Monday, November 12, 2012

Multitudes on Mondays

It wasn't until after I decided to tweet and blog my daily thankfuls that I realized I haven't done a post like this since last November. I need to really rectify this in 2013. I'm not saying I'll do it weekly, but I do want to make it a much more regular thing, because I know I benefit from it in a big way. Here are last week's thankfuls (and I'm starting with number 77 because that's where I left off last year):

77. a safe trip home
78. a family who loves me when I'm at my lowest and am my ugliest self
79. watching my children's love for each other grow daily [and AP sobbing because Graves couldn't ride to school with us- "I want Baby Graves to come. I just really, REALLY love him". Such a beautiful picture of grace, too, as he mostly loves to pull her hair in the car.]
80. Faith in an all powerful God
81. Hope that is much bigger than our beautiful, broken nation
82. love that crosses boundaries of party lines and ballot boxes
83. a self-imposed early bedtime that got me through the next day
84. the fact that my biggest problem in life right now is being that perpetually awkward girl and that perpetually lost girl
85. that won-the-lottery feeling of finding a pair of size 5W Keds in the tupperware box at the top of the closet- the same pair I was going to go to Stride Rite and buy the following week [exciting find all the more because AP hardly ever wore a wide (eBay mistake that she wore anyway), but it looks like Bud's chubby foot could use them].
86. the privilege of de-lighting trees, hauling tables and chairs, and picking gumdrops out of the carpet
87. the opportunity to be part of a group full of amazing women
88. the knowledge that my menial acts on a single day would have far reaching effects for our city and its children's tommorows.

"He who thanks but with the lips thanks but in part; 
The full, the true Thanksgiving comes from the heart."
                                                                 -J.A. Shedd 

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