Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Weekly Happenings Post #198 (January 7-13)-- Meetings for the Momma

Last week was kind of busy, but good! I had several meetings/functions that all landed that week.

I had another bad headache on Monday and I slept a little late. I got up and got my bath and then did school with Annie and Peyton left for work. They ate lunch while I rinsed dishes and loaded the dishwasher.
I let him feed himself spaghetti- trying to let go of control in 2013!

During naptime, I read some in the Bible study we're doing in Sunday school and ate my lunch and got on the computer.

When the kids got up, I got them ready and we cleaned up and then I dropped them off with Peyton's parents and went to my Junior League meeting. It was actually a "provisional training session" and it was at Belk since they're one of our community partners. Anyway, I was early so I called El and drove around for a bit while we talked. The meeting was pretty quick and I picked the kids up. We headed home and I put them to bed and worked on a post. Peyton got home and we went to bed.

I had my regular Junior League meeting on Tuesday morning. After I got home, I did school with Annie and then gave her a bath. Peyton got ready for work and I bathed Graves and fed the kids lunch. They took short naps and I didn't get much done- I got on Twitter for a bit and ate lunch. When they got up, we cleaned up and I got them ready and fed them supper because we had a UMW meeting.

It was the meeting where all the Circles meet together and we install the Unit officers. It was pretty short and when we got home, I fed AP a snack and put the kids to bed.
I read blogs and wrote a post until Peyton got home and then I stayed up late finishing up a Netflix dvd we needed to mail back. I went to bed around two and Graves woke up at three thirty and was up for like over an hour. It's so weird for him to do that and I never figured it out.

He was up at eight Wednesday morning and I knew he was tired. He snuggled with me some and I dozed on the couch while he played until Annie got up. Peyton was working and we had a super low key morning. I took a bath and read a lot to the kids and that was about it. I fed them an early lunch and put Graves down a bit early. I read to Annie and then she had quiet time. I ate lunch and got on the computer for a few minutes and then took a nap myself. I was SO tired! When they woke up, we cleaned up and got ready to go to church. 
 This is what I found when I went in to get him up- he has Annie's old lovie, a random newborn paci he used to hate, and he was under the sheet.

We had our kick off for Wednesday night activities which also doubles as a missions fundraiser- the chili cook-off. We had a great time trying all the different Sunday school class's chili and voting and the kids had fun seeing their little friends and playing. We got home and fed them a little more supper (they both spent more time playing than eating and I decided to just let that one go). 
She loves this sleeper. It fits her like skin. It's also a 24 mo. and she's got a big ole cloth diaper under it.

We put them to bed and talked some and I got on the computer and Peyton watched a movie.

Thursday was my first day to volunteer at the CPC. I ended up putting tags on baby bottles that they distribute to families to collect money for fundraising. I enjoyed being there and getting to know some of the staff and actually helping out.  When I got home, Peyton got ready for work. I started laundry and picked up around the house. Bless his heart, he had been doing pharmacy work while watching the kids all morning! Annie and I did some homeschooling and then I fed them lunch. I answered some emails and ate my lunch and got on the computer. I ended up downloading HeyTell to my phone and figured that out for the rest of naptime. The kids got up and we cleaned up their room and I organized their closets some and then we just played until super time.
Annie with the most dreamy look in her eyes: "OH, Bud! You look just like a little nutcracker in my rain boots." Also: this is why we call him Linus. Arms full of soft things - all day, every day. These are the times when I'm almost overcome with it all. What an indescribable love.

I put the kids to bed and got on the computer until Peyton got home.

We got up on Friday morning and did the normal stuff- got ready, played, did a little bit of school stuff. Peyton left and we had lunch and then I put the kids down. I ate my lunch and got on Twitter and started a blog post. The kids took short naps and we got ready and went to my parents' house for dinner. My mom wanted to help me perfect my sirloin steak skills after last week's devastating dinner. I cooked with my dad (he's kind of in charge of cooking these days, actually) and showed them how we roast asparagus. So easy, but it felt good to share a recipe with my folks! We had a nice visit and got home late.

Peyton had to interview someone for work on Saturday, but he got home around ten. The kids and I had just been relaxing and playing. When he got home we had lunch and started taking down Christmas (ridiculous, I know!). We put the kids down for naps and I got on the computer and read blogs and then got dressed because we were going to a wedding that night. We got the kids up and dropped them off with my parents and headed to the wedding. It was at a historically black church and the worship was SO awesome. It was a Catholic church, so that was a little different, too. We didn't stay long at the reception and when we got home we took Graves's monthly picture played a little and got the kids to bed.

They both had trouble going to sleep for whatever reason and it was just a hard night. I worked on Graves's post and finished Anything and went to bed super late.

We woke up late on Sunday, but we made it on time to Sunday school. We had a good lesson and the sermon was really good- it was on living in the "here and now" not just the "there and then" (i.e. living your life now as if it's of eternal signifigance). We came home and had lunch and I started laundry and the kids took naps. I read some blogs, made a dessert, and took a short nap myself. We got ready and went back for evening church. The sermon was on being perfected in Christian love. It was awesome. After church, we went over to Patrick and Haley's house. They fixed lasagna and we brought a salad and a peach cobbler sort of thing. We stayed pretty late and when we got home, we took our family picture and put the kids to bed. Peyton and I got all the Christmas boxes to the attic and I got on the computer. I got all Annie's stuff ready for school the next day and went to bed pretty late.

This week seems to have less meetings and things and I'm going to try to make a dent in some stuff at home- laundry, cleaning, and organizing!

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E has that pear outfit too! So cute on AP. What is HeyTell?

JL is a wonderful organization but so many meetings. Hope this week is calmer for you.