Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Weekly Happenings Post #187 (October 8-14)-- Fall(ish) Break

Last week was Fall break (I say "Fall(ish) because it didn't remotely feel like Fall the majority of the week) for AP, so it was pretty laid back.  I actually really enjoyed having less "scheduled" stuff and it was nice after our crazy week the week before.  Walgreens is still crazy, but it seems a little better.

Monday was another busy day for Peyton.  He was SO sweet and let me sleep late, though.  The kids got up on the early end of normal for them (7ish).  I changed Graves and nursed him and then went back to bed.  I had had a rough night's sleep for some reason, probably the Sudafed I took at FOUR the afternoon before.  Anyway, I slept until nineish and it felt like noon- I guess since I got up so early the first time.  Anyway, we just had a relaxing morning.  It was chilly and Peyton opened a window.  Graves kept throwing things out of it, though. Ha! Peyton pretty much worked on schedules and made phone calls all morning. I did get him to help me bring some boxes of kid clothes to the attic and I got down a few cool weather things for myself.  I took a bath and got ready and Peyton left early for work, right after we took care of Graves's busted lip (he fell out of a chair in the living room).  I cleaned up the house (it was a major disaster)- picked up toys, collected laundry and unloaded and reloaded dishes while the kids played and ate lunch. 

They both took naps that day and I ate my lunch and got on Twitter.  I also did a lot of Circle stuff and sent some emails about Sunday school.  I made my lists for the week and I felt a little better and like things were somewhat organized. I organized some of Annie's clothes to go to the attic and laminated some tracing sheets for her.
My trusty laminator- it served me well during my School of Ed days and it's already been an asset to us as a homeschooling family. 

My mom came over right as the kids woke up and she helped me figure out how to sew up a few places in our new rug that General had already popped his claws in.  After she left, I fed the kids supper and then gave Graves his bath and put him to bed.
Kite sandwich FTW.

I vacuumed the living room and did dishes and then I gave AP a bath and put her to bed.  I got on the computer until Peyton got home. We chatted and went to bed.

Peyton had a meeting on Tuesday so I got up with the kids and fed them breakfast.  We had the morning meeting and I started dishes and laundry and then took my bath.  I folded a ton of laundry and put it up until lunch.  The kids ate and I put them down.  AP didn't take a nap and Graves's was shorter than usual.  I ate lunch and swept the kitchen and then got on the computer for a bit.  When they woke up, we read Soft House and then made a soft house, per Annie's request.

They ate supper and I put Graves to bed early.  I trimmed and painted AP's nails and did her nightly routine and put her to bed early, too.  I ate a turkey melt and sewed some more on the rug and then read blogs until Peyton got home.

We all woke up on Wednesday and had a very laid back morning, just playing and snuggling on the sofa.  We just hung out until it was time to get ready to meet the Harkins at the Fair.  We had planned to eat lunch and let the kids ride a few rides, but the rides hadn't started yet.  We ate and walked around and went to the petting zoo and then headed home.

We drove through Sonic and rode around a bit.  We were going to transfer the kids, but both woke up when we got home.  We put them down and they stayed in their room almost an hour, though.  I read Called to Be Holy out loud and then got on the computer for a few minutes.  We got ready while Peyton finished preparing his lesson.  I got the kids' suppers packed and we left for church.  We did a review of the book since we're about half way through and talked about the short chapter for the week.  After church we headed BACK to the fair to meet the Harkins again. We had fun, but poor Annie got really scared of the big ferris wheel. We told her that of course she didn't have to ride it and she finally calmed down as we got ready to leave.

We put the kids to bed and Peyton watched a movie.  I got on the computer for a bit and went to bed early.

I was still so tired when Graves woke up on Thursday at eight.  I nursed him and put him back down and he didn't make a peep until nine.  I got up and got a bath and then my mom stopped by while we were having breakfast. I started laundry and dishes and organized a box of AP's clothes to go to the attic.  After that, Graves and I went to the grocery store and Peyton got ready for work while AP watched a show.  I got home and put up groceries, unloaded and loaded dishes and fed the kids lunch. I put them down for naps and got on the computer.  I really didn't do much except work on a blog post and eat lunch and then I laid down for a bit myself.  Graves ended up waking up later than usual.  I finished changing over the kids' closets- I put up bathing suits, Summer bloomers, ect. and got down Winter pjs and a few hats.  We cleaned up their room and played and then I fixed them supper and bathed them and put them to bed. It was kind of a rough night.  AP kept getting up and it woke up Graves.  He just sat up in his bed and didn't make a peep, like a perfect angel....until she fell asleep.  Then he was miserable.  Of course.  They finally both fell asleep and I read some blogs and did my Weekly Smorgasbord post.  I had a bunch of other stuff to do on the computer- contacting a friend about a baby shower, confirming something with our dinner guests for Saturday, and sending several emails about Sunday school curriculum/teachers and also lining up some Angel Tree stuff for Circle.  I did that and then I cooked fish and Peyton and I watched the VP debate when he got home and went to bed.

Graves was up during the night and I woke up several times myself for some reason.  I just didn't sleep well at all.  Anyway, on Friday, AP had a field trip.  I got ready and then helped Peyton get her ready.  We were going to the library and then Peyton and Graves were meeting us at the park for lunch.  Graves woke up right as I finished packing lunch and we left the boys.  The library was fun- we had a little tour, story time, and a craft and then we headed to the park to eat.  We ate and played (and helped Carrie search for a temporarily missing Aubrey- poor momma, I've been there and it's about the worst feeling in the world; I was shaken FOR her).  We came home and put the kids down and Peyton got ready for work.  I worked on my blog some more and sent a another Circle email and then got on Twitter and had a snack. When the kids got up, we got ready and headed to my parents'.

  For the past few weeks, I've just felt so done by Friday night.  This was the first Friday in several weeks I didn't have an awful headache, but I was still tired and glad to see my mom and dad's sweet faces.  Anyway, we ate, visited, had baths and headed home before it was too terribly late.  I put the kids to bed and read blogs until Peyton got home.  We went to bed pretty early for us.

The kids woke up a little later than normal on Saturday.  Peyton had planned to go to a work day at Camp Wesley Pines, but he decided it was too late.  He went to the grocery store to get a brisket for dinner that night and I got up and fed the kids breakfast and took my bath.  He got home and we both worked on organizing stuff around the house while the kids played.  I finished getting all their stuff packed up to go to the attic- the closet changeovers for them are complete and I had some boxes of stuff my SIL had borrowed.  I collected laundry and unloaded and reloaded dishes and then it was time for lunch and naps.  I put a brisket in the oven and swept and mopped in the kitchen. I ate my lunch and then got on the computer for a little while.

I started cleaning bathrooms and the kids woke up.  Peyton was doing yardwork and our baby gate is broken, so they ended up just following me around.  I vacuumed the rug in the living room and then got myself and Graves ready because we were having dinner guests- my eighth grade history teacher who I reconnected with on Facebook and his family.  Peyton came in and got himself and AP ready and I fixed a salad. The Buckleys arrived and Peyton finished up the last little bit of dinner prep- the roasted broccoli while we started catching up. Dinner was pretty delicious if I say so myself and we had a wonderful time visiting with the Buckleys.  After they left, we put Graves to bed and Peyton made AP a really big "soft house".  I cleaned up the kitchen and got on the computer and we all went to bed.

We got up and got ready and gave the kids baths and then headed to Sunday school and church.  Peyton visited another class to observe because of his position as the adult education person and I went to our class.  AP ended up staying the whole service- she didn't want to go to children's church- and the sermon was really good.  We stopped by Abner's on the way home.  Graves fell asleep and the car nap through off his real one.  We fed the kids lunch and put them down, but of course, no one slept.
 What in the world?

 We ended up going for a walk and then came home and played a little and fed them dinner.

 [Trying to take the family pic.]

  I straightened and did dishes and vacuumed and we put Graves down early.  AP had a bath and we got her ready for bed and put her down.  Peyton wen to a late movie by himself and I took a bath myself and then read blogs.  I went to bed early by my standards.

This week is going by super fast...not sure what the deal is, but I'll take it! 

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