Friday, January 25, 2013

Picture Post: Winter Wonderland {January 17, 2013}

So. It snowed last week. I took a few pictures.

Let me get some things out of the way: here is Mississippi we FREAK THE FREAK OUT when it snows. There should be a tiny bit of sarcasm font read into the title of the post. Because the snow, was  not, in fact, super beautiful. At least in our yard it wasn't. I mean at first glance it took my breath away. But that's because I'm a bit of a redneck and even when mud glistens through my snow and it becomes slosh within moments of that first step, I'm impressed. And I have children and a husband that were even moreso. So I took some pictures of it all. And I'm blogging about it. No way I wouldn't.

Also, my children don't really own serious Winter coats. Graves has a corduroy peacoat and two soft, lightweight jackets. Ann Peyton has three heavy-ish pink sweaters that she's been wearing for the past two years (one is an 18 mo., I kid you not) and a raincoat. I'm a weather weenie (note to self: conquer that in the next approximately twelve months), so we don't spend just a whole lot of time outdoors in the chilly months. It doesn't really get that chilly anyway. Also, I'm intense about my carseat rules and I will absolutely never ever put a child in a puffer coat in a carseat. And it takes longer to get that big coat on them than it does to just run them in a building without it. So...we don't have them. All that to say, we did lots of layering. AP wore pajamas with leggings and turtleneck on top of them with a romper on top of that with one of the pink sweaters with the raincoat. Graves wore pajamas, a shirt, a romper, and his two lightweight jackets. It ended up being fine even though I complained to Peyton right before that we really NEEDED to get them Winter coats for these sort of situations. Onto the pictures!

One of our neighbors had made snow ice cream and brought out spoons for everyone to taste!

Peyton taught Annie how to make a snow angel and Bud, being the tactile little guy he is was content to spend more time just touching and eating the snow.

Until he fell down in it and got soaking wet. That's not a fun sensation!

I took him inside at that point. 

He was happy to put on his warm dinos...

have some snuggle time with his sweet best friend who spoils him so...

and have the perfect spectator seat for the fun! [Truth be told, I was happy about that part, too.]

 [Don't judge my windows. On my to-do list this weekend to take care of every window in the house. Sidenote: Peyton recently told me that he thought I kept our house cleaner than most people. I laughed in his face. Then he said, "Sweetie, I mean consider the masses of people." Okay, then.]

Peyton and Annie finished off their fun by making this guy.

When they came in, we all made gingerbread cookies!
I'm not sure I'll ever excel at domesticity. That rolling pin? Came out of her play dough set. So yeah.

What a wonderful day. Grodey snow, grimey windows, and inappropriate Winter over clothing and cooking's so perfect. I'm so thankful this is my life.


Kodi said...

I was putting away dishes the other day (after hand washing them natch) and it occurred to me that I don't own a rolling pin. It sent me into a laughing fit all alone in the kitchen. I'd say we're the same person but that would be an insult to you. Also, Nathan would never, ever say I keep the house clean. In any way. We live one step above condemnation level. Embarrassing.

Christi said...

The pictures of Graves with the cat are so so so sweet! Awe...

Jennifer said...

I'm not a big cat fan, but I LOVE the pics of Graves & your cat. So, so sweet!