Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Weekly Happenings Post #195 (December 17-23)-- A Trip, A Party, and A Sister Visit

Last week was long, but in a good way. We had so many fun things going on. I'm a little tired and on edge, but the week was great!

Monday was pretty low-key. The kids slept kind of late and I woke up a little after nine. We had breakfast and Peyton and I talked and then I got a bath and ran to Target for a few groceries and a gift. Peyton left for work and the kids played while I folded laundry.

They had lunch and I put them down for naps and got on Twitter and worked on last week's Weekly Happenings Post. I ate a snack, watched Lost, and folded laundry. My mom got here and picked up the kids just as they were waking up because I had a Junior League meeting. I finished getting ready and left.

 It was one of my favorites so far- Maggie Wade spoke and it was really powerful. I ate supper with my parents and took the kids home and put them to bed. I got on the computer when Peyton got home and then we hauled all the boxes the Christmas decorations were in up to the attic.

Tuesday was a fun, buy busy day! The kids slept late, so of course I did, too ;) Poor Peyton was up and out the door at six thirty for a super long shift. Anyway, when we got up, the kiddos ate breakfast and I wrapped an ornament for the ornament exchange I was going to at lunch. I looked through the new Christmas cards and did dishes and got the kids and myself dressed and ready. Our sweet babysitter, Claire, got to our house and I left for the ornament swap. It was with the Mother's Day Out ladies I worked with the past few years, and they were sweet enough to still include me! It was so much fun and did my soul good! I got home and played with the kids some and we picked up toys and then I made creamy ranch roll-ups and put them down for naps. It was a really late nap for Graves and I ended up having to wake him up. I got on Twitter and worked on a post and then got ready for another party! Sweet Claire came back to help me out since Peyton was working such a long shift and I feel like we've kind of overburdened our parents lately. This one was for our Circle and it was so much fun, too, once I finally got there. I got BAD lost (multiple times) on the way and it was so stressful (I know I was making the cars behind me so mad). Anyway, when I got home, Graves was asleep.  I think he had a hard time, though. I got Annie ready for bed and then I got on the computer until Peyton got home.

Claire braided AP's hair and I had to take a picture I thought it was so pretty. I've got to practice French braiding!

We chatted and went to bed late.

We all slept late again on Wednesday. I'm loving that! Anyway, we got up and got ready and left to run a bunch of errands around lunch. We picked up the tree that had the angels on it from church and got Abners for lunch and then I stopped by a store that I had credit at to get some Toms. We came home to pick up a few things and then dropped a Christmas outfit that was too little for Graves off at a friend's office. We went to the bread store and Walmart and then dropped some cans off with a friend who collects them for a ministry we support. We made a final stop at Target and headed home. By that time, the kids were ready for supper so they ate and played. I cleaned up the kitchen, started laundry, and then cleaned the bathrooms while they played with Peyton. We put Graves to bed and I ate some supper myself and then I worked with AP on school stuff and put her to bed. I mopped the kitchen floor and then got on the computer.

I slept late on Thursday morning and when I got up I took my bath and vacuumed. Peyton left for work and Annie and I did some school stuff. I wanted to see how she did during the morning with Graves around since it's been a while. She did fine and it was nice not to have it hanging over our heads that night, but I still think evenings have their merits (namely, the lack of a wild brother running around taunting you with stuff you could be playing with while your mom tries to get you to focus). Anyway, I fixed the kids lunch and then Annie and I read and did her Advent stuff after I put Graves down. I took some pictures of our Christmas decorations and had lunch and got on the computer. When the kids woke up we ran to Kroger and then I cooked Peyton's favorite supper while they ate and played. I read and played with them some and put Graves to bed. Annie and I read some more and I got her to bed relatively early. I got on the computer until Peyton got home.

We got up on Friday and got ready and ran to Target to print some photos for gifts. Peyton was having lunch with a pharmacy friend, so the kids and I came home. I straightened and they watched a movie and played with blocks.

 Graves was all out of sorts (he had been all morning) and I felt terrible for him (I know he looks terrible in that picture). I fixed their lunches and then put them down for naps. I ate lunch, folded some towels and got on Twitter and wrote a post. Graves took a super short nap, but I insisted he stay in his crib the regular amount :) When they got up, we cleaned up and then headed over to my parents' house.

We had a great visit and a great supper, of course! I put them both to bed when we got home and read blogs until Peyton got home. We set up the kids' Christmas gifts from us for the next morning.

Oh, except that Peyton went in and snuggled with AP and it woke her up (it never does). So she was eating Oreos in our bed at two in the morning. Because Christmas! Fun! Merry! (says her Papa).

Saturday was a fun day! Peyton and I both went ahead and got baths and then my mom and dad and Cookie (she got in late Friday night) arrived while the kids were getting up. [Actually, we had to distract AP with Dora for a bit while I finished getting ready.] We tried to keep it minimal and they loved what they got. I'm going to do another post, but it was so perfect!

We all got dressed and I cleaned up the house. I did dishes and got myself and the kids packed and put up the Christmas loot in less than two hours. We had to make the time count because we needed to get on the road. We were going to one of Peyton's high school/college friends' announcement parties in Florence, Alabama. We got on the road and we actually made really good time. The kids did really good until the very end. We ran in the hotel and got all four of us ready in about twenty minutes and headed to the party. We had fun, but as I expected, Graves was busy, busy, busy. I just had to stay on top of him the whole time to make sure he didn't break anything or hurt himself. I think Peyton had a great time catching up with Katie, though, and it was important to both of us to be there for her. We both remembered taking Annie to the Chicago marathon to see Katie when she was almost exactly Graves's age and just how different that was ;) We got back to the hotel late and kind of expected the kids to just zonk out...well, at least Graves. We tried putting him in the bathroom and turning off all the lights, but we ended up all still being up close to midnight. We finally got the room completely dark and put both kids in our bed and they went on to sleep. I felt kind of selfish and stupid for not just trying that earlier.

We had planned to go to church with Peyton's aunt and her family on Sunday since they live in Florence, but after that night we didn't make it.
This is how you feed a messy boy without a highchair. Peyton is creative :)

Close up. When I say he's a mess, I mean the most beautiful sort. I love him so much it hurts. 

We ended up meeting Katie and her family for lunch and then stopping at Target and Walgreens for a few things and getting on the road.

Impulse buy from the clearance section at Target. Felt acorns and pinecones on the left and right, respectively. 

We drove pretty much straight and the kids did really well again. They're good travelers! I'm so glad because Peyton nearly looses it listening to Graves scream for like twenty minutes. Anyway, we actually went straight to my parents' house because we all wanted to see Cookie.

My mom had made brisket and we loved that, of course! Along with the Santy cake...

We got home pretty late and put the kids to bed. I started a new book and stayed up late reading it then Peyton and I chatted and went to bed.

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Katie Smith said...

It was SO wonderful to see y'all last weekend! I'm so glad you got to come for the party and glad it turned out to be a fun trip :) we were really happy to have all of you there!