Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Weekly Happenings Post #199 (January 14-20)-- The Spice of Life

I noticed this week that I like variety more than I realized. Here's what I mean: between the first and second semesters of preschool, we had a really long break. Like a month long. It was amazing. Not a day too long. Not a day too short. Perfect.

It was such a nice little respite. We had so many mornings with all four of us together, we took a semi-spontaneous trip to Granny's, and we were able to be super (read: absurdly) flexible with bedtimes- theirs and mine ;) It was wonderful not to have to deal with the tension a schedule sometimes demands. I loved that month. But...

It was nice to get back in the groove. Last week was great. Graves and I have had some time just us, Annie's loved being back with her friends and teachers, and I'm (slowly) getting back into the flow of things. It's wonderful to have the structure of a routine, at least when the parameters don't define your life.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I've gotten to a point where I'm better at embracing both types of weeks and I've become a bit more a half-full-glass type gal. Just in the last month, I've felt myself grow more flexible, and that's a burden lifted that was a long time coming. I think part of embracing that is being Peyton's wife (he is redic spontaneous), part of it is being to the mother to young kids (one of whom is particularly wild and unpredictable these days) and part of it is a work of the Holy Spirit. No lie. I'm thankful for it, whatever has brought it about.

Last week felt relaxed and also accomplished. I cleaned the whole house, I got (closer to being) caught up on laundry, I cooked my goal of three meals, and I worked some on my closet and one of AP's homeschool binders. We also had family over on Saturday and I started a new show on Netflix streaming. Nice balance. 

I got up late on Monday and got ready super quick while Peyton got Annie ready and got her breakfast out. It was her first day back at school after the break and I was going to volunteer at the CPC. We managed to get out the door close to on time. It was raining hard! When it doesn't bother my sinuses I love the rain, but it'd been gloomy for too long. I dropped Annie off and headed to the CPC. I spent the morning counting mail outs and stacking them in piles of 50's and 100's. When I got home, Peyton left for work and Graves and I played. I had a snack and fed him lunch and started unloading dishes and then it was time to get AP. We picked her up and I visited with Carrie and Morgan a little and then we came home for naps. 
 AP turned her after school snack (cheese) into a dress. She can't really color in the lines, but she can make a mean Provolone dress with her teeth!

Graves took a nice long one and AP played well in her room. I got on the computer and read a few blogs and played on Facebook and then I read some in our Bible study on Luke and took a twenty minute power nap. The kids got up and they wanted to play in their room instead of the den. I folded some laundry and tidied up around the house and then we straightened their room and I fed them supper. I finished unloading the dishes and reloaded them and put Graves to bed. I bathed Annie and read to her and put her to bed. I got on the computer and uploaded pictures and read blogs until Peyton got home. I folded laundry and started watching The West Wing.

The kids slept late on Tuesday and then I worked on getting a babysitter for that night's Ultreya since I had forgotten. I got ready really quickly and got the kids ready while Peyton took a bath and then we ran a pharmacy errand and went to the grocery store. We got home right when Peyton had to leave for work. I unloaded the groceries while the kids played and then I started on the dishes and made some Suddenly Salad for Ultreya. The kids ate lunch and I vacuumed the den floor and under the couch cushions and then put Graves down for a nap. AP and I did some school stuff and then I put her down. I got on the computer and did my Luke Bible study and started a new book. When the kids woke up, we cleaned up and I fed them supper. We ended up being late for Ultreya because AP spilled her milk everywhere, but we weren't too terribly behind. We had a great meeting- the first meeting with our new president now that Peyton and our friend Buzz stepped down from being co-leaders (they had done it for two years- it was just time for a break). I fed the kids a quick snack and put them to bed. I read some more and then got on the computer and wrote a blog post and backed up pictures.

Wednesday was Peyton's day off and we enjoyed it! Somehow, we ALL overslept and AP ended up being late for school. Anyway, I hurried and got her ready and Peyton took a quick bath. They left and I went back to bed :) I was shocked Graves was still asleep since he had gone to bed relatively early. He actually didn't end up getting up until Peyton got home. I took a bath and we visited with Peyton and then he left to go do "lunch duty" at Annie's school (they have parent volunteers help with lunch). I folded a huge load of laundry and then did dishes and then while Graves ate lunch I fried a pound and a half of bacon- I needed some for a soup I was making and I decided to just cook the whole package! I bathed him and put him down for a nap and then I got on the computer. Peyton and Annie got home and I worked on one of my homeschool binders for AP. We got the kids up and got ready and headed to church.

We had our first meeting of the semester and it went well. Our dear friends, the Powers, moved to Tennessee and so we missed them and Darlene is doing something else this semester. It was just different and a bit sad for me. Anyway, we ran by Target on the way home and when we got home, I started cooking fish for dinner and making soup for us to just eat on all week. We all ate and I helped Peyton get Graves to bed and then I got AP to bed while Peyton ran to the store and I finished my soup.
 "Read. Read. REAAAAD!!!!" Dude, I know I'm a broken record about reading slightly above a kid's level, but I don't think you totally get what I'm talking about.

I finished up working on my binder and I hammered a nail into a my little quote frame thing that's in our kitchen after I broke it. I was proud I didn't have to ask Peyton to fix it! I got on the computer and went to bed late.

Thursday was SO fun. Peyton happened to be off and we had SNOW. Of course I wanted to stay under the covers for "ten more minutes", but Peyton hauled all our butts out of bed.  It's good he did because it disappeared pretty fast! Anyway, we spent the morning getting properly dressed, playing in the snow, shucking the many layers, and then making gingerbread cookies (with cookie cutters, at that!).

Our sweet visitor that morning! [I'm going to do a whole post with snow pics.]

We did school with Annie and cleaned up the kitchen and fed the kids lunch and put them down. I got on the computer and ate lunch. I had a headache so I took a little nap.  When the kids got up, we got ready and headed to the library to get some books and make some photo copies. It ended up they were having an "event"- it was a little thing for kids where they could read to service dogs. The dogs got there and AP was really excited. We ended up staying and Peyton and Graves ran to do the recycling. While I had to put Graves in a jonjon 1.5 hours before bedtime because the sole pair comfy pants he has to his name were dirty, Peyton had dressed Annie. Not good- she was in pjs with Sunday shoes and mess hair. Seriously the dogs looked (and were) better groomed than my child. Sigh. Oh well. We got home and the kids both ate tons of soup. I put Graves to bed and Peyton bathed Annie. We made a fire and talked some and let AP fall asleep in front of it. I read a few blogs and chatted with Peyton and then wrote a blog post. I stayed up late watching The West Wing again.

I slept a bit late on Friday and Peyton brought me breakfast in bed. Y'all, I know I'm spoiled. Anyway, I got up an hour  after Peyton and the kids and got a bath and started laundry and dishes and played and visited. Peyton got ready and left for work and I vacuumed the bedrooms while the kids played. I also plunged a toilet and scrubbed out the diaper pail. My mom randomly stopped by, so that was fun! After we visited with her and she left, I fed the kids lunch. While they were eating I cleaned bathrooms. I like to be thorough (though I don't do it often enough) so it took me about half an hour. I gave the kids sandwiches and swept/scrubbed the floors and cleaned off the vanity in the master. Then I gave the kids pasta and cleaned the other sink, the toilets and tubs. I gave them a small desert and took out the trash and put up my supplies. Whew! The kids played a little more and I did some school stuff with AP and then it was naptime after she helped me straighten up. She actually ended up falling asleep and I worked some more on one of her homeschool binders I have and ate lunch. I got on Twitter and put a TON of Christmas pictures on Facebook.

When the kids woke up, we got ready and headed to my parents' house. We had a fun visit and the kids had a blast. We got home late and I put the kids down after reading to AP and then got back to work. I straightened, unpacked stuff from Minnie's and just cleaned up piles. I vacuumed and mopped in the kitchen and vacuumed under the bookcases in the living room. Peyton got home and we visited and AP kept getting up since she had taken that nap. I got on the computer and went to bed about an hour after Annie at ONE THIRTY. Oh my gosh, child.

The kids both slept late on Saturday. Thank goodness. Graves woke up around nine thirty and played until AP woke up at ten. I went ahead and took my bath and then we all had breakfast and I unloaded and reloaded dishes and changed over laundry. I got out some meat to thaw and we played. I got sucked into reading a blog post (I never do that when the kids are up) and then I practiced French braiding AP's hair and folded laundry. I fixed the kids lunch and while they ate, I cut up and onion and pepper and browned the meat. They finished and I cleaned up the kitchen- unloaded and reloaded dishes, wiped down the counter and took out the compost. I put the kids down and ate my lunch and got on the computer. I spent most of naptime kind of reorganizing my Reader. When they got up, I got dressed and dusted in the living room and polished the floors. I started making chili and then Elizabeth and Daniel and their kids got here. Peyton got home right after and I finished up the chili and let it cook awhile. The kids played and we visited until supper. Dinner was fun- so squished around our little table, and so loud- but we all had the best time! We had dessert, visited some more and then the Roots left. We got Graves to bed and I cleaned up some while Peyton bathed AP. We put her to bed and cleaned up the kitchen and then I got on the computer for a bit.

Peyton ended up not going to church on Sunday since he has working and he has to leave early anyway and we were running late. I got the kids ready and we left and were super late for Sunday school. At least we made it! Annie decided not to go to children's church and she sat with me the whole time and did great. She did ask me if we could please get Graves. I thought it was so sweet she missed him. On the way out, I talked to a friend who is a retired speech therapist about Graves's verbal skills. I didn't even think about AP listening, but after they finished some Cheerios in the car she told Graves "Say 'all gone'" and he said "gone gone!". She said "He's doing great, Momma. He talks and talks." Sweetest girl. [Also: note to self to watch my conversations around her. Not only is she a sponge, but clearly she understands and processes way more that I realize.]

We got home and had lunch and then I put the kids down for their naps. AP ended up falling asleep, too, after a little while. I had eaten lunch and gotten on the computer and I decided to lay down, too. I seriously though I'd get a thirty or forty five minute nap. Um they slept until 5:15- when I woke them up! That's four hours for Graves and about two for AP. Whoa. Anyway, we cleaned up and got ready and Peyton got home. We dropped him off at his parents' so he could hang out with one of his brothers and ate dinner with mine.


 They get in my parents' computer chair and and ask my mom to "whee" them. It's their favorite thing ever.

We came back and visited with the Herringtons and bit and then came home. I put Graves to bed and we bathed AP and I worked on my closet change over. I tidied around the house and got on the computer.

This week is busier, but in a good way. Like I said, variety is nice! 

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