Tuesday, January 1, 2013

January Happenings

 I actually did this header more quickly than I ever have before. I hope I didn't misspell a word in the title of my blog or anything- I've been known to do it! I meant to take some shots with my real camera, but the time got away from me and I found some cute Instagrams. I'm particularly obsessed with the second one from the left, as you'd imagine. I love the little flags on the background. They take me back to mine and Peyton's old stomping ground as they remind me of a dull version of those flags we put up before swim meets. They also serve as a bit of optimistic symbolism- I am confident 2013 will be a banner year. Related: this month's header quote is a stellar one and I plan to do my best to heed those centuries old words found in Poor Richard's Almanac.

January seems a refreshingly uneventful month and as y'all know, I'm sure, I could not be more thrilled with the reality of such.

- Annie will start her second semester of school and we'll get back in our homeschooling groove soon.

- Peyton will be leading a new book on Wednesday nights and I'm super excited about that. Last semester was SO good, and I'm sure this one will be, too. Our group is one of the things I look forward to all week.

- I have three League meetings instead of two this month and we have a few Circle events (which happily I have turned over the presidential responsibilities for). Peyton also handed over the reigns for being the co-president of our Ultreya group. It was a relatively small commitment, like Circle, but it's nice he can now focus his attention entirely elsewhere. [He's the chairman for the Adult Education Committee and he's part of a larger group as well that's really trying to do a lot neat things to sort of restructure things in the church and engage people and minister to them more effectively.]

- I have a few of my own goals and projects for the new year, which I'll post later as well as sort of assessing myself on last year's. I will say that having a handful of small goals each month has been a really beneficial exercise and something I'll assuredly continue in 2013.

Speaking of, here are last month's goals:
1. Finish Christmas shopping- Well, OF COURSE it was down to the wire, but we did it.
2. Get mine and Peyton's Christmas jammies- I did this, too. It certainly wasn't the cutest year, but it was fun and that's what matters.
3. Complete my closet changeover- Just being honest, I didn't touch my closet. At this rate, I'll probably just continue to get things, item by item, from attic for the duration of the Winter.
4. Decorate for Christmas- did it. And no, it's not down. Peyton insisted we celebrate the "twelve days of Christmas". He and Annie are still relishing in their "Christmas room" and I'm trying to keep my controlling nature in check and just let them have that bit of joy in their lives. Even though it's kind of starting to drive me NUTS.
5. Get completely caught up with our family finances before the new year. Peyton caught us up as much as he could and then did the yearly overhaul and started the thing over. He told me just to forget about it. There were a lot of "uncatagorized" Target trips. I'm thankful for a husband who gives me more grace than I give him (re: those darn decorations).

And here are this months:
1. (The lone carry-over) Complete my closet changeover. If it's not done by three months, I'm going to stop listing it as a goal. Promise.
2. This is something we've been doing better at lately, possibly better than any other point in our marriage if I'm completely honest, but I absolutely do not want it to slip away so...carve out small and big chunks of hours and days to spend in conversation with my beloved.
3. Find and begin an excellent new read-aloud book that's slightly above Annie's level now that she and I have finished The Twenty Four Days Before Christmas.
4. Related, daily attempt to read with Graves. I haven't really said much about it here yet and I'm not overly concerned, but I do feel like he's slightly behind where he could/"should" be verbally. As I said, I don't think it's a big deal or anything to fret much over yet. That said, I made it a HUGE priority to read to Annie every day of her life since she was born and regrettably this has not always been standard for our sparkly eyed second child. I'm well aware that correlation does not prove causation, but I think one small thing I can do to make myself feel like I'm giving Graves my absolute best is to read to him. It's really too bad he has the attention span of a mosquito. Or his father. Basically the same thing. I think this practice will be good (and hard!) on a lot of levels.

So here we are. Publishing right under the wire as we near the end of the first day of this new year. A beautiful year full of hope and conquered fears and joy and adventure and simplicity and following hard after the Lord and endeavoring to love others so well. Or so is what I hope for it. 

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