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Weekly Happenings Post #196 (December 24-30)-- See, Oh See, Christmas Is Here

Last week was, of course Christmas. We did it very differently this year and I'll do a whole post on that later. It was really nice in some ways and hard for me in others. Also, as an aside, I'm not including many pictures. For one thing, my cellphone is out of commission while we switch plans and I forgot to upload the pictures beforehand. And all the pictures on our big camera are ones I'm just going to wait and do one big Christmas post (or a couple of smaller ones).

Monday was Christmas Eve. I woke up and went in the kids room watched them play with their Christmas toys for a bit and then I got a bath and got ready. I helped them clean up the nursery and got them dressed while Peyton got ready and then we headed to my parents' house to do presents with them. We got there around eleven thirty and they opened and played with their presents from Mickey and Minnie and then we just hung out a bit. Peyton took Graves home so he could get a nap and I stayed and visited with Cookie. Ann Peyton had fun, too, enjoying her Christmas gifts without a "helper".

Peyton and Graves got back and we ate an early dinner around 4:30- steaks, crunchy romaine salad, wonderful mashed potatoes and rolls with triffle for dessert. We had to get ready super quick after that to get to our church's Christmas Eve candlelight service. It was nice and (I WAS SO SHOCKED I CAN'T EVEN TELL YOU) Graves made it through the entire thing. He did start feeding his stuffed kitten milk from one of the candle holders. Annie started doing the same thing but she told us her kitty was "having communion". It was pretty precious. We came home and put Graves to bed and then I finished The Twenty Four Days Before Christmas with Annie and we did her Advent calendar and read the Christmas story in her Jesus Storybook Bible. Peyton told her a story and then we put her to bed. I cleaned up around the house and got on the computer.

Tuesday was Christmas day. I'm going to do a whole post, but we had a really special family morning and then all got ready and headed to my parents' house to give them presents and see Cookie off. We stayed for about an hour and then came home to get naps and regroup. Graves actually took a nap (I was worried he wouldn't because it was kind of early and he had woken up late) and AP watched a movie. I straightened up the house, wrapped gifts and got on the computer. We got ready and headed over to Peyton's parents' house. We had a wonderful visit with his family and stayed a good while. When we got home, we had some more fun family time. I put up Christmas presents and Peyton built a fire. We hung out and sang Christmas carols and then we fed the kids and put Graves to bed. I finished up tidying up the house and finding places for new toys and Peyton and AP made a special treat to take to Granny's. We read to her and put her to bed and then I got on the computer for a bit. I stayed up late reading a couple of different books.

We got up on Wednesday and got ready and headed to Granny's. We always spend the 26th there with Peyton's family. It was SO much fun and I'll have to post pictures of that, too. We left late that afternoon and drove home. I went by Target and Walmart for a couple of things and Peyton had the kids fed and Graves in bed when I got home. We let AP watch The Nutcracker and I cleaned up the house and then got on the computer.

Thursday was a fun laid back day. Peyton let me sleep late and then I ran some errands- UPS, the bank and Kroger. I got home and he left to go to his parents' house. He was helping one of his brothers clean out their attic. I played with the kids and fed them lunch and then put them down for naps. Graves took a super long nap and AP was really good about staying in her room. I ate my lunch and got on Twitter and took a little nap myself. Peyton got home and we cleaned up their room and then he built a fire. I had been looking for the numbers I made the kids a long time ago and AP told me Graves threw them away in the trash can in their room. I had seen him with some of them, but I couldn't believe I wouldn't have noticed them when I threw other stuff away or when I emptied it. Anyway, I asked him where they were. He took me to a couple of places in the den and then I brought him to their room and he immediately went to their little wicker wastepaper basket and pointed. I was slightly upset. Peyton reminded me that he was a "beautiful mess" as I like to say when I call him a mess. Needless to say, I removed the garbage can from their room.

After that we just enjoyed the fire and fed the kids supper. We put them to bed around the same time- Graves had slept late and AP needed an early bedtime. We watched SVU and I folded a TON of laundry. We went to bed pretty late.

Friday was Peyton's first day back at work in a week. He still let me sleep late since he didn't have to go in until noon and then I got a bath and started collecting laundry. I striped our beds and cleaned up around the house. We visited some and he left. I played with the kids and cleaned up the kitchen and then it was time for the kids' lunch. They ate and I hung up clothes in the nursery. I put them down for naps and ate my lunch and got on the computer. When they got up, we cleaned up their room and then AP and I cleaned out her "magazine drawer"- it has lots of catalogs in it and we needed to consolidate.
AP looks so grown to me. I really think it was her first time to wear leggings as pants. I'm not even kidding. 

I went through a pile of my own and we got ready and headed to my parents' house. We had a nice time and got home late.
BudBud couldn't miss out on playing beauty shop and Minnie couldn't tell him no. They also got lotion and my mom kept calling them "grease monkeys" and talking about crusty elbows. Oh my word. Almost died. 

I put the kids right to bed and read some blog posts until Peyton got home.

Saturday was such a bum around day, for the most part. Graves woke up kind of early-ish and Peyton had to work, so I got up with him. I was a little sad considering we hadn't gotten home from my parents' until ten the night before and they both always sleep late when that's the case. You win some, you loose some! Anyway, we had a very relaxed morning. The kids played and I laid on the couch and watched them in between breaks for changing diapers and pouring milk and cereal. It was a nice, lazy morning. Mid morning I decided to get going and I put fresh sheets on our bed. I had taken them off the day before but the never finished drying them. Peyton had slept in his sleeping bag and I in a bunch of blankets. [Aside: Ashley texted me once when she read about a similar scenario to see if we only owned one set of sheets. We actually own multiple (two) sets of bed linens, but we only have one of those mattress pad things. And I wash it every time because I heard it helps with allergies and such.] Anyway, I got my bath after that.

I did dishes while the kids played in the den and they played SO well. Like they played for twenty minutes without incident. TWENTY MINUTES. Without anyone being mean, ill-behaved or even climbing on restricted furniture. Color me impressed. Or color me almost dead from shock. Either or.

I fed them lunch and while they were eating I scrubbed the counters (since the dishes were done) and a few cabinets. I sent a Junior League email and one to the CPC about volunteering and another to Leslie. I rocked Graves and put him down and then read to Annie. During rest time, I got on the computer and read a few blogs and checked Twitter and then I ate my lunch and read some and took a short nap. They woke up and Graves was ridiculously out of sorts. I think his teeth were bothering him, but he was crying over everything and just so distraught. He hit the cat for no reason. That sort of thing. He had taken such a nice long nap, but after a couple of hours (thirty minutes of which was past time for Peyton to be home), I wanted to cry. And drive my car away from the house as fast as I could. Peyton got home, finally and I threw together some spaghetti (I already had the meat browned). I helped him fed the kids and then I got ready to run to Target. Annie wanted to go and I'm doing my best to say "yes" to her when I can. We left the boys to themselves for bedtime. There was some foot-dragging at Target (it was a small trip so I resisted a cart), but overall it was good for us to have some time without Bud. We got home and Peyton had made a fire. I ate and cleaned up the kitchen and then worked on getting Annie to bed because Peyton was trying to figure out something with his phone. I visited with Peyton and got on the computer for a good while and then went to bed.

Someone called in at the pharmacy, so Peyton didn't even attempt church and got to work early on Sunday. Sigh. At least the kids and I got a little extra sleep. I got us all ready and out the door only about ten minutes behind. We had a baby shower for some friends and discussed a bunch of upcoming stuff during Sunday school. Our associate pastor preached at the second service and it was so good. He used this quote along with some Scripture form Luke 2 and I thought it was beautiful. I hate Peyton missed it.

When we got home, I fixed the kids lunch and then put them down. I uploaded and edited and organized some pictures and read blogs a bit and then I ate my lunch and read some in Anything and started a new commentary on Romans I'm reading. The kids got up and we played in their room for a good while and then cleaned up.

Annie wore this longall with a pink turtleneck. It's really made for a boy, but I loved it so much I bought it thinking I might have a boy one day. And then I decided I loved it even more so I girlied it up with a pink blouse. Not often I get a two-for-one deal!

Peyton called to say he'd be late again. I tried not to be super annoyed, but we were supposed to be going out to eat and I was trying to hold the kids off on eating and they were just cranky. Anyway, I got everyone ready and Peyton finally got home and we went out for sushi.
[Both big fans!]

We had fun and ran by Target on the way home, but it was closed. After that we stopped at the grocery store. We got home and put the kids to bed and unloaded groceries and dishes and then Peyton and I made peanut butter Ritz sandwiches with almond bark for the next day. I got on the computer and then went to sleep.

This week is pretty laid back and of course, I'm glad for it! Peyton has the weekend off, plus two other days so that's really nice!

[Post title comes from this book- on my favorites at Christmas.]

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