Thursday, December 13, 2012

Photo a Day Challenge: November

This was a fun month. I got behind a lot, because it was a busy month. But as always, I enjoyed sharing little snippets from the month. 

Day 1
"C is for car" (something beginning with 'c')

Day 2
Fall (colors) in Nashville this past weekend.

Day 3
Annie's favorite on-the-go (breakfast).

Day 4
We mainly use Apple(TV) for podcasted news. We're eighty five.

Day 5
(5 o'clock) and it's time for our big post-nap clean up. I was just talking about how neat AP is. But she did play independently (for the most part) past the two hour mark without waking up her brother. So a mess is really a small price to pay, I think.

Day 6
A (favortie thing) for these two is playing dress up. I let AP dress up in her favorite Sunday dress from last Summer because I know it'll be too small next year and she loves it so. She asks to wear her "Cinderella dress" almost every day. 

Day 7
(Reflection) All Mistletoed out...until next year.

Day 8
I don't always put on make-up- or even real clothes- but, unless I'm ill, this is (something I do everyday). 

Day 9
A (small) thing, but so sweet- our flowers by the mailbox were about to die, so my in-laws cut them while they were babysitting today so we could enjoy them inside a bit longer.

Day 10
(Can't (won't) live without my real Coke over ice.

Day 11
Went in our room to(night) and found this. "I didn't hear him wake up." "Oh, he didn't. It's just been awhile." 

Day 12
Love this (drink). 

Day 13 
(Where I slept).

Day 14
(Man-made) or rather Momma-made. 

Day 15
(In my bag)- I hardly ever carry a purse- just a diaper bag- so there's not much in it. In related news, yay for dinner sans kids!

Day 16
(The view from my window) looked a little bleak this evening. I like you, Fall. Sometimes.

Day 17
(The last thing I bought)- decorations for tomorrow's party at the kids' hospital.

Day 18
(Happened this weekend)- so much fun!

Day 19
(Something awesome)- this friendship. This guy.

Day 20

Day 21
(What I wore) that morning. The rest was equally glamorous. 

Day 22
So very (grateful).

Day 23
No (Black) Friday activity for this girl. Just dropped the kids off and about to enjoy two hours of car alone time.

Day 24
(A sound I heard)- so nice to hear now that its working again. Also: live and learn. And then get an old school top loader. Waiting on the day. 

Day 25
A hazy shade of Winter- the (sky) this afternoon.

Day 26
Taking the doors off so everyone can see (in the cupboard) is great motivation for keeping cabinets neat. 

Day 27
The only (tree)s up yet. All I'd done to decorate was to put on ours and Annie's Christmas sheets. 

Day 28
This (vehicle) is still in our living room.

Day 29
My (big) girl didn't cry at all when she got her flu shot. There was great wailing, however, when I told her she couldn't see Graves's band-aid because he had taken it off and I threw it away. This is the epitome of her personality. 

Day 30 
Peyton's decorating contribution (on the wall). There's a black fedora that's missing from the center row. It's in my car. 

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