Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Weekly Happenings Post #189 (October 29-November 4)-- Halloween, Seeing the Sister, and ::OHMYWORD:: Bruce!

 [Drives me NUTS, but we didn't take our family picture until today. UGH.]

Well, last week was CRAZY. In the worst of ways and in the best of ways. Mainly the best. My emotions were kinda insane, though. Thankfully, I've leveled a little.

I had a Junior League thing all morning at the kids cancer clinic on Monday and Peyton watched Graves and took AP to school. I got home and picked up around the house and started dishes and laundry and then Peyton left for work and Graves and I went to go get AP. I put them both down for naps when we got home and Graves took a great one. AP hardly naps anymore, but that doesn't really bother me. However that day she kept coming to get me so many times. I wanted to get a bunch of pictures backed up and I had Sunday school and Circle work I needed to do. Anyway, I lost patience with her and it ended with us both in tears. She did better towards the end and when they got up we went over to my parents' house because AP is obsessed with their neighbors Halloween decorations and I had told her we could go look at them up close before Halloween was over. We ate supper with them and I put them to bed right when we got home. I sent some more emails when I got home and got on Twitter and finished backing up pictures.

Tuesday was busy, too. Peyton worked all day, had a meeting at church, and then got together with his brother who was in town. I got myself and the kids ready and dropped Graves off at Mother's Day Out at our church and took AP to a friend's house because I had my interview at the Center for Pregnancy Choices. It went well and I picked up both kids and brought them home and fed them lunch. They took early naps and Graves took another AWESOME nap, but AP was driving me crazy. I did a ton of Circle stuff and then got on the computer. I started working on Graves's costume and my sewing machine kept messing up. I got so frustrated. Graves woke up and the kids played. I ended up just deciding to hand sew Graves's hat. Peyton got home for a little bit and then left for his meeting. The kids ate early and I gave them supper quick baths. I finished the hat and folded laundry and put Graves to bed. AP traced and we did memory work and I mopped in the kitchen. I got her ready for bed and Peyton got home. She was acting really hyper and being so loud and I totally lost my patience with her. I ended up crying to Peyton because I was so overwhelmed. He really wanted to see his brother, who was home from North Dakota, so he left and I put AP to bed. I got on the computer and finished a blog post and checked Twitter and then I got some of my Fall clothes down from the attic and started (ha!) packing. Peyton got home and we chatted and went to bed around two.

We got up around eight on Wednesday. I finished packing (there was still a good bit to do) and got the house reasonabley straight and got my bath and then we got on the road around ten thirty. We had a great trip- we stopped for lunch early and took several bathroom breaks and got to Nashville around six.

 We got ready really quickly and took the kids to Cookie's house to trick-or-treat in her neighbor hood (full picture post to come).

We went to a great burger place for dinner and then Peyton and I took the kids to the grocery store to get some food. We got back to the hotel and I got on the computer and went to bed.

Thursday was a fun day. Peyton got up with Graves at 7:30 and went to breakfast. AP and I got up about an hour later. We went to breakfast with my parents and then we all got ready and Cookie came over to the hotel and we went to the mall. Peyton and I both got some new shoes and we shared a big pretzel.

We came home to the hotel for lunch and naps. I got on the computer and then Peyton and I took a nap ourselves. We got up and visited with my parents and then went to dinner with Cookie and Conrad at a fun Italian place. We came home and put Graves to bed and then visited with Cookie and my parents some more. I finished my Weekly Smorgasbord post and we went to bed.

I slept in a bit on Friday and then got up and got ready and took the kids to breakfast with my parents. We came back to the room and played some and then we all loaded up. We went by a stationary store to get some invitations for a shower I was giving and then met Peyton's friend from pharmacy school, April, for lunch at 5 Guys. We came back to the hotel and visited with Conrad (Cookie's boyfriend) before he left to catch a plane home for a football game. Daddy wanted to get out and I ended up leaving the kids with Peyton and going with him, Cookie and Momma. I had to work on Sunday school stuff on the computer, but I thought we were just going for a drive. Turns out they wanted to walk. I ended up doing it in a coffee shop while they walked around. We got back to the hotel and chilled out and then got ready for dinner. We ate at a WONDERFUL Mexican place and then I had my  near nervous breakdown. I worked on Sunday school stuff, wrote a blog post and went to bed.

We woke up on Saturday and got ready and then we went to a used book store. We took turns watching the kids (I found a honey hole toward the back with some toy dinosaurs for kids to play with) and looking at books. Around lunch time, we headed over to Cookie's and got the kids settled and then we went back to the hotel to get ready. We chatted and changed clothes and then left for the three hour drive to Louisville, Kentucky. Peyton found out on the way that there was a liberty rally in Nashville that weekend (so funny because I had joked about how we'd go to an Obama rally in order to see Bruce). We stopped at Cracker Barrel and got there in plenty of time. It was a really fun drive.

The kids seemed to have fun, too. SpongeBob FTW.

 It was lucky we had given ourselves extra time, though, because we didn't realize we would change time zones. Anyway, the concert was phenomenal (post coming) and we got home SO late.
We got AP from my parents' room (they had called us late and said she was having trouble falling asleep, so we promised her we'd come get her when we got back), but left Graves. We went to sleep pretty soon after we got back.

We got up Sunday morning and got ready and packed and then I called in to Sunday school as we were loading up the car and getting on the road. We had debated visiting a church in Nashville, but because of the Sunday school conversation we were kind of crunched. It ended up working out because the kids were so tired and Graves fell asleep within minutes of being on the road. The trip home took a kind of long time- we stopped for lunch and a few times for the bathroom. When we got home, I started unpacking. We fed the kids supper (Peyton cooked eggs) and I cleaned that up and started laundry. I didn't finish unpacking, but I did about half and got everything else to it's correct room or location. I filled in and addressed a bunch of shower invitations and Peyton and I had a short weekly meeting (we've gotten out of the habit) and then I got on the computer and went to bed.

So far this week hasn't been too bad. In fact, it's been lazy and downright enjoyable. I know the busyness is about to pick up, though, and I'm praying these relaxing days will give me extra strength to take the busyness in stride! 

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Courtney said...

Small world, I had two of my co-workers drive from here(Ohio) to Louisville, for the Bruce concert!