Thursday, December 6, 2012

You Call It a Great Day

- when everyone sleeps until nine and you wake up well rested and you remember that your husband has the day off and very few, if any, external obligations

...and you spend an hour on a phone visit with one of your closest friends exchanging ideas on marriage, and faith, and sex, and friendship, and children, and the sacredness of words

...and you start getting Christmas boxes out of the attic and put up the tree

...and you decide to make your sunroom a Christmas room

...and your husband makes you a strawberry milkshake for lunch and he gives the kids some, too, and he puts the nineteen month old's in a baby bottle because there aren't any sippy cups clean

...and you just have to laugh...because isn't that the best part of life, anyway?

...and you do more decorating and somehow it gets about half finished

...and when an afternoon alarm goes off you stop what you're doing and you beseech the Lord on behalf of a friend who deeply desires what you've known to be one of the greatest blessings in your own young life

...and you cook for friends

...and out of sheer necessity you put that nineteen month old boy babe in a ring sling and he actually doesn't fuss and instantly you remember those first months of getting to know him and learning his ways and the lights are blurry and the world is misty for a few minutes

...and you meet those friends you cooked for at church to work together and clean up the parlor kitchen since it's your turn in the rotation and you feel good knowing you served your little community in a tiny way

...and your three year old finds a shepherd with a staff behind Advent door number six and moves the wiseman so he's sort of on top of the camel and she half sings half chants her catechism and your put her in footie pajamas with little peas in a pod on them because there's only so much more time for those

....and you read other people's stories for just a little bit and you stop on one because you know that momma's struggle all to well and you ask the Lord to help her feel his grace, because parenting is hard with it and damn near impossible without

...and you spend the rest of the evening talking with the person you pledged your whole life to instead of your (albeit, important) "pocket friends"

...and you read a page from your new favorite devotional, one that speaks so beautifully of brokenness and grace 

...and you thank Him for all of it-

You call it a great day. Maybe even a favorite day.

Or I do, anyway.


Kodi said...

Great post SD.

Kristal said...

<3 perfect day, perfect post

Mallory Pickering said...

Fave part was about Peyton. Nice to just talk for hours.

The Niemeyer Nest said...

SD, you made me teary! I am having a rough morning but you made it better.

amanda said...

I love this.

And, I may be guilty of putting my tinies in pjs that are just a bit too small because I'm not yet ready to let go.