Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Weekly Happenings #197 (December 31- January 6)-- Out with the Old (Year), In with the New (Year)

Oh gosh. We've got to work on sitting like a lady. 

Last week was really fun. Peyton had worked the weekend so he had a couple of days off. That's always nice, but especially after the holidays, it was good to ease back in!

Monday was New Year's Eve. Peyton had to work the late shift, but we had a lot we wanted to get done that morning. We got up early and chatted some and then Graves woke up and we all got ready and ran some errands. We needed to run by Walmart and Target, take the recycling and put the tree we used for Angel Tree back in the church storage unit, and go by the Board of Pharmacy. We got home with just enough time for me to cook lunch. Peyton set up the new phone plan we got on my phone and bathed Graves and then we all ate lunch. Peyton left and the kids played with the play kitchen while I cleaned up the kitchen and got a load of laundry going. I usually don't let Graves play in the kitchen because he ends up in all the cabinets (no, we never put back the baby locks), but they did great. I put him down and gave Annie a quick bath. We read and did some school stuff and I sent her to their room for rest time.

I got on the computer, but poor Graves had the hardest time falling asleep due to a three minute car nap. UGH. Anyway, he stayed in his crib the usual amount of time, but I went in there a lot. I did stuff on the computer and then started watching a Bruce Springsteen dvd. When the kids got up, I realized I needed to make a phone call to AT&T and that was stressful. My nerves were kind of shot and we started getting ready to go to the a New Years Eve party at Morgan's house. We almost didn't go because the kids were tired and cranky and making me crazy. We finally got our crap together and left. Both the kids fell asleep in the car, which I knew would make for a hard bedtime, but a nice party. We had a great time and stayed until around ten. Peyton was home when we got there and I put Graves to bed and he helped me with Ann Peyton.

BudBud had a hard week, overall. I think it was teeth. So unlike himself.

It was a long night with her and it was nice to have his help. I finished a post and we went to bed.

Tuesday morning was nice because both kids slept SO late. I got up around 9:30 and got a bath and then Graves woke up. I put him and AP in the Pac N Play so she could entertain him and fed him Cheerios while I dried my hair. We had a super laid back morning. The kids played and then watched an Olivia movie and I folded and put up lots of laundry. I fed them lunch and put them down for their naps late since they woke up late, but it wouldn't have mattered, I don't think. Graves was out the minute his little head touched the mattress. I got on Twitter and ate lunch and then put pictures on Flikr and watched some more of the Springsteen dvd. The kids got up around the time Peyton got home and we all visited and then watched a video Peyton had gotten from Netflix. Probably more TV for me and the kids that day than we've seen in a while! We had supper and I washed dishes and put Graves to bed. Peyton told Annie some stories and then we put her down. We talked for a long time and I got on the compute and wrote a post and changed over my blog for January. I started another post and was going to bed super late when Annie woke up sobbing. I took her in our room with Peyton and he tried to get her to tell him what was wrong- she wouldn't tell me anything more than that she had dreamed about something scary. She was SO choked up and looked terrified and then told us she saw something at her window. Honestly, at that point, I was a little nervous. Finally, she managed, "It was a...it was...I saw a....GREEEN LADYBUG!". We bought had to fight back the laughter. We were dying. She slept with us that night, needless to say.

Peyton was off and we woke up late-ish on Wednesday and had a slow morning. I got a bath and started laundry and we were just hanging out when Peyton's sister called. They had gone to the park by our house, but it was really too cold so they wanted to see if they could drop by for a bit. Our house was a disaster, but of course we said sure. We had a really nice time visiting and Annie loved her cousin company. After they left we put the kids down for naps.They took good naps and when they woke up we just had a nice night at home. I cooked sirloin steak. I love when my mom makes it, but it turned out awful. I was a little disappointed. We cleaned up the kitchen and built a fire and played with the kids until bedtime. We took Annie's monthly picture and put the kiddos to bed.

Peyton rode his bike (inside the house!) and played video games with his brother and I worked on my letter to Annie and started another post and went to bed.

We had a nice productive day on Thursday. Peyton was off again and we all got up and got ready and ran a couple of errands- the Board of Pharmacy for Peyton and the League house for me.
Look who is finally riding forward facing!!!

 When we got home, AP and I did some school stuff and then we had lunch. The kids took shorter than normal naps, but I managed to eat lunch, check in on Twitter and finish most of a blog post I had started the night before. We all cleaned up the nursery and were going to run to the grocery store, but decided to just try to eat out of the cabinets instead.  I made poppyseed chicken sans poppyseeds, which really wouldn't have been too bad, but I used canned chicken since I was in a hurry. I use canned chicken for chicken pot pie and when I'm lazy for chicken spaghetti and although I know it's not the healthiest choice, I don't mind the taste. I've never used it in this casserole, though, and for some reason it just made it not as good. I felt a little defeated in the kitchen to be honest. I'm obviously not real into cooking and it's kind of unfortunate when it sucks two nights in a row. Sigh. Anyway, we cleaned up the kitchen and gave both the kids baths and put them to bed. I did dishes and got on the computer and finished the post from earlier and started a new one. I went to bed late.

Friday started off rough. I woke up with an awful headache. Peyton and Graves went to the grocery store and Annie and I watched Dora in bed. When they got home, I made myself get up and take a bath. I had taken some medicine and was starting to feel better. Anyway, I synced my phone and then did some school stuff with Annie. Peyton had to get ready for work and AP was doing so good and really concentrating on school, but Graves kept misbehaving and it really messed with the flow of things. We finished up and Peyton left and I fed the kids their lunches and put them down for naps. I played on Twitter and Facebook, ate my lunch and finished a post. I started doing some reading for the Bible study we're about to start in Sunday school and did my She Reads Truth study. My mom called to say she was in the area and if I wanted her to pick up Annie so she could go play a little before supper she could. We hurried and cleaned up and my mom got here. After they left, I got our stuff together and rinsed off a few dishes and then Graves and I left to join them for beans and rice. We had a great visit and got home earlier than usual. I put the kids in bed and got on the computer until Peyton got home.

Peyton went to play paintball with his brothers on Saturday and the kids got up at their regular time. I was tired and decided to just have a laze around morning. Graves actually got up before Annie and I just watched him play and laid on the couch and dozed a bit. I'd gotten so spoiled by Peyton over the holidays and I'd been staying up way too late. Also, I *hate* putting Graves in the Pac N Play right after he wakes up. He really doesn't like it, but I have a hard time taking a bath with him in there and noway am I letting him loose in our room. He does better, though, if he can get some energy out first. Anyway, Annie got up and we played some more and had breakfast (oh and I changed like three dirty diapers- no idea what was up with that boy!). I got my bath and started working on laundry and doing dishes. I fed the kids lunch and put them down. They took short naps, but Peyton got home. I got on the computer a bit and ate my lunch and then we all just played and visited. I worked on changing over my clothes and then we fed the kids and gave them baths. Peyton and I had Tilapia for supper and AP ate some, too. We put her to bed and I put dates in my 2013 calendar. I stayed up too late on the computer.

We had to be at early church on Sunday because Peyton was making an announcement about adult education activities. We had communion and then went to Sunday school. We started a new series on Luke and I think it's going to be really good. Peyton made his announcement at the beginning of the second service and then we came home and regrouped and then met some of our friends Ashleigh and Preston for lunch. We were keeping their little boy that afternoon because they're moving to Tennessee this week. After lunch, they dropped Greg off and the kids played while I started straightening up the house. We ended up meeting some other church friends at the park. The park is always hopping- we saw like two other people we knew. Anyway, we came home and Graves took a very short nap and then the kids played some more. Greg was such a doll and was no trouble at all!
 AP got a little bossy- "BOYS! You have to share Snow White".

Anyway, I started putting up Christmas decorations and I ended up talking to someone on Twitter about NYC for almost an hour. Peyton fed the kids dinner and we put Graves to sleep. I did more around the house. Preston picked up Greg and we got the Annie to sleep. I worked on Christmas a bit more and we picked up toys (Annie was so tired we sent her to bed without making her clean up a single thing) and then I got on the computer.

This week is slightly busier and next week we'll be totally back in our routine with school and everything! 

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