Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Weekly Happenings Post #192 (November 26-December 2)-- Welcome, December!!!

Last week was SO nice. If all of December happened to be that way, I'd be a happy girl. It just felt like we had juuuuust the right of activity- so not boring, but not overwhelming.

I got up at eight on Monday and got AP ready and packed her lunch and Peyton took her to school. I crawled back in bed until Graves woke up. We had breakfast and then Peyton got home and I got back in bed again for about half an hour. I got up and we visited some and then he took Graves to run a few errands. I took a bath and responded to a couple of emails. Peyton and I talked for a few minutes when he got home and then he had to leave for work. I made a grocery list and unloaded and reloaded dishes while Graves ate lunch. I loaded him up and we ran to Kroger (we cut it close!) and then picked up AP. When we got home, she threw a big fit and had to go to time out and I put Graves right down. During nap time, I made and ate a grilled cheese, made some phone calls and sent some more emails and checked Twitter. A repair guy called to say he was on his way to look at our washing machine and I laid down for a few minutes. I started coughing really bad and ended up throwing up...really bad. It was pretty awful, but I figured it was just my sinus infection. [It was.]

The repair guy came and I got Graves up. He was already super hungry, so I fed him supper and then straightened the house and did the trash and recycling. I cleaned Graves's ears and folded laundry and then got him ready for bed. AP and I did school stuff and then I let her help me bake cookies from scratch. I put her to bed and got on the computer until Peyton got home.

Peyton worked Tuesday morning and I got up with the kids, fed them breakfast and got my bath. AP had a leaky diaper, so I changed some sheets and folded laundry. I did dishes and then put fresh Christmas sheets on Annie's bed. We played and then I put the kids down for early naps. I ate, rested and got on Twitter. AP and I were going to see a little play that afternoon, so I got her dressed and got ready myself and then I woke up Graves. I dropped him off at Batte with my mom and we went to the play. It was based on Lily's Purple Plastic Purse and was SO cute.
Annie with the cast :)

After the play, we visited with my mom when we went to pick up Bud and then I dropped by home to pick up the car seats that go in Peyton's car. We met at church because I was going to a cookie exchange that night. He took the kids home and I had fun at the party. I went by the grocery store on the way home and even though it was late, I cooked some chilli. I go ton the computer and went to bed.

I got up on Wednesday and got Annie ready for school and packed her lunch while Graves ate breakfast. I sent her off with Peyton and then took a bath. I started laundry and dishes and read Called to Be Holy and then it was time to get ready to leave for lunch at Broadstreet with Carrie, Alaina and Jude. It had been FOREVER since we had gotten together, let alone gone to lunch, so it was really nice to catch up. However, the water was off at Broadstreet (they had some construction going on) and so there was a weird drink situation (no tea for Carrie and a canned Pepsi for me?) and the bathrooms were out of order. So weird. We picked up AP from school and then came home for naps. I put some pictures on Facebook, started a blog post, and checked Twitter and then I got stuff together to go to church. Our church takes a break on Wednesdays in December, but our group decided to keep going so we were doing potluck in the parlor. I brought chili and one friend brought chips and drinks and another dessert. We had a great time and when we got home, we let the kids each eat a leftover cupcake and then put Graves down.

AP wanted a bath, but she was awful about it and disobeyed Peyton and so he ended up just washing her hair in the sink, since she insisted it was dirty. We put her to bed and he watched a movie and I played on the computer and then went to bed.

We all got up around 8:00 on Thursday. Peyton needed to take the recycling, so I fed the kids breakfast. He got home and we snuggled and played with them and he cleaned up some "piles" around the house and then I took a bath. He got ready for work and left and I fed the kids lunch and they both colored some.

I put up dishes and we listened to music and then I tried to take a good picture of Graves for my header (on my phone- I wanted to do Instagrams this month).

I put the kids down and sent an email for Peyton and an angel tree email and then got on Twitter. I ate lunch and got ready and when they kids woke them up, I got them dressed and ready and we headed to the doctor's office for flu shots. Annie did SO good and didn't even cry at all and Graves didn't cry much. They were running behind, though, so we got out late. I ended up meeting the babysitter in our driveway because I was going to a CPC volunteer training that night. I got off the phone with Haley (she had called while we were in the car) and helped Claire (the babysitter) get supper (steamed veggies and sandwiches) out and then I redid my make-up and left.

The training was great- the director really emphasized that this isn't just about saving babies, it's about the women and helping them find restoration and healing and of course, Christ. It was really, really good but kind of long. I got home around nine and after Claire left, Annie and I did some school work. Yes, at nine. She had taken a car nap so I knew she wouldn't be asleep until eleven or so anyway. She colored and ate a snack and I put her to bed and she didn't really get out much. I got on the computer and when Peyton got home we visited and he fixed some burritos for dinner. We were about to go to bed (it was close to one) and Graves woke up. Peyton brought him out to the couch and then put him in our bed- I think he had just missed him. Well, then Annie woke up. She got in our bed and really she didn't bother me, but Graves would not get still. I kept trying to sleep, but finally around three I told Peyton he had to put him back in bed. I don't know why I didn't just take him- too tired, or too lazy, or too cold? Anyway, I slept better after that.

I was planning on going to a sample sale to get some clothes for the kids on Friday morning and it started at 7:00. Well, I didn't make it that early. I got there around nine thirty, shopped for half an hour and came home with my purchases. Peyton had the kids trying to take the glass recycling, but when they got home, we visited and then he left for work. I fed the kids lunch and cleaned up the kitchen (and house) and then put them down for naps. They both fell asleep and I ate lunch and then got on Twitter. I worked on a blog post and it took a lot longer than I thought it would. I cleaned up some in our room and started folding laundry and then AP woke up.

 Graves woke up, too, but he didn't even want to hold his head up when I picked him up, so I put him back down. I folded more laundry and AP watched a little Dora and then we headed over to Mickey and Minnie's. We had some delicious beans and it was fun to spend time over there, as usual. Mickey was a little late getting the beans started and so we headed home late, but it was so much fun. I put both the kids to be and started browsing Christmas cards for a bit (ha!) until Peyton got home. We talked and went to bed.
Even though we're not Santa folks, I had to get a picture of him in the vintage Santa sweatshirt Cookie and I wore. 

AP was in the vintage cheerleader uniform we wore. 

This is why Mickey calls him the "Budinator". 

The kids slept late (nineish) on Saturday and then we got up and got ready to go over to my parents' house again. We all wore our pjs and attempted some Christmas card pictures- but I didn't get any I really liked.

We dropped Peyton off at home because he had to interview someone that afternoon and we met my parents at my dad's office where he picked up his company truck and headed to the Christmas tree farm. Some of our friends from church own it and it's always fun to go, but it's pretty far out in the country and it was just tiring with two little kids. Plus, I *hate* following people. My dad is a really cautious (slow) driver, so it wasn't too bad, but it's still frustrating to me. Mickey dropped our tree off and I put the kids down for naps- my mom had ridden with me both ways and worked super hard keeping Bud awake both ways.

Anyway, I started doing dishes and trying to straighten the house. Annie woke up Graves and I got so frustrated. The house was just a wreck, the trip had been stressful, and I was tired. Anyway, he ended up going back to sleep and she played more quietly. I talked to Morgan on the phone and worked on Christmas cards and then I let Annie get up. I ended up waking Graves up at 5:30. We had a slow night- I fed them supper and we all played and read and I put up and folded and put up more laundry. I went through some pjs for the kids that I had for them (specifically Graves) for when he got bigger. Well, he's there!
Christmas jammies- Annie was thrilled about her first nightgown! 

sister-brother tickles

brother-sister tickles

I put him to bed and then Annie and I did a tiny bit of school stuff and I let her watch a little show again. I put her to bed and worked on Christmas cards. Peyton had gone to a church thing after hanging out with his brother after the interview. He went to Kroger on the way home and got home late. I unloaded groceries and we got some things down from the attic to start decorating. And then I made (and ate) a chicken pot pie. It was around eleven.


I worked on my blog header and we went to bed super late.

We both got up early on Sunday because Peyton was supposed to have banners made for something at church. The guy that usually takes care of them couldn't and we kind of got in a bind. We ended up coming up with another idea, but he had to go to Walmart. I took my bath but then got back in the bed since the kids were still in bed. We had planned to go to early church, but I was so tired, so we went to Sunday school and the late service. We actually didn't make it to Sunday school because we needed to work on "banners" for an event. Annie stayed with us the whole time during the service because it was communion, so there was no children's church. She did pretty well, but we let her sit on the floor beneath the pew some. We both decided she's getting a little too old for that, but otherwise she did great!
Seriously love our kids curriculum and the culturally/racially accurate Baby Jesus.

We came home and I took AP's monthly picture and we fed the kids lunch and then took some more for the card. 

 I put Graves down for a nap and worked on the cards while AP and Peyton watched a movie. He had to leave for a meeting and they had moved to the sunroom, so she and I just relaxed in there.

 She ended up crawling out the window. I was SO proud of myself because she had on no shoes (and hardly any clothes) and the teeter todder she was playing on was so dirty, but I just let her have fun. That kind of thing can be hard for me. I read some in Anything and then got myself ready for church. Annie was singing with the Angel Choir for the first time, so I got her dressed. Graves woke up and I fed him dinner and her a snack and we got ready to go.

She fell asleep in the car and teared up a bit when I left her with the rest of the kids on the front row. Her Sunday school teacher was there and they practice weekly during Sunday school, so I thought she'd be fine. I went to look for Peyton and when we came back in things were getting quiet...except for a wailing child. Annie. I felt like the worst mom EVER. We got her, talked to her, and ended up both sitting with the angel choir. She really shocked me and went up to sing even though we told her she didn't have to. I guess she was just overwhelmed by the big crowd and everything (and us not being there) at first.  Sadly, Peyton didn't get any pictures. I apologized to Mrs. Lamb (her teacher) after it was over and we came home and gave Baby Graves a bath and put him to bed. We bathed AP and I cooked fish. She ate with us and went to bed late. Peyton and I visited and then I worked on the cards and he looked for Christmas gifts for our families.

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