and then started working on consolidating a few piles. We had our Morning Meeting and then I scrubbed the kitchen counters- I even cleaned off the window seal and the stainless area behind the stove (what's that called anyway???). We picked up toys and then the kids watched a video for fifteen minutes while I folded laundry.  I fixed their lunch and cooked some carrots and boiled eggs.  I got some of my laundry put up and then I gave Graves a bath and put him down for his nap.  I cleaned up the lunch mess and picked up toys again and got AP ready for rest time.I talked to Peyton and made some egg salad and fixed a sandwich and we were an hour into Graves's nap. I got on Twitter and sent a longish email about Circle. I read a few blogs, but Annie kept getting up and so I couldn't concentrate on much and I feel like I wasted so much time. I read half a chapter in Called to be Holy and then I got ready for my League meeting and texted with a friend for a bit.
Wearing a dress from the kids' section at Target

I got the kids up and I pretty much cleaned up since we were short on time. Peyton got home and fed them snacks and I left.

We toured the Trade Mart to get ready for Mistletoe and then had our meeting.  I got to visit with a friend I went to elementary school with and that was fun.  It's really neat reconnecting with people! When I got home, Claire (our babysitter) was playing with the kids and when she left, I fed everyone supper and got Graves to bed.  Peyton got home and we bathed AP and got her to bed. I got on the computer for a few minutes and read some more in Called to be Holy and went to sleep.

Peyton had a meeting on Wednesday, but we were all meeting Elizabeth and Simeon (and Michel) at the Science Museum, so when Graves got up, I started getting ready.  Peyton got home and helped me get everyone dressed and we left.  We had a great time- there's a dinosaur exhibit and it was really neat!

 When we got home, we fed the kids lunch and put them down for naps.  I vacuumed out my car (AP had spilled cereal) and started browning some meat and unloading and reloading dishes. I made Peyton a hamburger corn pie and then we just talked some.  I got on the computer for a bit and then the kids got up.  We all got ready and headed to church.  The study we're doing is awesome and I'm so excited about it! When we got home, we fed the kids and got them to bed.  I swept and mopped the kitchen and picked up around the house and then got on the computer.  Peyton went to a movie and I finished my WH post and read some blogs. He got home and we chatted and I ate a bowl of cereal and went to bed.

Thursday was busy.  I got up early and got ready and went to a consignment sale.  I found a few super cheap play things, but nothing spectacular.  I also ran by the car seat inspection place because I felt like Graves's seat had gotten super loose and I couldn't fix it.  I got home and had a snack and hung out with everyone (Peyton had the kids).  He mowed the yard and I cleaned up the kitchen and then we all had the Morning Meeting.  The kids ate lunch and I bathed AP and then it was naptime. While they napped, I got on the computer, ate lunch and did some of my Old Testament study. I started a blog post, got stuff together for Meet the Teacher, and ironed mine and AP's clothes. Graves didn't actually sleep a long time and AP was up a lot pestering me about stuff.  She even spent a little time in time out for throwing a big fit. Annie got up and I painted her fingernails and fixed her a snack and then I got Graves up and fed him.  I gave him a bath and Peyton's dad got here.  I finished getting AP dressed and we left.
She fell asleep on the way!

 It was kind of chaotic (so many people in one hot room, it was hard to hear!), but it was good.  She was sweet and enjoyed meeting her teachers.  We got home and Peyton's dad had Graves asleep.  I got AP ready for bed and she ate a little dinner and then I put her down.  I got on the computer until Peyton got home and we just visited and went to sleep.

Right as we were going to sleep (around 1:30) AP woke up crying.  We talked to her a bit and then we realized Graves was up just playing with this huge Hulk figure Peyton had put in his crib.  Peyton decided to get him up and we just had a little "pillow party" for like fifteen minutes.  No idea why, but whatever.  I put Graves back down and he went back to sleep easily, but AP was so upset still we just let her stay with us.

We all slept until nine on Friday and then I got up to get ready because we had a ton of errands to do that morning.  The kids got up and I got them ready while Peyton got ready. We headed to get AP's dance stuff for school first.  Peyton dropped me and her off and he went to the Pharmacy Association office for something.  We went to the bread company afterward and then to Monogram Magic to get AP's backpack.  I finally just got her a seersucker one with no monogram or applique.  It's red, so maybe Graves will use it, too? After that, we picked up her uniform blouses that had come in and then went to Hobby Lobby for an art smock.  We went by Target to get a birthday present and a Chlorox pen and came home.  I fed the kids and started laundry and dishes and got everything unpacked from our errands and put them down for naps.

We had the worse naptime we've had in ages.  They stayed in their room for a good bit, but Graves never went to sleep and was super fussy and AP kept wanting things.  I finally told her not to come ask me about anything but to go to the potty.  She did and I sent her to time out.  I ate my lunch and picked up the house some and got on the computer.  I had several circle emails and one about school to send and I just could not get anything done because someone needed something every five minutes.

I finally just got them up and AP was even worse.  She was just bossy and demanding and rude to me and Graves.  We cleaned up her room and she took a few trips to time out- at one point she told me she wasn't going to stay in time out and at another she wanted to stay in time out and not clean her room.  It was that kind of day!

We finally got in the car to go to my parents' house and I already felt better.  I got a cherry limeade from Sonic on the way and Graves got a short little nap.  Everyone was in a better mood once we got there and the beans were already ready.  We ate and I bathed both kids and they played a little and then it was time to go.  AP had a hard time leaving, but she acted a lot nicer than that afternoon. It had just been a hard day for her, I think.

The kids both fell asleep and I transferred them both. I finished a blog post and then honestly I didn't do anything but mindless computer stuff (Twitter and Facebook and Pinterest).  I had a snack and went to bed before Peyton got home (he was hanging out with his brother after work). Annie had a crummy night and ended up in bed with us, which is usually NBD, but it was just a restless night for everyone.

Peyton had to work on Saturday and I nursed Graves and put him down around 9:00.  He played for half an hour and I snuggled with AP since she was still asleep.  We all got up and I got a bath and got ready.  I made our bed and picked up in our room and then the kids ate breakfast while I sorted laundry and took out the trash. We all got ready and headed to the grocery store.  It looked like rain and I was going to try for early naps since we were going to Aubrey's birthday party that afternoon, so we hustled.  When we got home, I put up the groceries and fixed the kids lunch and unloaded and reloaded dishes while they ate.  I put Graves down for his nap and finished cleaning up and then I read to AP and put her down.  I ate my lunch and wrapped the present and then I picked out what I was going to wear to the party and ironed it and then changed my mind.

  I went through some clothes my sister in law had sent for Graves and then got on Twitter and got ready for the party.  I got the kids up and got them ready and we left.

We had so much fun at Aubrey's "ice cream social".  It was beyond cute and Carrie puts everyone to shame because she puts on such adorable parties and only starts really working on them like twenty four hours before they occur. Aubrey cracked me and Carrie up when she introduced Ann Peyton to another friend as her "friend from school".  Um, they've been "friends for three years and had yet to start school.  Ha! It was seriously adorable.

We got home and the kids ate dinner and we played until Peyton got home.  We visited with him and then I put up some of the kids' laundry I had folded and AP and I cleaned up their room and then we put Graves to bed and started AP's nightime routine.  Once we got her to bed, I talked to my friend Jennifer about some stuff or Circle and then I cooked a broccoli pasta dish.  We ate and Peyton worked on the lesson for Sunday school and I got on the computer and went to sleep.

Peyton had children's church at the early service on Sunday, but I got up when he did and got a head start getting ready.  Both kids were up, but they did pretty good, espesially considering Peyton had taken our AppleTv so AP couldn't watch her little shows.  I ended up just putting them both in our tiny bathroom.  We all got out the door on time and I met Peyton for Sunday school after I dropped them off.  He talked about more social justice stuff and it was really interesting.  He had to usher at the late service and the sermon was from James and really good.  We came home and fed the kids and put them down for naps.  It took awhile, but they both fell asleep.  Peyton and I ate in the sunroom with the windows open and then we chatted.  I got on the computer and took a short nap myself.  We got up and got ready because Peyton had a meeting at church and I had my Old Testament study.  We went by Target on the way home.  When we got home, Annie and I cleaned up the kids' room and I put Graves to bed.  Peyton gave AP a bath and I cleaned up the kitchen and got things together for the first day of school! We put Annie to bed and I got on the computer and read blogs and uploaded and edited pictures and then packed her lunch. 

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