Thursday, December 13, 2012

Weekly Happenings #193 (December 3-9)-- Exhale

Last week was really nice. After such a crazy November, I just felt like I could breath again!


I got up on Monday and got Annie and myself ready. We had forgotten to put a pull up on her before bed, so that was a big (wet) mess. I was planning to drop AP off and then go stuff Christmas card envelopes at the Center for Pregnancy Choices. We got out the door a little late, but weren't too behind getting to school. I had the best time at the CPC. There was a big homeschool family there with older kids and that was fun. I met some other sweet, friendly people, too. I got home and Peyton left for work. Graves played and ate while I picked up the house, sorted and started laundry and did dishes. We left to pick up AP. She was SO exhausted and was cranky beyond measure on the way home. She's always irritable since she's tired, but this was insane. She ate a snack and I put Graves down and vacuumed my car and unpacked her school bags. I finished picking up toys and called the pediatrician for some prescription diaper cream for Graves and then sent some emails for Circle and Sunday school. I got on Twitter and wrote a post and read a few articles. Graves woke up and we cleaned up their room and then got ready and headed to Target for diapers, diaper cream, pjs for Baby Graves, and some make-up I was out of. I got a peppermint hot chocolate and a cookie and we had a nice trip. When we got home I fixed Graves's supper and gave him a bath. I played with him and read to him a little and then put him to bed. AP stayed up with me and helped me cook and clean up the kitchen. I cooked roasted red pepper soup with pesto croutons and talked to my friend from church on the phone about Sunday school curriculum. I read to AP and put her to bed and then I read some in Anything and started working on cleaning out my closet. I got on the computer and then when Peyton got home we chatted and went to bed.

Tuesday was a fun, relaxing day. The kids slept a little late and then we all just got up and hung out in the living room. Peyton cooked breakfast and we talked and played and then he left for work. I took a bath and fed the kids lunch and put them down for naps. I ate my lunch and read a lot of blogs. When they woke up, I set up their gingerbread play house and then we cleaned up their room and went to Target again to get diapers and a few things.
Graves in dino jams and AP in something Minnie wore on her honeymoon that somehow made its way into the dress up clothes at her house!

 When we got home, they ate supper and I put Graves to bed. I did a little school stuff with Annie and then put her down. I read some more blogs and wrote a post and then Peyton got home. We visited and went to bed.

Peyton was so tired on Wednesday (he's been working so hard!) so I let him sleep late. Y'all know it's usually the opposite, but he needed it! I woke up with the kids and fed them breakfast and then started reading Called to Be Holy. I woke Peyton up so I could get ready. Annie had missed school because she had an "upset tummy" (I knew it was something she ate, but I wanted to be safe) and so she and Peyton went for a walk and Graves and I met the Howies for lunch at Mellow Mushroom. We had fun and when we got home, it was naptime. Both kids fell asleep and I got on the computer and read the rest of the chapter I started that morning. I found out Ellis had been in town the weekend before and I really had a come apart over it. It was for a funeral, but I was so upset. We talked a good bit and I felt much better. Peyton and I hung out some and then I realized that I had never gotten a babysitter for church since they don't have a regular nursery on Wednesdays in December. I called a few girls frantically and finally found one. I got the kids ready and fed them and cleaned up the kitchen while they ate and then we left. Peyton took a separate car because he thought he was going to have to stay late and he ran to the grocery store to get some desserts. I got gas and then headed to church with the kids. We had a great meeting and Darlene fixed some delicious soup. When we got home, I fed and bathed Graves and put him to bed. Peyton handled AP and then I started trying to update my phone. I worked a couple of posts and went to bed.

Thursday was SUCH a great day. We all slept late and then I spent an hour on the phone talking with El on topics of life and love. My dad came over and helped Peyton get some Christmas stuff down from the attic and we started decorating.

I took a quick bath and we fed the kids lunch and put them down for naps.
[Peyton put his "milkshake"- it was actually just strstrawberries and milk- in a bottle since we didn't have any clean sippies!]

 I got on Twitter for a few minutes, decorated some more and then started making pasta salad and chicken salad for Circle that night. The kids woke up and I cleaned up the kitchen and loaded up my car. Graves and I left and Peyton and AP went out to eat with a pharmacy friend. I set of the alarm at the church and then had to put Graves in the sling to haul all my stuff in (Peyton was like "Just tell him to follow you"...uh, no). Anyway, we got set up and everyone got there. We snacked, visited, had a brief meeting and then cleaned the parlor kitchen since it was our month to do it (the ladies circles at our church alternate doing it).
I wore my grubby clothes since we were cleaning. Too bad it's December and I was in shorts!

 I got home and we bathed the kids and got them to bed and then Peyton and I talked for awhile and went to bed.

On Friday morning we got up and got ready because Peyton and I were both taking Annie to the ballet. My mom came and picked up Graves and we left to go see The Nutcraker. Annie loved it! Peyton had to leave for work and so Annie and I picked up Bud and came home. I put him right to bed and fed AP lunch. I straightened the house, put up some of Peyton's laundry, sorted and started laundry, and did dishes. I put Annie down and ate my lunch and then got on the computer. I took a short nap myself and when the kids got up I folded and put up a load of laundry and then we went over to my parents' house for beans and rice. We had fun and I put both the kids right in bed when we got home. I started hunting for the disc with our wedding pictures on it and couldn't find it anywhere. I got on the computer until Peyton got home and then we visited and went to bed.

Peyton had to work on Saturday, but the kids slept late and that was nice. We got up and all had breakfast and then I started laundry and dishes. I gave both kids baths and took my bath and we played some and then it was time for lunch. I put them down for naps and ate lunch and rested a little myself. When they got up, I folded and put up laundry and we cleaned up their room. We read some and they ate dinner and I put Graves to bed. Annie and I did some school work and then she helped me start decorating the Christmas tree. I put her to bed and worked on a few things and then I got on the computer. Peyton got home late because he had gone to a work party and we talked and finished up the tree and then went to bed.

We had planned to get up and go to early church on Sunday, but we were all really tired, so the kids and I just ended up going to Sunday school and late church. It worked out better anyway, because Annie was singing with the Angel Choir again during the second service. I skipped Sunday school so I could sort Angel Tree gifts and make sure things got put in piles to go to the right children's homes. Annie's Sunday School teacher took the class to the sanctuary and I sat somewhere else.  This kind of thing reminds me how grown she's getting- but I kept it together :) Thankfully, she did too, this time. Although come down off the stage in the middle of the thing and announce she had to tee-tee. She had had a couple of accidents the day before and Peyton thought she might have a UTI, so she had a diaper on anyway. Whatever, I'm glad she didn't use it.

 Anyway, after church we came home and the kids ate lunch while I straightened, sorted laundry and unloaded and loaded dishes. I put them down for naps and took a nap myself and then ate my lunch and got on Twitter. I uploaded some pictures to Facebook and the kids got up. I folded laundry and talked to Peyton and we decided we wanted to do something fun that night. Our friends, the Harkins, are SO last minute, so I called Haley. They had no plans, so we decided they'd come over for pizza.
[practicing ballet]

Peyton got home and then left to go get the pizza while I tried to tidy the house. There wasn't even time for the "company clean up". I just had to pick up junk and get myself dressed. The Harkins got here and Peyton got back, but he realized he had the wrong order, so he and Patrick went back. We had so much fun catching up and watching Annie and Hank play.

After they left, I put Graves to bed and Peyton gave Annie a bath. We had our weekly meeting and cleaned up the house. Peyton went to bed and I stayed up too late doing stuff on the computer.

This week has been more full, but not too bad. I'm excited we're so close to Christmas!

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