Monday, November 5, 2012

November Happenings

First of all, since Blogger has changed everything up, I can't change the font colors and type. I couldn't seem to find a way to keep doing my monthly background/headers and deal with that and apparently it's not a thing where you can change one little bit of the code. I love doing my monthly headers and picking out a fresh background, so I didn't want to just hire someone to do my blog entirely, but like I said, trying to figure out how to change it up was proving difficult. Fortunately, my blog friend, Leslie, came to the rescue and we worked out an agreement where she'll change those details every few months and I'll continue doing the header. The catch is I'm trying to pick out backgrounds in groups now, so the font colors will match for a couple of months. It's actually been a fun challenge!

Well, November. I alluded to the craziness of the month and then a sweet friend commented on my last post that maybe the business of this time of year is what has me so frazzled (and fragile). Of course, she was spot on. For some reason, I always kind of break a little under the holiday stress. I've really tried to streamline things and take out things and all that and every year, it's just the same. My mom told me about two years ago that there had never been a time, in her adult life, that from November first until Christmas wasn't crazy and hectic. That statement came with a freedom for me. It helped me to realize that regardless of my best intentions, it's will be a busy time and personally, I'm better off just embracing that, rather than trying to make it something it's not. I'm still all for parring down and like I said in the aforementioned post, I pulled the plug on some nonessential stuff this week. So are these coming days my ideal? No. Would I want every month of the calendar to look this way? Heck no. Am I going to seek to find contentment in a month that will inevitably be lots of fun and not waste it trying to fit it in my "box" of what defines a perfectly balanced month. Absolutely. So onto the month....

[By the way, I'm kind of self-conscious that I've talked about this so much and to most people it's going to look like a very typical, stress free month. Oh well.]

- This week is full of lots of work for Peyton. He already was working extra on Saturday and then they needed him on Wednesday, which was supposed to be his day off.  And the end of the week is full of Mistletoe shifts for me. I'm still fighting that awful sinus infection. I know, I know. See a doctor. Peyton told me again he thought antibiotics were over-used and I thought "Really, Dude? I've been sick a month!" At this point, I just don't want to put another thing on our calendar and since we don't have a GP we consistently go to, it means finding someone or going to MEA. Also, it seems like it keeps getting better and then worse from day to day. This morning I felt pretty awful, though. We'll see.

- The next weekend, we (Minnie and I)  are having a shower for Ellis's bride, Minda.

- The next weekend is their wedding. Oh and Thanksgiving goes in that week, too.

- During all this, I'm starting to volunteer at the CPC and I've still got a little to do for Angle Tree, our church Circle's big holiday project. I need to get Sunday school stuff finalized and I have a couple of Junior League meetings.

- Toward the end of the month, the girls in our Sunday school class are having a cookie swap and Cookie will be home for a bit over Thanksgiving.

- We're doing Christmas super differently this year as a bit of an experiment. We decided to see if we felt like we kept Christmas more Savior-centered if we did presents at a totally different time. So we're doing most of our gift exchanging on Thanksgiving. I'm excited to see how it works out! [I'll probably to a whole post on this, but it took a lot of convincing from Peyton to swing me.] Anyway, we gotta get the kiddos a few things. We have a "big" present already in the attic (actually we have a couple; we like shopping ahead), but I'm sure I'll pick out a few little things.

- This seems shallow and petty, but I have a lot of posts I want to write/finish. The beginning of the month is always a busy blogging time fore me because I do several monthly posts. In an effort to keep my self-care commitment, though, I'm not going to stress and all I'm doing this week is writing AP's letter tomorrow and doing my WH post on Wednesday. I have a post on Springsteen pretty much ready to schedule and that's it, period. I'm pushing Photo A Day and my November playlist to next week and taking Friday and Saturday off from the old blog. [I typically take off one weekday and don't blog on the weekends, but my instinct when things pile up at the first of the month is to blog extra. Not this week.]

- We probably won't do the library books/activities component of homeschooling as much this month. We'll still work on tracing and memory work and we'll keep reading, of course, but maybe limit the extras.

- I'm making weekly meetings with Peyton a priority again. So I can keep my sanity.

- Like I said, it doesn't look like a lot, but to me it feels like it. Honestly, I think this week will be the craziest, but I know as soon as I say that, I'll be proven wrong :)

Here's an update on last month's goals:
1. Continue last month's 7 project- I got a little more accomplished with this, but when Peyton's store got crazy last month, I inadvertently let this come to a halt. Also, I'm taking longer than maybe I should because I'm trying to be super thorough and organizing as I go. I really have no idea when I'll pick it back up. It may be in the new year. HA!
2. Changeover the kids' closet. I did it and I'm so glad it's done.
3. Make (yes, you heard that right) Graves's Halloween costume.  This got down to the wire, but it was accomplished, too. It wasn't perfect, by any stretch, but I took great pride in it and felt very accomplished. And it was cheap.

This month's goals (I'm crazy and doing more goals than usual on the busiest month of the year, but they are all things I want to accomplish and some (most) are relatively simple:
1. List, tweet, and blog my daily thankfuls like I did last year (I'll blog them weekly). This was a great project and really opened my eyes to how very much I have to be thankful for. It's a really simple thing and likely will serve to decrease my stress level.
2. Honor (in my best form) my Mistletoe commitment. It goes without saying that I'll be at my shifts, fulfill my cooking assignment, ect. but this is a big deal and I want to be there early, not make the recipe at the last minute, and have a smile on my face the whole time. It's important to me to represent the League well.
3. Do all my Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving. As I said, that's when we exchanging gifts (as a family and with my parents), so I gotta be on the ball. Luckily, it's not much to buy.
4. Get mine and Peyton's Christmas jams. I decided to give my self some grace and I bought the kids matching pjs on clearance at the Gap Outlet last Summer. Peyton and I are just going to coordinate colors. We've always done themes, but I needed cheap and easy this year. Glad I had the foresight to know that in July.
5. (If this doesn't happen, it'll be okay, which is why I'm putting it last). Complete my closet change over. This is always a time consuming endeavor because we have space issues and I have way too much stuff, so I haul it back and forth from the attic twice a year. It seems absurd to not have my Winter stuff down by December, which is why I made it a goal, but it was so warm until now it seem unnecessary and I was just getting things as I needed them. I'm going to try to incorporate it with 7 and purge some.

There you go. Put up your dukes, November.


Kristal said...

I use blogger and change my font and background colors without using code. Do you want me to shoot you an email explaining how? It's simple, it's just hard to figure out where to go since they've changed everything around. I'd explain it in this comment but I'm on my phone. :)

Sarah Denley said...


Do you use the Minima template? It's old and not as compatible with Blogger now, but it's the only one that looks normal to me. Anyway, that's where I run into the problem- if I used a new template design it would be fine. But absolutely email me and let me know!