Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Weekly Happenings Post #189 (October 22-28)-- Finally Feels Like Fall

This week was a lot better than last- I have an AWFUL cough, but I've actually felt alot better. And we didn't have a whole lot of "extra" stuff to do.

We slept later than we should have Monday morning.  I heard Graves rustling around and went right back to sleep.  I'm pretty sure he played for close to an hour.  Anyway, at eight the alarm went off again and I realized we *had* to get AP up and ready for school. Peyton took a bath, I got Annie's lunch together, he dressed her, I nursed Graves, he fed both kids breakfast, I took a bath and dried my hair, he got her uniform out of the dryer (she was wearing her ballet stuff), I fixed her hair, he put her in the car and I dressed Graves.  I have no idea how that happened in forty minutes, but it did. I'm getting better at this game :)

I also have no idea why I just had to have us all go...except that I do. I wanted that time together with Peyton.  Anyway, we dropped AP off and did some errands- first to drop off my volunteer application at the Center for Pregnancy Choices, then to get a muffin from Primos, and on to get my car tag renewed.

We got home and Peyton left to see if he could get a hair cut.  I made beds and picked up laundry and got the house generally neat.  Graves was happy, so I decided to start working on a sewing project.  [Sidenote: there was a time not too long ago where I could not have put him in the living room to play independently and worked on a project on the other side of the gate in the kitchen.  This is a new season and I'm rejoicing in it.]
Halloween 2012 prep. Baby Graves- the boy who never grows up.

Anyway, Peyton got home (the haircut place was closed that day) and I fed Graves and cleaned up and then we left to run a few errands and pick up AP.  We ran by Hobby Lobby to get a few things and paid a library fine and were right on time to get Ann Peyton.  I visited with Carrie and Morgan a little and then we came home.  Surprisingly, Graves didn't fall asleep all the way home (super surprising since he tried to take a car nap at ten that morning).  We got home and I put him down.  AP had a snack (okay, the parts of her lunch she didn't eat) and I ate my lunch and then got on the computer. I ended up being lazy and taking a short nap, too.  The kids got up and I got a second wind.  They played so well together for a bit, so I was actually really productive. They ate a snack and I filed some stuff in our filing cabinet and then went through a box of clothes a friend sent for Graves.  While they played, I folded and put up laundry.  I got on eBay for a few minutes because after trying on AP's Halloween costume, I realized it was way too big.  Bud fell down and got hurt and so I snuggled him and read to both kids.  We all cleaned up the nursery from nap time and I hung up a bunch of clean clothes in there and then they had supper and I put up more laundry.  I put Graves to bed and Annie traced some while I cleaned up the kitchen.  We did her nighttime routine and I put her to bed. I got on the computer and read blogs and uploaded pictures and when Peyton got home, we watched the last presidential debate together and went to sleep.

The kids slept until close to nine on Tuesday and we had a nice relaxing morning.  I fed them breakfast and then took my bath.  We did the Morning Meeting and all cleaned up and got ready and went to the grocery store for cat food because we were totally out. When we got home, I fed the kids lunch and put them down for naps. Graves didn't take a very long nap and AP called me in their room a lot.  I ate lunch and got on the computer, but that's it. When they got up, we straightened up and then headed to my parents' house for a bit.
Poor Graves didn't sleep long enough and was in an awful mood, but he perked up when we got to Mickey and Minnie's and didn't fuss one bit.

 First time to eat at the table like a big boy. Of course, it's leftover beans and of course Mick is sitting oblivious in the background, per usual. Perfect that he's included in this milestone shot with the little boy he's so smitten with.

 We had a good time and it was a nice break since Peyton had a pharmacy dinner that night. We got home and I put Graves to bed and bathed AP.  Peyton got home and helped me get her to bed. I got on the computer and then we watched TV and went to sleep.

Annie had school on Wednesday and we all got up. I packed her lunch and Peyton helped me get her ready and then he took her to school.  I took my bath and then cleaned up the kitchen and read to Graves.  Peyton was going around visiting pharmacies to try to get new members for MPHA and so we had the morning to ourselves.  I had been meaning to make some soup, so I got started around 10:30.  I had to fry the bacon, cook the frozen corn, and cut up the potatoes. This all took maybe an hour, and Graves shocked me by playing happily by himself the whole time again. I let him help me pulse the food processor for the onions and then I realized we didn't have any seasoning salt, so I got him dressed and myself decent and we ran to Kroger. We got back and I cooked the soup and added the Half and Half and then I cleaned up the kitchen and all the toys he was playing with while Graves ate lunch.

I read some in Called to be Holy while Peyton played with him for a few minutes after he got home. I put Graves down for his nap and got on the computer.  Peyton got home with AP and Graves woke up early again.  Peyton watched the kids while I finished a post and then I got them ready for church.  Peyton had a dinner on HIV, so we went to church by ourselves. The group was still good and Graves went right to sleep when we got home. I got AP ready for bed and Peyton got home and helped me finish. He got a new thing that makes his bike stationary, so he rode in the living room and I started another blog post.  I read some in Anything and went to bed.

Have I mentioned I'm slightly obsessed with this guy?

Thursday was a super relaxing, fun day. Peyton was home and he let me sleep late. I got up and played with the kiddos some and then got ready because I was going to lunch with my friend Jennifer, from church. We had lunch at Amerigo and it was so good and so fun to have a grown-ups only lunch date. Anyway, I got home and Peyton left. Annie and I picked up the house and I put Graves down for a nap. AP and I read and then I put her down. I caught up on Twitter and finished a blog post and then I did my She Reads Truth study.  The kids both fell asleep, so I watched a little Lost and folded laundry and then I had to wake them up. Logan called and said she wanted to come visit, which was nice since we didn't have anything going on that night and I knew it would be long since they took late naps. We had a fun time catching up and I fed the kids dinner while she was here. I gave Graves a bath and put him to bed and then I gave AP a bath and called my friend from church whose on the curriculum committee for Sunday school with me. We talked for about an hour and then I made AP get out of the bath :) We read and did her nightime routine and I put her to bed late.  I got on the computer until Peyton got home and then we ate frozen veggie burgers. We talked some and went to bed late. 

I slept a little late on Friday morning.

When I got up, we dressed the kids and took some pictures of the kids for my November header.

Peyton went to get his hair cut and I got the kids ready (they both got dirty in the yard) and took a quick bath. I thought we were going to be late to go eat lunch at Carrie's, but then Peyton got home and watched the kids.  I had already texted Carrie that we were running behind, so I finished getting ready and unloaded and reloaded dishes and we left. We had a great time at Carrie's and she had made some fabulous soup! She apologized for leftovers....um, I don't care when they're so freakin' good! Anyway, AP got SO upset when it was time to leave. Like crying hysterically upset. We got home and I put both kids down. They actually both slept, and I got on the computer and then worked on Graves's Halloween costume. The hat I was making was a flop, but it was time to wake up the kiddos anyway. I got them up and we headed over to my parents' house for beans and rice. We had a great time. It was actually the best time I've had at Beans in several weeks. I just felt "light" and wasn't really stressed about anything and I didn't have an awful sinus headache and wasn't exhausted from the week.
Their favorite part- the Haagen Daaz part. Yep, they let Graves drink it.

We got home and I got the kids to bed and then read some blogs until Peyton got home. We went to bed kind of late.

The kids woke up earlier than usual for a Saturday.  We ended up having a lazy morning. I just hung out on the couch and they played.  I took a bath and started dishes and laundry. And then I realized that the door to my bedroom had locked behind me. It wouldn't have been a big deal, but my phone was in there and so it kind of stressed me not having it. I got the kids dressed and we walked over to some neighbors' houses (I was going to call my dad....well that, or get one of the neighbor guys to pick the lock). Nobody was home and it was close to lunch, so we just came home and cleaned up toys and I fed the kids lunch. I unloaded and loaded dishes and scrubbed the kitchen counters. I got them down for naps and got on the computer. I got on Twitter, sent a long-ish email, and wrote a few paragraphs on Peyton's Facebook wall. I ate lunch and then my dad came over (I had FBed Cookie and she called him) and got the door unlocked with a "burgler tool" he had made in the 1980s. Only Mickey! Anyway, Graves of course woke up, so the kids played with him a little and then he left. We got ready and headed to Hobby Lobby.When we got home, I fixed the kids' supper and then gave them baths. Graves had a little accident in the bathtub, but Peyton got home right as I was herded the kids to the other bathtub. He helped me finish and the I cleaned out the bathtub. I went ahead and totally cleaned both bathrooms complete with toothbrush scrubbing the tub for a half hour- the toothbrush just works better than our big tub brush. We put Graves to bed and I folded and put up a bunch of laundry and folded some more while Peyton and AP played and then we put her to bed. I read blogs and worked on my November header and went to bed late.

We had to go to early church on Sunday because Peyton was doing children's church. I slept later than I should have (story of my life), but we made it out the door on time. [We even had to rebath Graves because we had been out of baby shampoo the night before. I had used ours on AP, but I was scared with him, so I used my FACE WASH. Um, dumb decision. His hair was (is) so greasy.] Peyton did children's church and I ended up helping set up for a reception for our assistant youth minister whose leaving. We went to Sunday school and Peyton taught. We're trying a new curriculum and it's really good! We stayed for late church, since neither of us had been and then went out to eat Mexican with friends for lunch. When we got home, I tidied the house and then uploaded pictures and got on Twitter. Peyton went to set up for the Fall Festival at our church and when the kids got up I took them. We were a little late, but it didn't matter. Anyway, Peyton kept Graves in the nursery...it was SO cold, but AP had a blast. We got home and put everyone to bed. I got on the computer and sent a few emails and then my computer froze up. I went to bed kind of frustrated about it.

This week has overwhelmed me to be honest. We just have a lot going on and the whole month appears to be shaping up to be that way. I know it'll all be fine and I just need to breath!

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