Saturday, January 19, 2013

Flashback Friday: Annie Goes to the Tree Farm {December 1, 2012}

So, I was putting pictures on Facebook and realized these from the Christmas tree farm never made it to the blog. I think I just thought it seemed like a large set to include in a Weekly Happenings Post. Um, it's four pictures. Not sure what was going on with that. I realize that six weeks ago really doesn't constitute much of a flashback (although, like everything since having kids, it feels like both an eternity and a millisecond ago). But it also felt weird to just share a rando blog post with four pictures from the beginning of Christmas as it is now mid January.

Anyway, Bud was with us, but Bud is busy. Too busy for my lame phone camera to catch anything more than a Road Runner-esque blur of the sweet boy. So no pictures of him that day. Also, he was soaking his entire outfit in water while Minnie giggled and Momma sighed. At least it was 75 degrees. Sadly, Peyton had to miss out on the whole thing. He had a silly little work obligation called an interview for much needed reinforcements at the pharmacy. But here's AP:

The look of one with "great determination of purpose", as Mick likes to describe her.

Still so serious. 

She had to bring her new (Peyton's old) super hero coloring book.

She's a warrior herself.

It was a fun day and full of laughs and marching proudly with tree branches and vintage coloring books and what basically amounted to swimming in the water that some of the pre-cut were standing in. Can't wait to do it next year. Hopefully with the addition of my own reinforcements in the form of an energetic Papa!

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