Friday, December 21, 2012

Deck the Halls: Christmas Decorations 2012

So, Christmas decorations. I actually didn't decorate as much as usual this year. No major changes, I just left some of the knick knacks in boxes and tried not to stress over not doing every last thing.

We also kind of had to come up with a plan regarding the tree (really all breakable/dangerous decorations). Honestly, I don't know how anyone does it with a rowdy toddler unless they barricade the thing. I'm sure there are ways, I'm just clueless. Anyway, Peyton said from the get go that we needed to not put the tree in the living room like usual. I told him I'd just put the ornaments that weren't breakable on the bottom and he was like "Um, Sweetie, I'm scared Baby Graves will pull the whole thing over on himself". Anyway, we ended up doing what Peyton has always wanted to do and put it in the sunroom! Now that we have stockings that I love and a few other decorations that are really meaningful, I felt okay with the living room not having a tree. It looks Christmasy enough. And the sunroom turned out way cuter than I realized it would!

Merry merry!

I like having areas that are funky and festive and other areas that are more serious and subtle. I love the fun colors of the mantle/fireplace!

My card tree is at the top of my list of favorite decorations!

I added this pillow this year (actually today!). It's a place mat from Target and they just had one (plus square place mats look funny on our round table), so my mom whipped it up into a pillow, which is way cuter anyway! I keep moving it around. It really looks cuter on the couch or in one of the black and white chairs, but the red matches our red chairs almost perfectly and the other colors really coordinate with the curtains! I just adore it...and it was $1.99! 

A few of the more serious areas in the living room.

I took an extremely minimal approach in the bedrooms and study. All I did was put on our Christmas sheets! I have so much love for these things, though, so it was enough!
We have trees and Annie has stockings. I also already have some for Graves's big boy bed :)

The kitchen is pretty much all just fun and whimsical. But that's kind of the theme of our kitchen year round, so it works!

Annie had so much fun helping me decorate the tree!
We got had a few new ornaments this year.

 And I enjoyed hanging some old favorites, too!

Like I said, I really ended up loving the way the sunroom turned out. We even call it "the Christmas room". Annie has loved it especially!

This is Peyton's favorite thing to do- lay on the tiny sofa in the dark with the tree lights on!

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