Thursday, February 14, 2013

Annie Reels: Showtunes and a Heavy Accent

I thought I'd share a couple of fun Annie videos with y'all tonight.

A few weeks back it was Cookie's boyfriend, Conrad's, birthday. Anyway, I decided I wanted to text him a video of the kids. We did the typical "Happy Birthday" first and then it struck me as a fun idea to sing some show tunes for him. Because, what else? I mean what more could he want for his birthday than a three year old in mismatched pajamas singing classics from Bye Bye Birdie with help from her tone deaf momma? I know not. I'm sure he never tires of the fictional 50s pop star reference.

And then we have this little gem. This time, we're in pajamas, but with a Rebel cheerleader uniform on top. So, classy. Anyway, I wanted to make sure I got some footage of the way she refers to her brother as of late. It's pretty priceless, that accent. I wonder how she'll fare in NYC.  In the interest of full disclosure, there are VHS tapes of me at three talking almost exactly like this.

Pretty funny, that sweet girl. 

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