Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Photo a Day Challenge: October

I've gotten bad at this. Like really bad. Terrible. I'm almost embarrassed because I'm forever posting these in big chunks. I feel like that's kind of annoying, but I want to keep doing it. Anyway, here are last months photo a days:

Day 1
(Where I stood)- On one of Bump's old bath towels to bathe my pumpkin boy (who incidentally, teeteed on our bathmat recently, rendering it inoperable until Momma can make it a laundry priority)
Day 2
We had our "real" meal at (lunchtime), so it was Nutella sandwiches for dinner!
Day 3
(This happened today). [I took a bath and put on new pjs and wore them until 6 PM.]
Day 4
(What I read) today before naps. Seriously finding such treasures on our weekly library trips. May have to start back with the kid book posts on here. 
Day 5

He's her little (shadow) Also: AP's new favorite activity is discussing elements in this picture (My wedding dress, bouquet, ect.). Bud mostly likes to point.

Day 6
Minnie picked me up two new dresses at TJ Maxx. (I'm thankful for...) not having to make an attic trip for Fall clothes yet.

Day 7
Minty, vintagey chandelier. One of my favorite (light) sources.

Day 8
Lots of (angles) in our latest "letter of the week" activity.
Day 9
Lots of (red) in our living room.

Day 10
Retro (emotion) indicator magnet. Feeling pretty fabulous about Peyton's weekend off.

Day 11
(Something close up)- gosh I love him so much.

Day 12
(On the table) in Minnie's room- she likes pictures a little bit.

Day 13
Toddler wasteland at Mickey and Minnie's (landscape).

Day 14
(Makes me laugh) how much fun this little girl thinks it is to dress up in my old little girl clothes.

Day 15
(Dinnertime) means steak and potatoes tonight at Mickey and Minnie's. And yes, I still use the dividided plate there.

Day 16
(Something I wrote)- eleven hundred eighty three posts in the last four years. My biggest hobby and sometimes, the source of my sanity.

Day 17
Baby Graves's favorite (fruit)- looks like a lot, but they're not long for this world.

Day 18
This girl (made me smile today). Honestly, every time I talk to her these days, I smile and get teary. It's pretty magical to see your best friend since you were twelve find a girl he adores, falls in love, and decides to marry her. It's close to perfect when it turns out you adore her, too.

Day 19
I keep these (letters) Peyton wrote me when we were dating in a basket under our bed.

Day 20
This guy didn't take a long enough nap, so there's a lot of this going on this afternoon (4 o'clock).

Day 21
Dude, (calm) down. Our hour forty minutes until bedtime.

Day 22
Glad the grocery store (in my town) is like two minutes away, especially for emergency kitty food/missing ingredient runs.

Day 23
(The view from here): grumpy boy=destructive boy. Oh, who am I kidding? This is my all the time boy. Glad he doesn't have access to obsolete bayonets and horses.

Day 24
(Weather) was perfect for trick-or-treating.

Day 25
I seriously think they'd be fined if the only toys they had were Little (People) princesses and super heroes.

Day 26
(Listening to) my October playlist.

Day 27
Part of my costume for the party at the children's cancer clinic on Monday (morning).

Day 28
(Looking back)-- this day in history: October 30, 2010 and 2011.

Day 29 
(Moon)s on a couple of favorite library books.

Day 30 
Halloween's over, so it's time for turkey (clothes).

Day 31
(Whatever I please)- quirky new Clarks

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