Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Weekly Happenings Post #190 (November 5-11)-- It's Mistletoe Time!

Well, this was (I think) the busiest week of November. It was actually pretty fun, but I'm glad it's behind me, too. The main thing that made it busy was that last weekend was Mistletoe. I had three four hour shifts over three days, plus a cooking obligation.

I woke up feeling SO bad on Monday. I laid back down and Peyton fed the kids breakfast. When I actually got up, I ended up throwing up a lot. Ugh. I got both kids ready, and then I ended up just taking AP to school. I picked up stamps on the way home and when I got home, Peyton and I visited. I played with Graves and ate a small snack and we unpacked a little more. I talked to my friend on the Sunday school curriculum committee and Peyton left for work. I folded two big loads of laundry and fed Graves lunch and then we left to go get Ann Peyton.

I put the kids both down for naps after Annie had a snack. I ate my lunch and got on Twitter and wrote a post. I ended up taking a nap, too, and having to wake BOTH kids up. Whoa. We had a low key night. I folded more laundry and hung up clothes in the kids room. We read and played and then I fixed them supper. I put Graves to bed and gave Annie a bath. I unpacked and hung up clothes while she was in the tub. I put her to bed and got on the computer and read blogs. Peyton got home late and we went to bed.

Tuesday was different than I expected. We had planned to run a bunch of errands, but Peyton had to go in early, so we got up and got ready and then went to vote.
Little Libertarian ;)

We got home and he left for work. I wasted time listening to some Bruce Springsteen songs and then played with the kids some. I folded a couple of loads of laundry, got all our suitcases put up in the closet they go in, and fixed some butter beans to go with their lunch. They ate and I put them down for naps. I really didn't do much during naptime. I mostly got on Facebook and Twitter and read election day tweets. I did send a couple of emails for Circle. I ate my lunch and then watched Lost and folded more laundry. The kids got up and we cleaned up their room and then I fixed spaghetti for supper. We played and I bathed Graves and put him to bed. AP and I spent about an hour on school stuff- I tried a new thing and read a library book and the Bible story to her and Graves before he went to bed, so we mostly traced and did memory work and she ate some raisins :)
She created her own critical thinking activity with the back of her critical thinking book- "These have a CD. These do not have a CD." 

I put her to bed and got back on the computer. I pretty much watched the election results roll in that way and watched everyone tweeting up a storm about it. I read some blogs and sent a Sunday school email. Peyton got home and we went to bed.

Peyton had to leave for work around the time we needed to leave to take AP to school on Wednesday, so we all got rolling that morning.  I got myself and the kids ready and I managed to do a few quick things- renewing library books online and making a short grocery list, and confirming babysitters for some of my Mistletoe stuff. I dropped AP off at school and then Graves and I rode over the store Peyton was working at that day to make sure I could find it since I needed to drop something off when I picked Annie up. We headed home and I called my mom to set up more Mistletoe arrangements. When we got home, I worked on a few loose ends. I addressed and put the last invites for the shower my mom and I are having for Minda in the mail and sent emails about Sunday school, my Reach Day party at the cancer clinic, Angel Tree, and you guessed it, Mistletoe. I folded laundry and did the reading for Bible study that night. I cleaned out the fridge and then it was time to go get AP. I tried to drop the book off at Walgreens, but I had cut it too close and there was a line in the drive thru, so I turned around and picked up Annie and then we went back. We got home and I put both kids down. Annie never fell asleep. I got on Twitter and worked on making some collages for her monthly letter. I got distracted and when the kids woke up it was close to time to leave for church. I hurried and fixed their supper to take and got them ready and we headed to church. We had some good discussion. When we got home, we put the kids to bed. I got on the computer for a bit, but I went to bed really early for me (like tenish).

It was good because Thursday was BUSY. We all got ready and went to the dollar store to get stuff for shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child. We took separate cars and I left to go work my Mistletoe shift that started at 11:00. Y'all. It was a hard day. First of all, pushing a beverage cart for four hours was just kind of tiring. And I gave someone the wrong change and felt so dumb. Oh and I spilled the whole thing all over everywhere and looked like a crazy person. I started to tear up and my lip started to quiver and then this sweet active hugged me and the janitor they ran to get patted me and it was just...too much. And that was only about an hour and a half in. Anyway, I held it together until the end. I tried to to get something to eat before I left because I was SO hungry, but they didn't take cards and I didn't want to find an ATM. I left but I couldn't find my car. I ended up riding the trolley around the parking lot. The sweet trolley driver was SO helpful. I was exhausted by the time I got to my parents' to get the kids. I visited with my mom a little and then loaded them up. We had to go by the grocery store on the way home. Poor Graves fell asleep and when I put him in the cart, he didn't wake up for a few minutes. We came home and I started him on supper and redressed AP in non stickey, stained clothes and took her monthly picture.

Graves ate so much- my mom told me he hadn't eaten much there- so I picked up laundry, cleaned the kitchen, worked on dishes and picked up toys. I tore up the house like a mad woman cleaning so fast. I bathed them both really quickly and put Graves to bed. Annie finished up her supper (she's never finished when Graves gets ready for his bath) and then I read her a book and put her to bed early (before eight). I got on the computer and checked my email and played on Twitter and Facebook and then finished Annie's letter and uploaded some pictures. I worked on the pasta salad I had to make for my cooking obligation and went to bed too late.

I got up at 6:15 on Friday to get ready and get to my Mistletoe shift by 7:30. The kids weren't even up when I left. I had a better day with the beverage cart, but it gave me so much anxiety and it just wore me out! Peyton met me at Popeye's near the Trade Mart with the kids and then he headed to work and we came home. I fed them lunch and cleaned up the kitchen. My mom came over to pick up my pasta dish because she had her own Mistletoe shift and so she was taking it for me. I put the kids down for naps and ate my lunch and got on Twitter and then I tried to take a nap myself. AP kept "needing" me, though.  At 4:30, I got ready to go to a church thing that night and let her get up and we made chicken salad together and worked on her memory work. I got Bud up and fed and dressed them both and we left for a Sunday school class get together. We were packing Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes. There were going to get a youth to keep the kids, but I guess that feel through. Anyway, Graves was by far the youngest and packaging was kind of difficult with him. It was fun seeing everyone, though! We got home and AP threw a major fit over wanting to bring a leaf inside. I told her no and she disobeyed. It was a silly thing, but I felt like all day long I had been trying to let her have her way about things that really didn't matter and I just wanted to put my foot down. Anyway, she went to time out and threw a huge fit. I got Graves ready for bed and once she settled down we did her nighttime routine and I put her to bed. I got on the computer and then Peyton got home. I went to bed before midnight.

I got up with the kids on Saturday and got myself ready for my Mistletoe shift as Peyton left for work. Both of our potties were clogged, so I plunged them and then my in-laws got here to keep the kids and I left. My shift that day ended up being by far my favorite. Funny, because it definitely wasn't something everyone would love. I picked gumdrops out of the carpet in the "special events pavilion", swept floors, broke down and hauled tables and chairs, and took lights out of Christmas trees. It was just nice not to have anxiety over the beverage carts and also not to be pushing something through big crowds. We did end up getting to take a lunch break AND we got finished early.
Finished...until next year!

When I got home, Graves was asleep on Mr. Randy's chest. So sweet! He and Peyton's mom left and I tried to get him back settled. He never fell back asleep, but he and AP stayed in their room for almost two hours. I did dishes, got on Twitter, and did my Bible study. When they got up, I tried a bunch of shoes on Graves and we cleaned up their room. Peyton got home and we fed the kids supper and gave them baths. I got on the computer and went to bed early.

We all went to church a little early on Sunday so Peyton could distribute Sunday school materials. He taught Sunday school and then we went to church. We went to Lenny's for lunch and then came home and put the kids down for naps. I did some work on Angel Tree and read a few blogs and played on Twitter and then we all went back to church because I had a nursery committee meeting. Peyton played with the kids in the nursery. We had a music thing at church, but we hadn't really seen Peyton's parents in awhile so we went over to their house instead. We got home and put the kids to bed. We hung out a bit and then went to bed ourselves.

We have some stuff going on this week- mainly I'm just trying to meet deadlines with Junior League and Circle stuff, but not much going on away from home except that Minda's shower is this weekend and I'm super excited about that. 

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The Niemeyer Nest said...

I loved this post for being real! I would have teared up too so glad the janitor and active helped you out. Picking up gumdrops sounds way better than some of my daily activities. Hope this week is good!