Friday, January 18, 2013

Five Minute Friday Prompt: Cherished

- He laughs at my jokes,  tells me that a crazy ambition is worth pursuing,  says that I look pretty when I feel so, so very not.

- She grins so big and says "YOU make the best sandwiches", clings to me when I tell her I need something from the other room, climbs in my lap to snuggle close even though she's a very grown up little girl.

- He says "Momma" first thing when he wakes up and it's his last word before he goes to sleep, runs stumbling in his little boy way across the room to where I am, lets his body go limp in my arms when all is dark in his room and I'm finally rocking him to sleep.

- HE leaves the ninety nine to look for me, casts my many trangressions into great deep waters, gives his body and blood for me.

And I know I'm cherished.


Kayse Pratt said...

I loved all of those word pictures. Especially the leaving the 99. It's hard to imagine a love that great. :) Thank you!! Visiting from FMF. :)

Kayse Pratt said...

Loved those word pictures, especially leaving the 99 for the 1. It's hard to grasp a love that big. Thank you for that! Visiting from FMF. :)

WICK said...

Definitely neat to put how we are cherished by God next to the complete "cherished" we so often receive from our children.

Kelly JS said...

Found you just before me over at Lisa Jo's. Beautiful!! I feel like I'm experiencing these with you.

Amy said...

your five minute posts are some of my favorite ones, SD! you have such a gift with words.

Denise said...

Very inspiring, bless you.