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Weekly Happenings Post #185 (September 24-30)-- Starting to Simplify

Hmm, lets see. I felt like last week was pretty productive. Maybe because we didn't have a lot going on at night and so we were home more? It was kind of nice, but that would get old every week, I'm sure. Anyway, this month was supposed to be "possessions" in 7. Well, I procrastinated and just started cleaning out stuff. Anyway, I did a lot of organizing and getting stuff together to get rid of last week.  I already took some to Bargain Boutique (the Junior League's consignment shop) and I have another pile for Goodwill.  I still have a ways to go, though.  Graves had a bit of a rough week, and though I can't see anything, I think it's his teeth.  He's gnawing on stuff like crazy and is just awfully irritable.

I woke up still tired on Monday, but it ended up being such a fun day.  I told Peyton I was just not up to taking a walk, but I went ahead and got a bath and got dressed while he fixed the kids breakfast and then I helped him get them ready.  We saw Morgan dropping Mary Milton off at school, so we invited her to breakfast with us at Broadstreet.  We had fun visiting but Graves was a bit of a stinker! After that we headed by the post office.  We went to the one in Fondren and Peyton and Graves dropped by Patrick's store while I got some stuff I bought for some friends at a consignment sale packaged up.  I mailed that and some packages for Peyton and then went over the the store for a little bit.  We went by the grocery store and headed home.  I put up groceries while Peyton read and Graves played. I also made a few phone calls about Circle stuff and a pro-life banquet I was wanting to go to.  I started laundry and loaded dishes and then I vacuumed the carpets and rug.  I got us ready really quickly and we left to go get AP while Peyton finished getting ready for work.

Both kids fell asleep in the car and it was an easy transfer!  

  I made a phone call about Circle, ate my lunch and got on the computer. I uploaded pictures and got on Twitter.  I ended up waking up the kids so they'd sleep that night.  I fed them snack and AP did a little craft while I read a magazine and straightened a little and then we loaded up and went to my parents' house.
 He was reading a book about sizes and was on the "tiny" page when I took this!

We had fun and the kids went down easily when we got home. I straightened the house and worked on cleaning out my closet.  I worked on a couple of posts and edited pictures and then went to bed.The kids had an AWFUL night.  I guess it was Graves's teeth and I have no idea about AP.  They were up so much, though! Like, it was worse than Graves's newborn days, in general.  Whoa.

I slept a little late on Tuesday, but not at late as I meant to [Peyton hadn't done much getting up ;)].  I got a bath and cleaned up the house a little and did the morning meeting with Annie and then we ran some errands.

We stopped by the church and I visited with some of my Mother's Day Out friends.  Kellie was subbing, so it was really fun catching up.  We went by Walgreens and the Greek cafe to get some hummus and then we picked up my money and clothes that didn't sell from a consignment sale and then stopped at Hobby Lobby to look for fabric for a few projects.  Peyton had to get to work, so we didn't buy any because we were running late.  He got ready and I fed the kids lunch and changed both their bedding and did dishes and then it was naptime. I also realized our air had stopped working. I checked Twitter and sent a few emails about Circle and the pro-life banquet and then I worked on a little blog project. The kids neither one slept at all (Graves had taken a short car nap), but they played for about two hours. It was frustrating and the heat was getting to me. I got them up and we played and cleaned up their room and then we had a snack/supper (peanut butter sandwiches and hummus with pita chips). I bathed both kids and then read to Graves and put him down really early (6:30). I read to Annie and she practiced tracing and cutting and then I did her nighttime routine and put her down.  I got on the computer and finished my project and put pictures on Flikr and read blogs.  Peyton got home and we watched a movie (How to Make an American Quilt) and had frozen pizza.  I read my Bible and got AP's stuff ready for school and went to bed late.

I set my alarm and gave myself justenough time to get us all ready for school on Wednesday.  Peyton had to go into work (off the clock) because Walgreens brought Super D and the changeover was happening that day.  I got myself ready first (after I rocked- but not nursed!- Graves a bit and put him back down) and then got the kids ready and fed them breakfast.  We left just in time! We dropped AP off and they were doing lice checks at the school because someone had them and then headed home.  I started laundry and then read the week's reading in Called to be Holy while Bud played.  He plays so well by himself when he doesn't have a sister hovering over him. Ha!  I did dishes and packed a lunch for him and got us ready and we met Carrie at Newks.  We had a fun lunch and I put Graves down for a nap once we got home. I called about the air conditioner caught up on Twitter and wrote a post and AP and Peyton got home.  I read blogs, but didn't do much else because Graves woke up and Annie was kind of a a challenge.  Someone came to fix our air and then we got the kids up.  Peyton and I played with them and then got ready for church.

We had an awesome study that night- I really love this book and I adore our group.  After church, we dropped something off at Morgan's and then picked up Abner's and went out to Byram to Peyton's store to check on things.  The kids fell asleep and we transferred them.  I collected more stuff for my Junior League donation and organized it and got on the computer. I cleaned up a little and went to bed.

Thursday was a fun, but LONG day. I got up before the kids to get ready because I was going to sub at Mother's Day Out (Peyton kept the kiddos). They woke up before I left and I got out the door just in time to make it by eight.  It was really great and made me realize how much I do miss it- the kids and the ladies.  Kelly was also subbing and had a lot of stuff going on and we ended up having a heart to heart- just like the old days.  I picked up a Coke at the gas station and headed home.  I talked to Peyton a little and then he left around noon.  I started laundry and dishes and picked up the house.  WITH Annie's help it took me an hour and a half! The house was just kind of a disaster.  I'm not complaining; Peyton was trying to do some Walgreens stuff and he was sweet to watch them :) Anyway, we did that and then I put them down for naps after I read to AP and then put her down.
Naptime woes over tears in the Chasing Fireflies catalog.

I got on Twitter, read a few blogs and ate lunch and then I did my She Reads Truth study.  I started folding clothes and watching a movie and Graves woke up.  We cleaned up the kids' room and I fed them an early supper and then they played while I finished laundry and started some pork tenderloin in the crockpot.  I took them outside for a bit- poor Graves was a mess from the time he woke up from his nap until he went to bed. I read to both of them and then put Graves down.  I read a magazine while Annie played and then we read a LOT and then she decided she was hungry still.  She had some granola and I read a little in a book I'm working on and then I finished up her bedtime routine and put her down.  I worked on more 7 clearouts and then got on the computer. Peyton got home and we ate the pork tenderloin and chatted and went to bed.

I got up early on Friday and fed and changed Graves and then handed him off ;) I slept a little late and then I got the kids ready after I took my bath and cleaned up the kitchen about halfway and did the Morning Meeting with Annie.  We loaded up and dropped off my stuff at Bargain Boutique and then got a dip cone and ran by Walgreens and the bank.  We stopped at Target for some storage boxes and a mop and headed home.  I unloaded the car and fed the kids lunch and finished cleaning up the kitchen and then I put Graves down.  AP and I read and then I put her down.  I got on Twitter and ate lunch. I talked to Ellis and then I worked on our finances.  I was way behind!  When they kids got up, we cleaned up their room and headed to my parents' house.  I had an awful sinus headache, but we had fun and got home later than I meant to ;) I put the kids in bed and played on the computer until Peyton got home.

Saturday was fun.  I had a friend's baby shower that day and OOPS! I still hadn't gotten a present. I picked some stuff up at Target and then went to Hobby Lobby to get my fabric again.  It took FOREVER (I picked it out fast, but the lady helping me was rather slow) and then when I left I heard this woman say her child (who was like GRAVES'S age) "I'm going to TEAR YOU UP!" after like yanking her up violently. UGH, it made me want to puke.  I was super late, but I headed home and got the present wrapped and changed and then left for the shower while Peyton took the kids for a walk.  The shower was for an old high school friend who lives out of town now and it was so much fun! We had planned to go to WellsFest when I got home, but it was sprinkling, so we skipped it.  The kids took naps and I put some pictures on Facebook and talked to Peyton.  They got up and I ironed and started their closet changeovers for Fall.  We hung some stuff in the sunroom and then got ready to go eat dinner at the Harkins'.  We stayed late and had a blast!

Annie had so much fun playing with Hank!

I love her face here.

Hard at work.

Graves had fun, too.

He even settled down and snuggled with Gus in Haley's lap.

This is how we knew it was time to go ;)

We didn't leave until we had a quick jam session, though!

The kids fell asleep on the way home and cleaned up the house and got ready for Children's Church. I stayed up and worked on editing pictures.

I had children's church on Sunday, but Peyton wanted to go to brunch with the Harkins and some other friends.  He went to the early service and we met him for Sunday school.


We visited a different class because Peyton's the lay person over adult ministries and he wants to get a feel for what the different classes are doing.  He and AP left for brunch and I taught children's church.  On the way home, Graves and I stopped at Subway.  I fed him lunch and unloaded and reloaded dishes.  Peyton and Annie got home and we put them down for naps.  I finished editing pictures and put some on Facebook and a did a few other things after Peyton left for a meeting.  Another area church was doing a workshop on "how to do Sunday school better" and he wanted to go.  It took Graves a long time to fall asleep. I worked on computer stuff and both kids fell asleep.  It was late, but I just let them sleep and I took a nap myself.  I ended up waking them up at six.  Annie was grumpy, but I decided we'd go to my parents' house since I knew they'd be up late anyway. These pictures (especially the walking ones) crack me up. He looks like he's about to start singing "We welcome you to Munchkinland" to me!
AP was still so cranky, but she got better once we got here.  We hung out and had leftovers for supper and I tried on some clothes my mom had gotten me at TJ Maxx and then we headed home.  Peyton helped me bath the kids and put them to bed and then I cleaned up the house and got on the computer.  I got AP's stuff ready for school and we went to sleep.

Peyton had to work a double today, so the hard part of this week is already behind us at the point of publication :) Smooth sailing for the rest of the week!

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