Saturday, January 12, 2013

Photo A Day Challenge: December

December photo a day list! #FMSphotoaday

Well, our last month of the challenge. I was ready to be done and I'm sure that was evident when I Instagrammed the last three pictures like a week into January. I'm a little compulsive and once I started this, I just knew I couldn't let it go. I make do it some months in 2013, but I'm glad I decided against continuing for the whole year. It was a really fun experiment and I love that I have a picture for every day in 2012 (although, let's be honest, probably a quarter weren't taken on the right day). Anyway, I think it'll be fun to look back at these posts and just see what interested me, how our house was decorated, what the children were doing, and a host of other things- in short glimpses of our life this year. Here's the last month of prompts and pictures:

Day 1
Well, I missed (8 o'clock) by a bit, but here's 11:00- decorating, unloading groceries and cooking a chicken pot pie.

Day 2
So (peaceful). And yeah, they let me come in their room, turn on the light, and take their picture. NBD.

Day 3
Something I (carried) down from the attic. Annie is obsessed with this Advent calendar/magnetic nativity. 

Day 4
Peyton's (black + white) scarf.

Day  5
(Looking up): probably my least favorite thing about our house. So random.

Day 6
(From where I live/my country) it's so easy to take things for granted. (P.S. This VOM calendar is such a great tool in helping guide your family in how to pray for our persecuted brethren throughout the world. We try to do it daily with Annie.)

Day 7
Annie and I both love this book. So nostalgic and beautiful. What a wonderful picture of childhood! (Stars)

Day 8
(Someone I love): this guy. What a joy being married to him.

Day 9
We didn't get (our + about) much today, but Annie did sing in the Angel Choir this morning at church. 

Day 10
Princesses and super heroes (under) the tree.

Day 11
New favorite (sweet) snack for the holidays. 

Day 12
I love how the Papa gingerbread man has in a (hat). Perfect.

Day 13

Day 14
Funky, festive somewhat Christmasy table. (something green)

Day 15
I took this yesterday at my parents' because our (outdoors) is pitiful. 

I made Peyton this sticking while we were dating. Kind of awkward since the foot is as big as the rest of it. Still VERY proud of my knitting, though! 

Day 17
Catch up time. Various unwrapped gifts (on the floor) in the study. 

Day 18
Not much (makes me feel merry) like my Christmas card tree. 

Day 19
Shepherd on the buffet nativity. #fmsphotoaday 
(something beginning wit 's')

Day 20
First night in a week I've worn pants (not shorts) to bed. (weather)
Day 21
This little (tree) is the junkiest decoration I own...and of my favorites. My parents and grandparents each had one and I loved it as a child, so my mom gave me one of them. Also, the picture of PopPop? I still miss him dearly. 

Day 22
We're out of town and stopped at Target. Of course I bought (decorations) on clearance. Felt pinecones and acorns on the right and left, respectively. 

Day 23
(Joy is _______)....a sister. 

 Day 24
A yummy (tradition). 

Day 25
(Lunchtime) at Granny's the day after Christmas. I've eaten the leftovers practically every meal since. 

Day 26
I folded and put up SO much laundry yesterday, but this (mess) has been accumulating for weeks. 

Day 27
(How I relax)-- I originally had a banana with it. 

Day 28
Now that it's actually (cold), I'd be remiss if I didn't use the Christmas blanket for at least a few days. 

Day 29
 This is what happens when SD cooks with (hot) oil. Sign I should stay out of the kitchen in 2013? ;)

Day 30
(Something that made me smile this year)- these two. Of course. 

Day 31
Uniform as of late. Also: points if you noticed the significant life event in the top right. (self-portrait)

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