Sunday, October 14, 2012

Letter to (One and a Half Year Old) Graves

Dear Graves,

I can't believe you are half way through your second year of life.  Time sure is flying by.

I pretty much say this every month, but you are the cutest, sweetest, most special little boy in the world and we just adore you.  Your personality is growing bigger and bigger and you have the most infectious little smile.  You are such a bright spot and your laugh is the most beautiful music on hard days.

Most of your Fall clothes are 12 mo. and you're still pretty little.  You are in a size four shoe and you weigh (I think) around twenty pounds.

Your favorite Fall food is chilli. You just love it and can't get enough.  You also really like cheese and most fruits, but your favorite is bananas.  You eat multiple 'nanas a day.

You still don't talk much- you say "Momma" a lot and you say "ball" and try to grab anything remotely round.  [Balls are by far your favorite toy right now.]  You say "bye" occasionally and have said "Papa" and "Annie", but by and large, you're a man of few words.  A part of me is a little worried about this because your sister talked more at your age.  I know boys aren't verbal as early, though, and besides the comparison game is pointless.  You walked earlier than her, so I know y'all are just different and that's to be expected.  Besides, you understand a lot of what we say and follow directions really well.

The most special thing I've watched happen over the past month or so is seeing your relationship with your papa grow and develop.  He has ALWAYS loved you and I know having a son is very special for him, but lately something has just changed.  You've started "playing" a lot more and wanting to be thrown up in the air and "rough house" a little.  You've also gotten so expressive, and even though you don't verbally affirm him, it's obvious that you are having a blast and Papa is your new favorite person. In fact, when you see him, you're kind of done with me.  This is totally a new thing; up until now you've been a total momma's boy.

Papa said this would come, but I worried because he just wasn't as enthralled with you as I was when you were a tiny baby.  Of course, that's typical of men and women, but I let myself fret over it.  I shouldn't have- just as he said, he loves the toddler stage and moreso, you in the toddler stage.  He tells me daily "Bud is so cute" or "Watch what Baby Graves is doing".  He just delights in you and your goofy disposition makes it so much fun to watch y'all together as he has a similar goofy disposition.

I thought about it lately and you and Papa are very much alike, actually.  Y'all are both very "go go go". You're either "on" or you're asleep.  That's not really like me and Annie.  We're just more chill and we take a while to get to sleep.  You and Papa go as hard as you can and then crash when your head hits the pillow.  Also, Annie and I are more introverted. I know some people would be shocked and I don't consider myself a true introvert, but I- and she- need alone time.  You and Papa thrive on being social and I don't really think you daily require time to yourselves.  Y'all just want to be around people.  You love attention (like Papa) and I hope as you grow older, you'll model his friendly outgoing style and be the type of man who affirms and encourages, who validates and supports, who befriends and builds up others, just like he is.

You're a precious little boy, Graves. And we're so thankful for you.

Momma (and Papa)

P.S. Your bubble is an 18 mo. [And yes, you are wearing a bubble in the middle of October, because it's still sticky hot here and I wasn't about to put you in Winter church clothes.]

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