Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Weekly Happenings Post #194 (December 10-16)-- Catch Up

Last week was kind of busy, but good. We had more activities going on that the past two weeks, but it was still a manageable amount. It was also nice to get caught up on a few things: I finally finished decorating and got my Christmas cards ready to send. I did some stuff I typically do the first of the month and I caught up on laundry. It was good to have those little accomplishments! I also took a few naps and caught up on my sleep. I feel like I'm finally COMPLETELY over the Winter cold I've had for like two months!

One other thing is that I have to say I'm proud of myself. I've really made myself do a few things out of my comfort zone with Graves- I got ready for Circle last week by putting him in the sling, I took them in a store in the double stroller this week, AND I took him on a field trip for Annie and to her class Christmas party. I'm sure to some people none of that is a big deal, but he's BUSYBUSYBUSY (like most little boys his age!) and for me it felt kind of ambitious. I was pleased with how well he did, overall, and it gave me more confidence to do it more! 

I woke up twenty minutes later than I meant to on Monday. Peyton was already at work and I was taking Annie to school so I hoped in the tub and got myself ready and then got the kids up and dressed and fed and packed AP's lunch. We were out the door only five minutes behind schedule. We dropped Annie off at school and then Graves and I went by the post office. I called Carrie to ask her about teacher gifts and we ended up talking a bit. We ran in Kroger for literally one thing and then we went to Chick Fil A for a peppermint milkshake. It was the first time I've ever gone to a estuarine with one of the kids by myself. Ha! Anyway, the server was so nice and brought Graves his own tiny bowl of ice cream with my shake. I made sure to find the manager and tell him.

We came home and I picked up the house some because I kind of tore through it that morning. I played with Graves on the floor some and then we left because I needed a few things at Hobby Lobby. I got some fabric and yarn for a couple of projects and then we left to get Annie. We had to run back by Hob Lob on the way home because I forgot something. I was really tempted to just get it later, but it had been such a productive errand day. We came home and had snacks and then I put them down for naps. I ate a little something and got on the computer . I ended up having to wake them up to go up to the church for a meeting. We were having the curriculum meeting for our Sunday school class and we just met in the nursery so the kids could play. Peyton met me there and I sorted more Angel Tree gifts before the meeting. We covered a lot, but it was long and afterwards, I had to do the pew pads and pencils (make sure they were stocked/sharp). We got home late and put the kids down and then I finished decorating for Christmas and went to bed.

Tuesday was a sort of weird day. We had planned to go see Granny right after my Junior League meeting at 9:30 that morning.
We had "home meetings" this month at area homes and businesses and mine was at Prep. Just looking at this hallway brought back so many memories. I didn't tear up, though, since I knew we'd be having dinner with El that night.

Well, Peyton didn't call her until the last minute and she had a doctor's appointment. Peyton had the whole day off, though, and we had already planned to meet Ellis and Minda for dinner since they live about half an hour from Granny's. We ended up spending the morning cleaning up the house and doing laundry and I addressed the cards our circle had signed to send to the shut ins at our church. We ate lunch and then got on the road. Both the kids napped most of the time and we made it to Hattiesburg around four thirty.
Yummy trip treats!

We drove around some and then met El and Minda for dinner. It was great to see them and catch up. We headed to Granny's after that and stayed from about six thirty until nine and then got on the road. We got home at eleven and I typed up our Christmas letter and went to bed late.

I got up and got AP ready and Peyton took her to school on Wednesday. I went back to sleep and Graves slept until almost ten! We got up and I took a bath. I hate putting him in the Pack N Play right after he gets up because he gets so mad since he's been in his crib all night, but I knew it'd be most efficient for me to get my bath and get ready first. I hurried and then we had breakfast and I baked some Slice N Bake cookies.
What a non-coffee drinker does when she can't get going in the morning! 

 I gave Graves a bath and got him ready and we left for Annie's Christmas party at school that I was helping with. It was fun, but a little crazy and keeping up with Graves was a bit of a challenge.

Anyway, we got home and had snacks and then I put them down for naps. Graves had a hard time falling asleep, probably because he slept so late. I worked on the Christmas letter and a blog post and made chicken spaghetti for that night. We had to wake Graves up for church. This was our last meeting until January and Daniel, our associate pastor, came to discuss the book we were reading with us. It was a good wrap up! We went over to Peyton's parents' house after church because it had been SO long and we got home really late.

We put the kids to bed and went to bed ourselves.

We got up on Thursday and got a slow start. We ran to Office Depot to pick up my Christmas letters that I had uploaded and had printed. Well, they changed the font somehow. Peyton had to go to work, so we didn't have time to wait. We came home and I fed the kids lunch and while they were eating I started laundry and did dishes and straightened like crazy. After I put them down, I got on Twitter and started a blog post and then took a little nap myself. When we all got up, we went back to Office Depot. I got out the double stroller and we were doing fine until the end.
[Not what it means by "Sit 'N Stand", Dude.]

AP started throwing a fit over a ball we left at home and ended up having a tee tee accident in her carseat. UGH. I know she's not being defiant, she just gets that worked up. But still. We came home and I fixed the kids supper and I unloaded dishes and started cleaning up the seat. The kids played some and I changed Graves's sheets in his crib and changed over laundry.
Sufjan calms my anxious heart. 

 I read to Graves and put him to bed and then Annie took a bath and I folded and put up a big load of laundry. I got on the computer until Peyton got home and then I put up more laundry and we chatted. I read some and went to sleep.

Annie had a field trip on Friday that was a service project. We went to a nursing home and sang carols and visited. I got up and put the car seat cover that I had washed back on and then snoozed for thirty more minutes. I took my bath before the kids got up and was drying my hair when Graves started fussing. I got him up and vacuumed the car and put Annie's seat back in while he ate. I finished getting us all ready and we left a little late. We had a good time visiting with the people there and listening to the other kids sing (since we got there late I didn't try to get AP to sing, but when I asked her when they sang later she didn't want to anyway). Carrie was there with Aubrey and Jude and we decided to all go to lunch at Beagle Bagel.
Tried to get a picture of the girls by the tree. Guess not.

Slightly better photo opt ;) 

We had a good time but on the way out AP threw another big fit. I was a little modified. Anyway, we got home and I put them kids down for naps (after some time in time out for Annie) and I wrote a post and got on Twitter. There had been a school shooting and it made me so sad. I started addressing Christmas cards and then the kids got up. I did a few more while they ate a snack and then they played while I changed over laundry and picked up some around the house. I folded all my Christmas letters and then Peyton got home and we went over to my parents' house. We had a nice time and it was fun to have Peyton there! When we got home, I unpacked our bags (my mom sent some stuff home with me) and put up groceries (we had stopped by Kroger) and then I got on the computer for a bit. I addressed most of the rest of the cards and went to bed late.

Peyton was working on Saturday, but he had to go to a practice for the Christmas Cantata at church (he had a speaking part). The kids slept late and when we woke up, I immediately started stuffing Christmas card envelopes while they ate breakfast. Peyton got home and I took a quick bath and got ready to go meet my friend Mallory for lunch at Chick Fil A. Peyton took the kids to the park and I left for lunch. Mallory and I had a great time visiting and after lunch I ran in Victoria's Secret and The Children's Place. I also picked up an ornament for an ornament swap at Pier 1. I came home and straightened the house and worked on cards some more and then got on the computer and took a nap. We had two Christmas parties to go to that night, so I got ready and we got the kids ready and left a little late. We were dropping the kids off at the church nursery for our Sunday school party and when we got there we realized there were a ton of kids with one adult and one teenager. Especially since Graves and one other young toddler were there, we felt like we should stay. We both ended up staying awhile and then Peyton went to the Sunday school party. We just skipped the second party, but it was fine. I had fun playing with the kids and I was glad to be able to help. After we cleaned up the nursery, we left. Peyton told me about the party and we stopped at Target for several things (a couple of Christmas presents, holiday candy, and Christmas pjs). We got home super late and put Graves to bed (he was about three hours past his bedtime). Peyton read to Annie and she ate some more supper and we put her to bed, too. I got on the computer and   Peyton and I chatted and went to bed.

We woke up late for Sunday school on Sunday but managed to be out the door pretty much on time- espesially impressive since we bathed both kids! We've combined with another class for December and they are kind of reading/acting out the Christmas story. This was the first time Peyton and I got to go (we had Ultreya and Circle responsibilities the first two weeks). It was interesting! I had Children's Church during the late service and then we came home and all ate lunch. I made some pasta salad for Peyton to take to church that afternoon and then put Graves down for a nap and read a bunch of blogs.  Peyton took AP back to the church for a reception honoring our associate pastor who just graduated from seminary. I started stamping Christmas cards and watched an early Christmas present from Peyton:

Graves woke up and I fed him and we got ready for the Cantata. It was beautiful and Peyton did SO well. He and AP went to the grocery store on the way home. I played with Graves and then put him to bed. When Peyton and Annie got home, I started cooking fish. We had a late supper and put her to bed. I cleaned up the kitchen and got on the computer and then went to bed after finishing the last of the Christmas cards.

This week is going well so far. It's kind of full at the beginning (with fun things!), but the second half is nice and slow!

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