Thursday, December 6, 2012

December Happenings

Of course, I had to do a Christmasy banner this time. It's my favorite in a while. I love the font, I love the Instagrams and I really dig the quote. I even like the textured background a lot. I'm so glad I can keep up with this fun hobby and Leslie can help me with a few details like fonts and things.

- Last month was kind of insane, like I expected. We had a shower, a wedding, a visit from Cookie, a few social engagements, several service activities and some church stuff. It was so fun, but I'm glad it's all in my review mirror (and thankfully also here on the blog, so I can read all about it in years to come). 

- December seems to be easier and more relaxed. Our weeks aren't empty by any means, but it's not near as much stuff. Only one weekend of traveling instead two (that really included four trips: Nashville, Louisville, Hattiesburg, and Picayune). No huge Junior League obligations. No physically and emotionally (mainly emotionally) draining best friend wedding activities. 

- Here's what is going on, though: To start with- the solitary trip I mentioned  We're going to Florence, AL for an announcement party for a good friend of Peyton. That'll be the weekend before Christmas. And the kids (both!) are coming. 

- The day after Christmas we'll go to Peyton's grandmother's house, as is tradition (okay, that's another trip). And we're also going next week. But it's just a two hour drive there and two hours back. So really not too bad. 

- Who knows what we'll do on Christmas day. Not a bunch of presents, though. I'll blog more, but this just felt right for us. We'll most likely spend a lot of time with both our families, though. 

- We are giving our kids gifts and their grandparents are, too. We'll just do it on a day other than Christmas. I'm not sure when it will fall. 

- We're taking AP to see the Nutcracker this week. She's watched performances on YouTube and is obsessed and she loves ballet, so I can't wait to see her reaction. 

- I also have a Circle meeting and a Circle party. I've got to finish up with Angel Tree this weekend and after that I'll be handing of the "president" title to a couple of sweet ladies who volunteered to be the co-presidents. I'll be back in my comfortable role as VP. 

- We have a few fun holiday social things on the calendar- a Sunday school party and a work party for Peyton and Annie has a little party at school that I'm going to help with. 

- As far as church, we have one, maybe two more Wednesday night meetings this year and one Ultreya get together. And we have a curriculum meeting. 

- I have my standard two Junior League meetings, of course. 

- Annie has a break from school and although I've tried to get back in the swing of things with homeschooling more, we haven't been doing our library book/craft stuff lately. I kind of doubt we'll do it much thing month, either. I may try to find a cute Christmas craft or two that's super easy. And Annie is really in love with her Advent calendar we got. I'm going to do a big post about that and our "traditions", but it's been fun. 

I think that's really it. Looking at it now, it sounds like a ton, but it feels so much more manageable than last month. I guess because no one thing is really a big deal the way the wedding and Mistletoe and Nashville were. Anyway, I'm looking forward to all December brings!

Here are last months goals: 
1. List, tweet, and blog my daily thankfuls like I did last year (I'll blog them weekly). I did this and it was a great blessing to me.
2. Honor (in my best form) my Mistletoe commitment. I think I did pretty well with this. Actually, I knocked it out of the park. Except for that beverage cart incident. We won't talk about that.
3. Do all my Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving. There's not much left, but there's some. Moving it down to this month.
4. Get mine and Peyton's Christmas jams. Didn't do it. I need to just make a Target and Old Navy run and check out my options. 
5. (If this doesn't happen, it'll be okay, which is why I'm putting it last). Complete my closet change over. Hardly any progress here at all. 

Okay so here are my new goals this month: 
1. Finish Christmas shopping- I'm terrible at this. At least I know Peyton will help. He does better for my own family than I do.  
2. Get mine and Peyton's Christmas jammies- in the next week or so
3. Complete my closet changeover- it needs to be done before January. Period. 
4. Decorate for Christmas- no, it's not done. Yes, I plan to finish it this week. 
5. Get completely caught up with our family finances before the new year. We do it online and I need to put a few hours into catching us up. 

Whew! Happy December to y'all! 

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