Thursday, November 29, 2012

Picture Post: Never Grow Up (Halloween in Nashville) {October 31,12}

I'm a little behind in blogging (as usual), but I wanted to share my Halloween pictures of the kiddos before the month ended.

I made Graves's costume using this tutorial and I was a little bit impressed given that a) I'm not really a sewer. Like at all. and b) my sewing machine "broke" halfway through and I had to hand sew his hat. I got AP a Tinkerbell costume at a consignment sale. It was by far the cutest (they had several...random?) but I couldn't find the size and was in a hurry. Well, it was way too big. Maybe they'll want a do-over when she's six. Anyway, I bought the new one of eBay at the LAST minute and it's a 24 mo. Ha! It's a bit snug, but she's obsessed with it and I've definitely gotten my ten dollars including shipping out of it as she wears it daily. I also ordered Graves's leggings off eBay. I couldn't find anything around town (okay, I didn't look very hard!) and it was getting down to the wire. The pants were cheap, but I thought the little border at the bottom would be much smaller. Turns out he looks like he's wearing some kind of crazy leg warmers or something. Whatever, we had fun and did it on the cheap and I was way more relaxed about it this year. Also, in the first pic with my mom, Baby Graves looks a bit stoned. Of course, Peyton used it as his Facebook profile pic for awhile.

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