Sunday, January 13, 2013

Letter to (Twenty One Month Old) Graves

Dear Graves,

You're a sweet, precious boy. You're our sweet, precious boy. But let's be real: his month has been well, a bit of a challenge. I think the main culprit is two little pointy bottom teeth that finally broke their way through your bitty gums. I think another culprit is how frustrated you are lately in trying to communicate with us.

You say about ten words consistently. A handful more regularly, but not consistently. I think, for the most part, you say what you want to say. I'm not overly concerned. I truly believe the words you have are the things that are meaningful to your in your little environment-- you say "Momma", "ball", "eat", "uh uh" (for no), "up" (when you want to get out of your high chair or crib). You say "all gone" and "bye" and you will sometimes say "Da Da" when prompted (but not Papa, much to his chagrin). I'm going to wait awhile before further analyzing it, but I think it will come. Being that you're the second child in our little family, we sort of take things in stride more with you.

That said, it's hard to watch you get frustrated in situations where you're trying to communicate with us and we don't know what you want.

It's actually pretty humorous the other times you get frustrated, though (like when we tell you that you can't have a sharp metal object for example). You pretty much loose your mind in a way your sister never really did. You scream so loud and throw your entire person onto the floor in a fit of hysterics. You try to hit things and then you go to biting. If you bite a person you go to time out. If you bite an object you're redirected. If you bite yourself (you almost always do), you deal with that consequence. It's usually over within a few minutes and I just have to laugh. It's really never happened in public, which is weird because it seems to be happening an awful lot at home. Maybe we don't get out that much.

Here's the thing about you, at almost two: you're either really, really happy or really, really mad. Now let's talk about really, really happy Baby Graves.

Your papa tells me all the time "he has the best smile". And you do. It's infectious and gorgesou and spirit lifting. Your laugh is even better. You not only love to be tickled, but you love to tickle us. We've had to reign you in, though, because you're a bit of a rough ticklier and really like to grab and pull and snatch your family members' skin.

Just this month I've seen you develop your own little empathetic spirit and that, Bud, is a beautiful thing to see in one's son. The other day, Annie was upset and sobbing over something and you brought her first a couple of stuffed animals, then your beloved blanket, and finally you took the paci right out of your own mouth and offered it to her. Your little actions of compassion did more for her than five minutes of being in momma's lap had. I am enamored with your sweet spirit and adore watching the dynamic between y'all as your grow and change.

November and December were busy, full months and I've enjoyed being able to relax a bit more the past few weeks. As I said, you've been in a bit of a state, but I really shouldn't complain. Overall, you roll with the punches and when we need to change up your schedule or when we push you hard because the days are full, you generally do well.

Speaking of slowing down, I made it my goal to read to you daily this month. I haven't been successful every day, but having it as a goal and being intentional has motivated me to do it more often. You seem to enjoy it when your little attention span allows for it and I'm confident it can do nothing but good for your wee little mind.

We adore you, Graves. When I'm having a rough time with you, Papa reminds me of something I like to say about you- you are a mess, but you're a beautiful mess. The most beautiful mess. I could not love you more. On the easy days. On the hard days. On any and all days. You are so loved, sweet boy.

Momma (and Da-Da (for now))

P.S. Your space pjs are a 2T!


The Niemeyer Nest said...

He sounds like Henry! Biting, being mad or happy - never in between, infectious grin and being sweet to sister. I think this is a hard age because they want to talk but cannot communicate their needs. Can't believe those are 2T pj's. Baby Graves is growing up! Sweet Post as always SD!

Emily said...

He is such a precious little boy! :) Happy 21 months, Graves!