Friday, December 28, 2012

What I'm Into: December

Here's what I'm into this month....

On the Nightstand:
I did more reading this month, but still not as much as I had hoped to. I did finish Called to Be Holy and I'm working on finishing up 7 and Anything.

7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess by Jen Hatmaker
Being honest: I didn't open it. I knew I wouldn't have time for the "challenge", so I intentionally put it off until January. I have a friend that is starting it next month and I'm so excited about those conversations!

Called to be Holy by John Oswalt
This one is done. A finished book- woot woot! If Peyton doesn't write a post about it (which I hope he will), I'm going to. It was really powerful and honestly, very transforming in how we view holiness, man, and sin.

Anything: The Prayer That Unlocked My God and My Heart by Jennie Allen
I'm dragging it out. I know.

I've also started a couple of new books:

Reflections for Ragamuffins: Daily Devotions by Brennan Manning
I picked up this devotion book at a used bookstore in Nashville on our last trip. I really love it. It's just very authentic and beautifully written.

The Rest of Life: Rest, Play, Eating, Studying, Sex from a Kingdom Perspective by Ben Witherington
Peyton and I just started this one. Ben Witherington is one of his recent favorite authors and this book interested me a lot so we decided to read it together.

He Will Laugh by Douglas Ray
This is a book of poetry written by one of my former classmates at Prep. To be frank, it's very much outside my comfort zone. However, I'm fascinated with him and the accomplishments he's already made at such a young age, namely having a published book. For some reason, I just couldn't not read it. I found the first half hauntingly beautiful, but I haven't liked the last little bit I've read as much. I'll share more when I finish it.

On the Shelf:
These have been the same for the past three months. I addition to those listed above, I'm committing to picking these back up.

The Well-Trained Mind: A Guide to Classical Education at Home by Susan Wise Bauer
This is a long, long book, but it's fascinating and I'm determined to make some headway.

Photoshop Elements 10: The Missing Manuel
I've so enjoyed Elements, but my knowledge is so limited and I feel like I need to dive back into this.

At the Theater (or from the couch):
Again, not much. Peyton bought me some amazing Springsteen concert dvds for Christmas, though, so I've started watching some of that footage.

On the Small Screen:
A little Lost here and there and the Nightly News. And that's it.

In My Ears:
Mostly my December Playlist. I wanted to make the most of the seasonal stuff. 

Around the House:
I shared my Christmas decorations, but I wanted to share one picture again. 

I looked at this picture after I uploaded it and I had to call Peyton in to come see it. Honestly, I was just so, so happy and content with my house. It looked beautiful to me. I hope that doesn't sound arrogant. But if you know our story you know we're living in a small-ish house well below our means and trying to pay it off as soon as possible. We've also tried to take our time (read: Peyton has insisted we take our time) making improvements and purchases for the house. At points, I've had a difficult time finding contentment (and I know that sounds very selfish and very spoiled and VERY "first world" of me...because it is).

In the Kitchen: 
I only made one soup this month. Things were hectic and crazy and I actually made stuff to take to things more than anything. I also made Peyton his FAVORITE casserole (which I strongly dislike). 
This is the soup I made. It's this roasted red pepper soup and it's SO good. It's really pretty simple, too. I always get tomato basil soups at restaurants, but I've yet to make one I love. This is a good alternative. Here's the recipe. [I top it off with a bunch of mozzarella.]

We've also been enjoying a lot of junk.
[white chocolate covered peanut butter and Ritz cracker sandwiches and peppermint pretzels]  

In My Closet:
Well, I shared about half a week's worth of outfits here. The one "staple" I've enjoyed is my new red skinnies. They're my first pair of skinny jeans and I've paired them with several different tops for holiday functions. They're comfy and easy and still look slightly dressy! I was kind of self-conscious about this top, but I ended up loving it. I'm always drawn to a bold print!
In My Mailbox:
 WHAT ELSE? Love. Love. Love. 

In My Cart:
I mentioned this in another post, but I was so excited to find some fun stuff on clearance at Target. I also got a fun picture frame. 
On My Heart:
Of course, Sandy Hook. Honestly, it took me a few days before it really sunk in. Like I was sad, but I didn't feel like I was grieving the way the rest of the country was. And then one night, before the prayer at a Junior League meeting, someone mentioned it and I just got so upset. It's hard to live in this world, sometimes. 

In My Prayers:
- The families of the victims of this horrible crime.
- A friend who has a baby struggling to gain weight- a situation close to my heart. 
- Some dear friends from church who are in the process of moving to another state
- A more intentional 2013.    

On the Calendar:  
January looks blissfully empty so far and I'm so very thankful.  

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