Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Weekly Happenings Post #186 (October 1-7)-- The Great Buy Out


Oh, y'all.  This week and last have been a doozy.  Mainly for Peyton.  That said, I've had a few moments where I felt like doing exactly what Baby Graves is doing in the above picture :)  All the Super D's everywhere got bought by Walgreens.  This means the Super D near Peyton's store pretty much sent all their presciptions to him.  This means last week (and this week...and who knows how many weeks) have been insane.

I don't know that I've ever been more proud of him.  He has been working SO hard.  I'm typing this at eleven o'clock and he left this morning at eight and hasn't been home since.  If I'm honest, I'm tired, too.  The kids are wearing me out and I've been really sensitive about dumb stuff today.  And yesterday? I cried to him. Peyton had let ME sleep in late and I was so tired and I started crying and told him I wished we could just get a babysitter for thirty minutes. "You're still that tired, Sweetie?" No, I want to be alone with you.  [Friends, I don't know if your marriage is like mine, but I don't say things like that just a whole whole lot.  But I was missing him something awful and was just captivated by how hard a worker he is and how kind he is to me and the children....Don't worry we had our moment. At four in the morning. Geez.]

Peyton worked a double on Monday.  It really didn't end up being too bad. I got up when he did (early!) and we chatted and then I went back to sleep.  I got back up at 7:30 and got myself and the kids ready and took AP to school.  I cleaned up around the house a little and then Graves and I spent most of the morning changing over his and AP's closet.  He was pretty content to play in their room.  We had lunch and I put up some laundry and then we picked up AP.  Graves fell asleep in the car, of course.  We stopped by Batte on the way home and saw my mom.  Graves was unusually energetic, even for him and was running around like a crazy person. What's a bull in a china shop compared to a toddler boy in a china shop? AP did great, however, because I explained to her that Batte was like a castle with lots of fancy things :)  Anyway, we got home and the kids had little snacks and I put them down.  They neither one slept, but they made it the full two hours without (much) incident. I didn't really do much, though. I got them up and we just played for awhile and then I folded laundry and fed them dinner.  I put Graves to bed and he had a really hard time. He wouldn't nurse, but he did let me rock him TO SLEEP. Really unusual for my busy guy these days.  While I was doing that, AP fell asleep on a chair in the den.  I transferred her and cleaned up their toys and did some dishes and then got on the computer until Peyton got home.
I stayed up really late working on my blog and trying to get it to look normal. [Sidenote: I didn't completely hate it.  More than anything, I hate that it doesn't look like anybody else's and I felt like other people would think it's weird.  I totally need to stop seeking everyone else's approval about stupid things.  I finally let it go and then I talked to my blog friend Leslie (who has a design business) and she fixed it back up. To say I'm glad to have it back is an understatement, but it was was a good lesson in priorities.  I wasted way too much stress worried about it and how other people would think my blog looked absurd.]

  Anyway, then the kids both had a hard night (it seems like that happens about once a week- but those aren't terrible odds in my book, so I'll take it.)

We had a relaxing morning on Tuesday. I got up with Graves and nursed him, changed him, and fed him breakfast and when Peyton got up, I took a thirty minute cat nap. Peyton mowed the yard and we did the Morning Meeting and then cleaned up and I cooked lunch (fish, broccoli, and bread).  Peyton left and took AP's monthly picture and put the kids down for naps.

I spent another hour on my blog and then resigned myself to it and decided it is what it is.  I had lunch and read some in Anything and then the kids got up and we cleaned up their room and loaded up and headed to the grocery store.  Poor Annie got super scared by the Halloween decorations.  We ran home to put up the refrigerator items and then dropped off books at the library and went to the park for about twenty minutes until it got dark.  I fixed the kids' supper and then bathed Graves and put him to bed.  I gave AP her bath and organized some clothes while she was in the tub and then she worked on some tracing and we read and I put her to bed.  I wrote a post and did a few other things on the computer and then Peyton got home (late). We went to bed kinda late again.

Annie had school on Wednesday and we were all going to take her, but someone didn't show up at Peyton's store and so he was rushing around on the phone kind of freaking out.  I had slept a little later than I would have had I known I wouldn't have any help with the kids.  I got them both ready and fed them breakfast and we were only about five minutes late.  Of course, AP forgot to potty, so she had to do that when we got to school.  Anyway, we made it! Graves and I met Peyton at a tire shop because my car had a sort of low tire and then we came home.  I read a bunch in Called to be Holy and Peyton goofed off while Graves played.  The three of us went to Mugshots for lunch and then we picked up AP.  We went by the bread store on the way home.  When we got home, we put the kids down.  I cleaned up the house and kitchen and got on the computer and checked Twitter and worked on a blog post.  Peyton watched the debates (I was in and out) and then we chatted and went to bed super late.

Graves woke up around 7:30 on Thursday and I nursed him and put him back in bed.  Annie woke up a little later and got in our bed and then I went and got Graves and put him in our bed, too.  They played and we all snuggled and had a fun, lazy morning (Graves is usually too wild for this, but for some reason, that morning it worked).  I got my bath while Peyton played with the kids and then I looked up "H" library books.  Peyton took a bath and I did the Morning Meeting.
 Busy, blurry boy snuggling with a bunny my SIL made for Annie when she was a baby.

We got ready and Peyton and Graves dropped me and and AP off at the library and they got groceries.  When we got home, Peyton got ready for work and I put up groceries and unloaded and reloaded dishes.  It was close to two when I started cooking some chili.  The kids had had late breakfasts, but they were ready for lunch and naps.  I let them both help- Graves LOVED pressing the button on the food processor.  Anyway, I got distracted and put TABLEspoons of chili pepper in it instead of teaspoons.  Fortuantly, I hadn't stirred so I just scooped it out.  Then I was draining the meat and I dumped a good bit in the sink.  I scooped up the part that wasn't actually touching the sink and threw the rest away (honestly, my sink is really clean, so I don't think it would have mattered, especially since I heated it to boiling, but it grossed me out). I put the kids down and got on Twitter and then I did some "first of the month" things- I made my playlist and kitchen quote sign and then worked on some homeschooling stuff.  I got ready because I had Circle that night and then I got the kids up.  I packed their suppers really quickly and got them dressed and we headed to church.  The Circle meeting was good but LONG.  We got home late, and I put Graves to bed and then got Annie down.  I talked to Morgan on the phone and got on the computer.  Peyton got home and I went to bed.

I slept a little late on Friday and then got up and cleaned like a crazy person.  Carrie was coming over and I know she doesn't care, but the house needed some attention anyway, so it was good motivation.  I swept and mopped the bricks, swept the hardwoods, dusted in the den, started dishes and did a very superficial cleaning of the guest bath...all in less than an hour.  I got ready and then got the kids ready and we all road to Parker Uniforms to get AP some Fall stuff.  The lady there kind of drove me crazy. She kept asking AP if she like the sweater or fleece better and then when she picked one, and I said okay she said "Um, mom, you really need to make the call".  UGH, I hate it when people call me "mom" and I hate that she put me in that position.  THEN she tried to tell AP she was getting the sweater, but really she was getting the fleece.  I wasn't about to trick her, so I put the fleece back on her (it did fit better than the red sweater she loved) and we talked about how soft it was and how it had a zipper(!!!).  She seemed fine, so we got it and a long sleeve blouse.  We hurried home and Peyton reheated the chili and I vacuumed AP's car seat out because she had spilled cereal in it.  Carrie and all three kids got here and we ate lunch and visited.  We had a nice time and Peyton got to catch up with Carrie a little, too, before he left for work.  The kids were so funny and AP told me latter that they had pretended that Aubrey was the momma, Jude was the daddy, and she was the daughter.  It was really cute!

After the Howies left, we cleaned up and then I put Graves down.  I unloaded and loaded dishes and read to AP and then put her down.  I got on Twitter and wrote a blog post.  Graves woke up late since he went down late and we headed to my parents' for beans and rice.  We had a good time, but ended up staying super late.  I was really tired when we finally got home and went to bed before midnight.

Saturday was a nice relaxing day.  Graves woke up around seven and I attempted to put him back down about three times.  Each time he laid down happily for about fifteen minutes after rocking, nursing and then getting some toys.  I'll take that! I fed him breakfast and AP woke up right after Peyton left for work.  I got my bath and dried my hair and then the kids played and I folded clothes pretty much all morning.  I decided to do the Morning Meeting even though it was the weekend, since we've missed a few here and there.  It took longer than usual and then the kids ate lunch.  I put them down for naps and ate my lunch and got on the computer.  Graves woke up early, but he played some and I ironed and then laid down and dozed off for about fifteen minutes.  I got up and we cleaned up the nursery and then all got ready.  Peyton was supposed to be home at six thirty and we were all going to a friend's thirtieth birthday party.  He called after six saying he'd be way late.  We were still going to ride together, but the kids were getting into everything and making messes and I just wanted to put them in a car.
 Monkey see, Monkey do.  This was right before Graves removed the picture from the wall.

We ended up meeting him at the Glukstadt exit at 7:00 (the party started at six).  That was after a HUGE truck nearly ran us over when I got off the Interstate early and had to get back on.

We had a good time at the party, but we didn't stay too long.  I wanted to go back and redrive the area where I almost go run over to see if I was in the wrong (yes, I'm that kind of OCD).  Sure enough, the other guy had had a yield sign.  Anyway, Peyton had taken Graves, but AP and I had to stop by my parents' house to drop off something.  My mom ended up standing in the cold talking to AP for twenty minutes because I refused to get her out and come inside.  It was after ten when we got home.  I was going to go to bed early, but I started playing on Facebook and ended up looking at my timeline from when AP was Graves's age.  It was really fun to look back.  I went to bed way too late.

Peyton went to early church on Sunday, but I just couldn't get us ready in time.  We went to Sunday school and the late service.  

    Peyton's mom bought him this outfit when he was about six months old.  I was SO excited for him to finally wear it!

I was late already and then I stopped and talked to several people about Circle and Sunday School curriculum.  Anyway, we had a good lesson and it was World Communion Sunday which is always neat.  On the way home, we stopped by the grocery store to get food for Stewpot.

 The kids played and then had lunch while I made salads to take that night.  I put the kids down and ate my lunch and texted with Carrie. I got on the computer and then laid down for a few minutes before I had to wake the kids up to go to Stewpot.
This is the only way she naps now.  She just crashes. Usually, right beside Graves's bed.

 I got them ready (they were both SO grumpy) and dropped them off in the nursery and then I headed to Stewpot with some of our friends from church.  We had a good time serving the ladies at the shelter and I always love to see the kids.  One little boy was about Graves's age and was so precious.  I've been keeping the group member's kids at the church most times, so it was nice to start going again.  Anyway, we got home and Peyton helped me get the kids to bed.  I cleaned up a little and went to bed.

This week has been super busy for Peyton again, but it's Fall break for AP and we're just trying to enjoy a low key week with few obligations.


Mary Louis Quinn said...

I'm just totally curious- does Peyton get embarrassed when you share such "personal" details of your relationship? John would probably die a thousand deaths if I said anything like that. :)

Sarah Denley said...


I'll let him answer himself later, but he typically just says "You do remember my mom reads this, right Sweetie?" and kind of grins at me. I don't think it bothers him.

I know I probably blog more "freely" than a lot of people, but I try not to ever say anything that I think would embarrass him or the one of the children. I usually ask him before I post it if I think it's questionable :)

Mary Louis Quinn said...

Haha, and yes, I knew that both his mother and sister read! :) I've long thought that you use a code word for it (although I could be completely wrong about that- its just the way you word certain things), so when you were a little more "obvious" about it, I was kinda surprised. But you like to be very transparent and it IS your blog...

Peyton said...

I suppose I'm used to it by now- not in the sense that she's blogged into detail about our personal life so I've just "let it go". What I mean is that SD is so open about EVERYTHING that it was something I had to become comfortable with or move on from the relationship. That sounds harsh, but basically it's part of SDs personality to be open so I knew I'd be a part of that as well. Certainly I could have asked her to change it in some ways (ones that pertained to MY personal life), but in reality when I became comfortable with being more open with others, I really didn't mind even the details spoken of above. I think this idea of being more open with others about a great many things is a great strength SD has brought to our relationship and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Mary Louis Quinn said...

I figured you had to be or she wouldn't have written it, but I thought I'd ask anyway. It takes a lot to put it all out there, and SD definitely does a good job with that.