Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Weekly Happenings Post #188 (October 15-21)-- Hot and Stuffy

I forgot to mention it a few weeks back, but the kids have switched sides...permanently, I guess.  AP *always* wants to sit in Peyton's lap and I kept fussing over it.  Not because I cared that she was rejecting me, but because of the obvious inconsistency it would create in the family picture album.  I finally had to say "Whatevs" and let my child be happy.

Well, it's still hot here. UGH.  I'm not a person who just loves cold weather, but I personally am dissatisfied with 78 degree days near October's end. Also, last week I was just under the weather, no pun intended. I'm sure it was weather related. I know it was just a sinus infection and I'm feeling better this week, thank goodness!

We all got up on Monday morning and I got AP ready for school while Peyton made breakfast.  He took her to school and then went over to his brother's house to hang out. Graves and I had a very relaxing morning- I felt pretty bad, so I just snuggled on the sofa under a big blanket and he played really well.  He'd bring me a stuffed animal and climb up and snuggle with me and the stuffie some or he'd bring over a book for me to read to him.  It was so sweet! I got up and ate breakfast and then folded some laundry and unloaded and reloaded dishes.  Peyton got home and I took a quick bath and Graves and I ran by Babies R Us and Target and then picked up AP.  He fell asleep on the way, and woke up when I transferred him, but he went back to sleep for almost TWO hours.  I was delighted.  I picked up the house from that morning, rinsed more dishes, and got on Twitter. I uploaded some pictures and AP kept having a few crises- spilling milk, bathroom emergencies and that kind of thing.  I sent a few emails about a Circle project and one school email and then I got the kids up. I  folded some laundry and then my mom came over to get the kids because I had a Junior League meeting.  I fixed the car seats in her car and got ready and then headed to the meeting.  It was a good one- we got lots of info about Mistletoe and then heard several project presentations.  I picked up the kids and ate dinner at my parents and we headed home.  I put the kids to bed and got on the computer until Peyton got home.

I was dragging even worse on Tuesday.  I got up with the kids, but they just played most of the morning while I laid on the couch.  I think it was just sinus stuff, but I felt achy all over and was queasy and I was just SO congested.  I finally got up and did the Morning Meeting with AP and took a bath and then I fixed the kids lunch and put them down.  They took great naps and I got on the computer and read blogs and then took a short nap myself. I started boiling some pasta to take to Ultreya that night and when the kids got up, I got us all ready.
They both typically have such a traditional style, they looked super funky to me!

Peyton got home and we all loaded up and headed to church.  I couldn't find someone to keep the nursery, so I ended up doing it myself and it turned out our kids were the only ones there! It was fun to have a change of scenery, though! We went by Peyton's store on the way home and put the kids to bed.  He watched the debates and I read blogs and finished my Weekly Happenings Post and went to bed.

Wednesday started out CRAZY.  I usually have AP's lunch completely packed and ALL her clothes laid out the night before on school days, but I had gone to bed and not done it all. Also, I woke up SO stuffed up and with a headache.  I was hoping Graves would sleep a little late since Peyton was taking AP to school.  She needed a bath, too. So I got up and started getting everything together and Peyton woke up and gave her a bath.  We were doing pretty good on time and then we realized at 8:10 that Graves had his eighteen month check up at 8:20. I was about to just cancel, but Peyton said he'd hop in the tub really fast if I got him ready. They left and made it by 8:30.  I rushed around like a crazy person to get myself and AP ready. Peyton told me later, "your hair looks really clean". BECAUSE I WASHED IT, DUDE. Seriously, fastest bath ever.  I got AP ready, handed her cereal and juice to eat on our bed, hopped in the tub, dried my hair and got dressed and we left. We were only five minutes late! Who knew I could get her and me ready in less than thirty minutes!

Anyway, after that I went to the pediatrician's office and met Peyton.  They were just finishing up the appointment and I got to see Dr. Denney and have him tell me he wasn't worried about his weight or his speech (he's just not very verbal yet and I was a little concerned). Anyway, we ate breakfast and Primos and then Graves and I came home and Peyton went to the church to go study for our group that night.  I folded laundry and we had the best time.  I opened some windows and played music and Graves was just a delight.  I also cleaned the breakfast nook area- cleaned the window sills, dusted the kitchen table and the entry way table, scrubbed the baseboards, and wiped down the highchair really well. I took several breaks to snuggle with and read to Graves. He's started saying "read" when he brings me books and it's so sweet. He even sat through a longer one that had lots of pretty pictures. I fed him lunch, and did dishes and then put him down.  Peyton and AP got home and she had fallen asleep, so I got on the computer for a bit and then read Called to be Holy. We got the kids up and all got ready for church and headed out.  Our group was GREAT, per usual and when we got home we had a special treat. Peyton had bought Cinderella for Annie, since it's out of the "vault", so we all started watching it.
Of course AP is in a stretchie and Graves is wearing two piece pjs. She's our tiny princess and he thinks he's grown.  Whatever. Also, the top he's wearing is an 18 mo., but the bottoms were mismatched and are a 2T. They actually fit over his cloth diaper.  I was so excited! [He and AP are now within about four pounds of each other, per his doctor visit.]

 I put Graves to bed and Annie finished the movie and we put her to bed. I ate some oatmeal and wrote a post and got on Twitter and then I worked on our finances some.

Thursday was a fun day.  Too bad it was my worst feeling.  I woke up and threw up some and felt slightly better (sorry if it's TMI, throw up isn't a huge deal for me).  Anyway, Carrie and her kids were coming over and I knew it was just sinueses, so I got myself moving.  I got ready and cleaned up a few piles and gave Graves a bath.  Carrie had something that afternoon and so we needed to do an early playdate and Peyton offered to make us all waffles.  Of course, we obliged.  Anyway, the Howies got here and we ate and caught up and had fun.  After they left, we all cleaned up and Peyton went to work and then I fed the kids a little snack for lunch and put them down.  I kind of started feeling worse.  I got on the computer and then made some calls about Angel Tree stuff for Circle.  I also called Terminex to reschedule our appointment (second time we missed it- second time it was my fault) and the guy who always does it and is so friendly said he could stop by since he was on his way home anyway. I told him that would be great.  Graves had been awake for a bit already, so when he got here, I let the kids get up, even though it was early.  They played and we cleaned up their rooms.  When he left, I folded and put up some laundry and we read some books. We read a little board book called Goodnight, New York City and then AP brought me one of her "big New York books".  She started asking me about when we were moving and it was really neat because it was the first time I felt like she had a fragment of understanding about our future there. It was beautiful and terrifying and I can't wait to see it through her eyes.

My head was HURTING so bad at that point, so I fed the kids dinner and put Graves down half an hour early since he hadn't had the kind of nap he usually takes.  He had a rough time going to sleep, though.  I was doing something in another room and I heard AP screaming hysterically.  I ran in and she had covered herself with shampoo and it was "really really hurting" a certain area. I tried to convince her washing it off would be the best thing and put her in the tub (she had been wanting a bath), but she insisted that "diaper cream" would be the best thing.  I put some on her to pacify her and then popped her back in the tub.  I got her bathed, rocked Graves (who was also hollering hysterically) again and when he finally went to sleep, we did her nightime routine.  I actually read her a long-ish library book and then put her to bed.  Thankfully, she feel asleep easily and I got on the computer for a bit.  I couldn't take it, though, and I went to bed before ten.

I woke up feeling so much better on Friday after sleeping like eleven hours.  We snuggled under blankets and played with the kids in the living room for a bit and then got ready and had a short Morning Meeting and ran a TON of errands.  We went by the church to pick up something, to the Center for Pregnancy Choices to pick up a volunteer application, to the uniform store for more modesty shorts because AP lost hers, by Cokesbury, and then by Goodwill and the grocery store.  I dropped Peyton and the kids off and ran to Walmart and Old Navy by myself.  By the time I got home, it was time for Peyton to leave for work.  Annie helped me clean up and I started dishes and got the kids down for naps. I ate lunch and then got on the Twitter, wrote a blog post, and sent some emails.  The kids got up and we got ready and went over to my parents' for beans.  Peyton ended up getting off early, so he meet us there.  We headed home and got the kids to bed.  He watched TV and I read blogs and then we chatted and went to bed.

Peyton had to work on Saturday, but the kids slept in- Graves until ninish, AP until ten thirty! I got up and got laundry going and had breakfast and when Annie got up, I took my bath.  I did laundry and just played with the kids a lot of the morning.  We did the Morning Meeting since we had missed it a few days that week.  The kids ate lunch and I put them down kind of late.  I  read blogs and ate my lunch and then they got up. We cleaned up their room and I read some and went through some magazine articles I had torn out and then Peyton got home and we ran errands. We went to Hobby Lobby for some fabric, Lowes to get something to fix a baby gate, and the grocery for a big trip.  We got home and fed the kids and got them to bed.  I put up groceries and fixed supper for myself and Peyton (rotisserie chicken with chips, lettuce, and corn and beans).  I cleaned out the fridge and did dishes and then we started a movie, Atonement.  We went to bed way too late.

I taught the two year old Sunday school class for a friend and Peyton taught our class on Sunday.  We went to church together and then came home and ate lunch.
Blurry Bud with his ball.

This is what happens when he digs in the diaper bag!

I cleaned up the house and got on the computer and then took a short nap while the kids napped.  I fixed two string bean casseroles and got ready and left for Stewpot (Peyton kept the kids because most of our group was out of town so we didn't need a nursery).  I got home and Graves was already in bed.  We got AP to sleep and I read blogs and visited with Peyton.

Thankfully, I feel a lot better this week.  I still have a little cough from the drainage and I'm definitely still congested, but I'm not waking up and puking and I'm not feeling doing multiple sinus rinses a day and I'm not going to bed at nine thirty with raging, big improvement! It's a good thing because Peyton has a pretty full schedule this week and so I'm kinda by myself with the kids a lot. Next week things are going to start getting busy and not slow down for awhile I feel like, so I'm kind of mentally preparing myself for that. 

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