Friday, November 30, 2012

What I'm Into {November Edition}

As I said last time this idea comes from Megan from SortaCrunchy. Here's what I'm into this month:

On the Nightstand:
Well, last month I shared how I was reading more than I had in awhile. This month was super busy, and my pile of books was very lonely. I hope in December (and even more in January), I'll be able to pick back up. Here's a refresher if you missed the post last month:

7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess by Jen Hatmaker
Still not finished. The book that never ends. Just kidding, it's actually a super quick read. We've just read it in parts while we did the "experiment" and well, we're slow experimenters.

Called to be Holy by John Oswalt
We only have one more chapter in this and it's been so interesting. Of the books I've read in my life, it's probably the most "theological" in the academic sense, but it's also very applicable and the reliance on Scripture is deep.

Anything: The Prayer That Unlocked My God and My Heart by Jennie Allen
Still need to right that review (and read the last twenty pages). Also: probably the last time I say I'll review a book. I feel so bad for dragging this out.

On the Shelf:
Of course these are the same, too. Here are some books I'm hoping to pick back up sometime soon-ish:

The Well-Trained Mind: A Guide to Classical Education at Home by Susan Wise Bauer
I started this book back in the Summer, but put it down to concentrate on Anything and Called to Be Holy. I love the type of education this book describes and am fascinated with it.

Photoshop Elements 10: The Missing Manuel
I'm the kind of girl who likes (um, loves) a manual. I learned a few things from this already, but I need to pick it back up.

At the Theater (or from the couch):
Literally, I have no watched one full length movie this month. Again, chalk it up to business. I did share a few moments with Annie watching A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving in between trying to clean up the house. Peyton watched a really interesting movie called You Don't Know Jack. It's a made for television (HBO) movie based on the life of Jack Kevorkian. I thought it sounded fascinating, but when it came in the mail from Netflix Peyton waited literally weeks and I just wouldn't carve out time to watch it. I almost always pick the computer over a movie and I did a lot of that last month. Anyway, I'd like to watch it at some point.

On the Small Screen:
Here again, not much new. I watch the news as I fall asleep and that's about the extent. I do have a couple of shows though that I'd like to start watching again, namely Parenthood and The Good Wife. Since we don't have cable anymore, it's a little bit harder to watch stuff and I use not having a DVR as an excuse. But they're all online and I have a good bit of catching up to do anyway.

In My Ears:
My November Playlist [I realized when I linked to that post that I forgot to include one song. I know exactly why, too. I was trying to figure out how to appropriately express my thoughts on it. The song is "You Are the Best Thing" (Ray LaMontagne) and it's just...steamy to me. We'll go with that.]

Also, remember how last month I loved this?

Well, this month, I love this...

Clearly, I'm in a season where I can't get enough of them.

Also worth mentioning is this song. 

Oh my gosh. Obsessed. It was playing at El's reception and I fell in love. It's one of those songs that I think I'll always adore and it will forever have a special memory to go with it. 

Around the House:
This was the extent of our Fall decor. But I loved him. So all is well. 

And so far, this is the extent of Christmas. A friend commented on IG that the trees would drive her nuts being upside down. Funny thing is, they do me too. But it was one in the morning when I put them on. I turned the sheet upside down and we all have happy faces now. Also, another thing that drives me nuts is putting on the top sheet upside down. It feels unnatural not to and besides that just what you have to do if you want to fold it back, but still. I really think someone should invent double printed sheets (and obviously the design on the back would be upside down in the cases of geometric things such as trees so that when you folded down it would look pretty). Overthinking the sheet sitch, I know. 

We also got out this old down comforter of Peyton's (lovingly called "The Downey") the other day. It was so comfy that I just left it out. It's not really my style for a legit bedspread, but our room is in such a state anyway, it matters not what it looks like.  

In the Kitchen: 

I actually only made one new soup this month. And I made chili again, but that's it. I'm hoping to do better with that in December, too. Anyway, this was another potato soup. I added turkey bacon and shredded some fresh cheddar on top and I made cornbread to go with. It was delicious, but it made a TON. Next time, I'll freeze half. 

I also baked my dad's chocolate chip cookies. They're really not that hard (making things "from scratch") intimidates me to no end and they're delicious. Bonus: I used fair trade chocolate chips, a decision I always feel good about when I can make it happen.

Last, this is an easy go-to snack/lunch I've enjoyed lately. This particular version has romaine, avocado, Feta crumbles, and Blue Cheese dressing. I really like it with cherry tomatoes and bacon- but I was too lazy to fry bacon that day (most days) and cherry tomatoes don't last long in a house where Annie lives. I used to eat these a lot when I was trying to gain weight healthily because avocados are full of fat. Anyway, it's delicious and so easy. Pour my Coke in a goblet, and it feels almost like a resturant. Minus the high chair, kids Bible, and whirring dishwasher, of course.

In My Closet:

I've kind of lived in this dress this month. Church more than once to avoid a trip to the attic for another Fall/Winter dress? Check. Junior League meeting when I needed something quick and easy and not yoga pants? Check. Attendant in my best friend's wedding? Check. Not the greatest picture (the second, the first is wonderful and will be held in my heart forever. Obviously). I actually took it just to text Minda to get the okay, which is why there are towels and junk all over the floor. Anyway, I wore it with slouchy boots to church and for the League meeting and with round toe pumps and dark hose for the wedding.

In My Mailbox: 
Not alot and I couldn't be more thankful. I'm excited about the Christmas cards that should be arriving soon, though!

In My Cart:
I went to a sample sale today and got some cute things for Annie and Graves for the Summer and Fall at way below retail price. That's always fun. I should do a Babykin Boutique post soon. It's been so long!

On My Heart:
So much. This month was exhausting for me emotionally. In (mostly) all the best ways. I had a total come apart in Nashville before Springsteen and the week that followed I had what I've now determined is going to be normal concert withdrawal, when and if I ever see him again. It was better though because Mistletoe was right on its tail. Mistletoe was physically exhausting and the beverage cart mishap could have sent me over the edge had I allowed it to. But I was also really overcome with it all, seeing it from a different perspective. I'll probably share more about this from a more general perspective, but it's awesome and humbling to be a part of something so much bigger than yourself. It was neat to feel that. And then El's wedding. I wrote everything I need to for now and I'll share more about the actual wedding later (soon!), but there have been few experiences in my life (the births of my children, my own wedding, and maybe a few more) where I have felt such deep joy. It was hard not to come undone. It still is a little bit.  I've also been (attempting to) daily number my blessings and this in itself has been powerful. With the raw state of my heart, I've been moved to tears thinking of many of them. To be honest, there have been very few days this month without tears. But they've not been sad tears (mostly) and I love that. At the same time, though I'm very thankful for this month and will remember it so fondly, I hope December is a bit lighter

In My Prayers:
- The holidays: that they will be spent in perpetual remberence of the true spirit of Christmas and perpetual thanksgiving for Him- Immanuel- God with us! 
- Our family. That we will slow down this month and enjoy and learn from each other.
- Guidance in the ways He would have us serve in 2013.

On the Calendar: 
Still not a lot of blank spaces, but not near as much.

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