Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Photo a Day: September

I've been thinking about these lately.  The prompts have gotten more difficult and I've gotten more lazy.  As often as not (although I did do better this month), I'm posting pictures in chunks of four at a time because I need to "catch up".  I really thought about giving it a break in October.

I had a conversation recently with a friend who was genuinely curious why I was pushing myself to keep doing it.  I explained to her that I though it was neat because it was a fun way to share what we were doing each month.  She, good-naturedly, pressed further- "Um, SD, pictures of spoons really have nothing to do with y'alls month". And she was right, they really don't.  At all.

But what they do have to do with is me.  When I take a photo in response to a prompt, I really don't want it to be a rando thing.  I want it to be something that says something about something. Maybe not what's going on that month, but something. I want it (and the caption- I mentioned this here) to tell something about me, about us.  I like doing this because I feel like it's an interesting way to share myself with y'all.  Those spoons? I'll tell you what they do have to do with. Me.  They totally show my funky, quirky style.  And that's okay if that's all you learned that day.  You learned something about me.

For me, social media- not just this blog, but Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and all that- is largely about telling our story.  I guess that's a tad narcissistic, but it is what it is.  It serves other functions, too, of course, but that one is HUGE for me.  And this is one small, easy way to tell our story in tiny, seemingly inconsequential increments.

Anyway, here's September's pictures:

Day 1
(Me, now): ready to hop in bed

Day 2
Mickey with Baby Annie (father)

Day 3

Sent some baby boy clothes home with a friend today.  Those tiny outfits seem so close and yet so (far away).

Day 4
This arrived (in my mailbox) yesterday.

Day 5
I'm obsessed with our new (bright) rug.

Day 6
This has become an (everyday) snack.

Day 7
About as (natural) as it gets, folk.

Day 8
I always do housework late (at night).  I'm just more productive then.

Day 9

Guess this will become (something I do most weekends).

Day 10
(Black + white) accents in the kitchen.

Day 11
I think it's so special that Cookie and I both called Bump (our precious grandmother) a (hero) in different writing assignments. An oh, was she ever one.

Day 12

I so enjoy mornings (together) with these people.

Day 13
We use our silver chest as an entryway (table).  And, yes, it's really the only table I felt comfortable sharing the state of.

Day 14
One of my (favorite) tops for when the calendar says Fall but the thermometer says different.

Day 15
Know what's great? When you've had a hard day and the (first thing you see) when check your email is a collection of beautiful, affirming words from a dear friend.

Day 16
It's (strange) when this little guy falls asleep on me.  (Strange) in the most perfect, heart bursting way.

Day 17
We went to the grocery store today, so there's not much room (in my fridge).

Day 18
(Prices) were slightly higher than usual, but I still did a little damage at my favorite consignment sale.

Day 19
Found precious "Babar" hiding (underneath) the coffee table.

Day 20
Pier and read beans both (man-made) by Mickey.  He's a carpenter and a cook.

Day 21
So many worlds collide.  Cinderella dancing to Mumford and The Boss in the back of the Buick.  The essence of my twenty seventh year.  (Sometimes) I can't believe this is really my life.

Day 22
Finally got this hung (up).  Love having affirming words in my house.

Day 23
I ussually have some right (before bedtime) but some days call for double indulgences.

Day 24
(3 Things) that warm my heart.

Day 25
Fruit of the Spirit window (frame).

Day 26
(Near)ly my bedtime.

Day 27
(Love) how great this stuff works, (hate) how it keeps you up all night.

Day 28
Understatement. (A good thing)

Day 29
The results of a recent (errand).  I'm making Bud's Halloween costume! Any guesses (that's green fleece)?

Day 30
Peyton has this on his nightstand because he thinks it's funny how indicative of my overall personality it is- obsessively cutting my milk carton Easter grass in kindergarten. 

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