Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Weekly Happenings Post #183 (August 10-16)-- Our Baby Goes to Preschool


Whew, last week was fun!  It was AP's first week at school and she loved it.  And I actually did okay myself!

 [crazy outtake]

Monday was a BIG day. It was AP's first day of school.

I got up and got ready and then Peyton helped me with the kids.  We dropped Annie off and it took longer than I thought it would.
 [She's in her ballet outfit because she has ballet first.]

Peyton and I took Graves on a walk.  We walked three miles at a brisk pace.  I was proud of myself! We rushed home and I took a shower and got Graves ready and we met Carrie at Broadstreet since she had a manageable number of kids :) We had a really good lunch and then we left to pick up the girls.  AP had had a great day.  When we got home, I put the kids down for naps. Graves had taken a car nap and AP was just wired. I picked up around the house and started laundry and got on the computer.  I laid down for a few minutes and then got the kids up.  We cleaned up their room and I fed them dinner and then I folded laundry and watched the news while they played.  I put Graves to bed a little early and then got AP ready for bed.  I got back on the computer and when Peyton got home, I helped him put up groceries and we talked some.

Peyton got up with Graves on Tuesday and took him on a walk.  AP and I slept in.  I got up before her at around 9:30 and took my bath and then she woke up.  We ate breakfast and I unloaded dishes and we had a quick Morning Meeting and then I loaded her up and we went to the library to get some books about "I" things since that's the letter of the week.  We dropped by home so I could get my wallet and then went to Hobby Lobby to look for a bow.  We really low on white ones and have no red ones.  I was going to order some, but I'm kind of down to the wire.  They were out and then we went by Target to get me some colored skinny jeans.  We got home and I cooked a veggie lunch (corn, okra, black eyed peas, and rolls).  We ate and I finished unloading and reloading dishes and when Peyton left I put the kids down.  I straightened up around the house, got on the computer, and organized a pile on the desk in the study.  I got ready because we had a meeting of all the different ladies circles at our church that night.  I got the kids up and we straightened their room and I got them ready.

We got to the church and I realized I hadn't cooked and the thing was a potluck! I felt so dumb, especially since I'm the president of our circle.  We were the host circle, so I got there early to help set up.  The meeting was good and pretty short.  When we got home, I got Graves ready for bed and put him down and then gave AP a bath and got her ready for bed. I put up a bunch of laundry while she was in the tub.  I got on the computer until Peyton got home.

Annie had school on Wednesday and I got up and got ready first and then got her ready.

  Peyton got up with Graves and I took AP to school.  She had a smoother drop off and that was nice.
[Ann Peyton with her BFF Mary Milton]

 I tried to go get some new make-up on the way home, but the store didn't open until 10:00. I talked to Peyton a little and we took Graves's monthly picture and then they left for a walk.  I started working on a little project on the computer and got sucked into that.  I didn't intend for it to take so long, but it did.  When they got back, I fixed Graves's lunch and unloaded and loaded dishes. I put him down for a nap and cleaned up his lunch and then I finished my project and ate my lunch.  I got on the computer for a bit and played on Twitter and then I did the week's reading for Bible study.  Peyton got home and AP had fallen asleep in the car.  We transferred her and they actually both stayed asleep and I finished reading and uploaded some pictures.  They got up and we all got ready for church.  Peyton wanted to leave early to go by a comic book store to get this.  We got it (it's a little mature- we're saving it for later) and then we headed to church.  We had dinner and the study was really interesting again.  I need to blog about it...um, right after I finish up my Christian Believer posts.  We went by Sephora again on the way home for me to get my make-up.  When we got home, I put Graves to bed and we started working on AP.  I read blogs for awhile and finished Graves's letter and we went to bed.

Thursday morning AP woke up saying her head hurt.  I had nursed Graves at 7:00 and I felt awful, too, when they woke up at 8:00.  Peyton got up with them and I laid back down on the heating pad for half an hour.  They were going on a walk and I really wanted to go, too, so I brushed my teeth and splashed some water on my face and we went.  I'm glad I did- not just for the exercise, but for the company!

 It was tough, though.  I just felt awful.  We picked up donuts and went to the park and played a bit.  We came home and I took a bath and then Peyton did.  I got something out of the attic and then Peyton had to leave for work early.  The kids weren't really hungry since we had a late breakfast and when I tried to do some Morning Meeting stuff AP said her head hurt again, so I just put them down for naps.  Graves fell asleep pretty fast and I started writing a post and got on Twitter and uploaded and edited some pictures.  He woke up and played a little right after AP fell asleep.  He was fussing, though, and having a hard time and he had made it about an hour and a half, so I got him up.  He had a snack and I had lunch and gave him a bath and then we woke AP up and cleaned up her room. I folded and put up some laundry while the kids watched a movie and then we ran to the grocery store for milk and bananas.
AP said her head was hurting and later we realized she had a fever, but she was determined to wear her "high heel dress" to the grocery store!

 We came home and I fed Graves and got him down while AP watched Dora.  I read a little and then got her ready for bed.  I put her down and read some in a couple of books and did my Old Testament study.  I flipped through a few of magazines and then got on the computer and finished my post and read a few blogs.  Peyton got home and we ate supper (he had a sandwich and I had oatmeal) and started a movie.  He fell asleep and I was tired so we went to bed.

I woke up feeling yucky on Friday.  AP had been up with fever a good bit and I was so tired.  Peyton got up with the kids and took them for a walk.  I went ahead and got up and started laundry and picked up around the house.  I organized some of the kids' new Fall clothes and started cooking some chicken for a chicken pot pie (my mom uses canned and I always have, too, but we're trying to be a little more healthy...baby steps).  They got home and I took a quick bath and then I did the Morning Meeting and some tracing and other school stuff with AP.  I washed dishes and made the pot pie and then we had lunch.  Peyton left and the kids helped me clean up and then I put them down for naps.  They did well and I got some homeschool prep (laminating a bunch of stuff) done and wrote a blog post.  I got on Twitter and then the kids got up.  We cleaned up their room and then headed to my parents' house for beans.  We had a good time and got home late.  Peyton got home and we stayed up way too late.  I wrote a second blog post for the day.

The kids slept until about 8:30 on Saturday and we all got up and went for a walk.  When we got home, I ironed and tagged things for a consignment sale and we took baths and got ready to run errands.  I started laundry and dishes and picked up around the house.  We dropped off my consignment stuff and then dropped something at Peyton's parents' house.  We ended up visiting and then stopping at his sister's for visit.  When we got home, we put the kids down and I started more laundry and organized some piles.  I finally got one in the study that's been driving me crazy taken care of, but I had to do it in stages it was so redic.  I did a few homeschool things (put a binder together) and then played on Facebook.  My mom stopped by for a quick visit and then I made a salad to take to Morgan's and Haydn's that night.  We all got ready and headed to the Roberts' house for dinner and to watch the football game.  We had a great time and got home pretty late.  I stayed up on the computer and then I just couldn't get to sleep.  AP joined us early Sunday morning.

We had to get up pretty early on Sunday because we were having professional pictures taken.  Yes, I know, at 8:00 on Sunday morning.  But it was really the only time Peyton and my photographer friend could do it.  Anyway, we got ready and went over to my parents' house since it's so pretty there.  We got some good ones, but Graves was a stinker! We loaded back up and headed to church.  Peyton taught Sunday school and then ushered at the late service.  We went to lunch with our friends the Powers and then came home and relaxed a bit.  I took a nap and we fixed stuff for Stewpot and did dishes and headed back to church.  I kept the kids and Peyton went to the shelter. Poor Graves fell asleep in that loud nursery!

  We got home kind of late because we needed to stop by Walmart for some office supplies.  We put the kids to bed and I cleaned up around the house and got on the computer and then went to bed.
We put him to bed in his jonjons and Keds.  It was that kind of a day.

This week is starting out busy, but it should taper of and just be fun and relaxing!

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