Tuesday, October 2, 2012

October Happenings

Well, this is different, right? UGH. I had my header ready to go and thought "Oh, this will take maybe ten minutes to get all set up".  Nope. Blogger changed stuff up and you can't change fonts and stuff with an old school Minima template, which is what I've ALWAYS used and know how to work with.  Anyway, it ended up this was the most "normal" looking template, but it looks like it's from 1998, doesn't it? Maybe the orange post background was a mistake, but the white looked funny with all the dividing lines.  There's supposed to be a way to get rid of those, but it didn't work when I tried and I was super frustrated and ready to call it a night.  Needless to say, I'll probably be spending a good amount of time with my practice blog trying to figure this thing out. Yuck.

Okay, October happenings:

- Unlike last month, we really don't have a lot on the calendar- a few meetings here and there, but overall a very relaxed month.

- One thing I am crazy excited about is the fair.  I just love it and last year Annie thought it was super fun.  I have a feeling she'll be even more mesmerized this year!

- Last month was huge on the emotional front (well, less so than I expected) because AP started school.  This month is huge because I'm weaning Graves...or rather he's weaning himself.  It's really bittersweet, but I'm glad we've had eighteen very special months of this and, fingers crossed, he'll let me replace nursing with rocking like he did tonight (so unusual for my busy little guy).

Here are last month's goals and the status on them:
1. Have a focused devotional time- at the very least, pray and do my She Reads Truth devotion. I didn't do it as consistently as I had hoped, but I did better than I have in a while, so that's improvement!
2. (This is silly, but...) pick and order the kids' Halloween costumes. Done and done. Show you later ;)
3. Clean out my closet. Well, I started this, but a bit late.  It's going to be a carry over for sure.

Here are this month's goals:
1. Continue last month's 7 project- getting rid of things we don't use/need. Like I said, I put it off.  The goal is to give away seven things a day for the month, so that's 210 things.  I've made it to about 70. Two thirds of the way to go!
2. Changeover the kids' closet. I actually did the bulk of it this morning. I still need to go through AP's drawers and get everything organized to take to the attic.
3. Make (yes, you heard that right) Graves's Halloween costume.  I'm excited but nervous about my little sewing project.

Whew! Those should keep me busy.

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