Friday, February 1, 2013

February Happenings

Well, February isn't my favorite header ever (January actually did turn out to be a favorite), but it'll do. I usually make my February theme ubber Valentine's Day-ish. I couldn't find anything I liked and just wasn't feeling it this year. So...more flags! I do like the greenish aqua and red together, though. And I had to incorporate an MLK quote in honor of Black History Month. I was excited to find one I liked on love since that was my initial plan (again, Valentine's Day).

January was a GREAT month; the perfect amount of activity. I'm thinking February could potentially deliver the same thing...

- Annie has a little Valentine's party at school which will be fun. They also have a week break in February, which Carrie just reminded me of.

- I have my normal two Junior League meetings. I also have one more shift at Bargain Boutique and I'll be done with my volunteer hours for the year! I also, of course, have my regular circle meeting. So not too many meetings this month.

- There's a couple of fun consignment sales coming up and I'm excited about that. Peyton and I put ourselves on a pretty strict budget this year (I'll probably blog more about this later) and so I know I won't be buying as much. I'm sure consignment sales will be the absolute hardest part of the budget slash for me ;)

- I'm hoping we can make a trip down to Granny's this month and also just spend time with those close to us. I want to make sure that I really prioritize our friendships this year.

- Since it is Black History Month, I'm hoping to find AP some books relating. Maybe a picture book on MLK and I want to let her listen to one of his speeches, too. We actually already checked out some books on diversity from the library. I'll do a post soon about them! 

Onto my goals! Here are last month's:
1. (The lone carry-over) Complete my closet changeover. Almost done. SO absurd. I'm such a procrastinator. I will say this: I've culled and pruned my wardrobe this year in a way I never have and I'm proud of that!
2. Carve out small and big chunks of hours and days to spend in conversation with my beloved. I think we did pretty good, but there's always room for improvement.
3. Find and begin an excellent new read-aloud book that's slightly above Annie's level. Did it! We're reading Charlotte's Web. I found a big read aloud version at the library and we read about four pages before rest time and four pages in the evenings. I'm planning to do a big post on it. It's been so special.
4. Related, daily attempt to read with Graves. I'm not going to say I did this every day. Because I didn't. But we were a lot more intentional. Some days I read him four or five books. Some days I read him one. Some days it got skipped. But we made it a priority and he really did enjoy it more than I anticipated. It's also fun because Annie now has a few of his little board books memorized and she's started "reading" to him herself. Precious.

Here are this month's:
1. Cook at the very minimum three times a week. Because of the budgeting stuff, we aren't going out to eat near as much. Last year we probably averaged one eat out night a week. If I cook three times a week and add in beans night that still has us eating leftovers/cereal/sandwiches/B4D/ect. three nights a week. Any more than that seems absurd and unfair to my family. This is so hard for me to commit to because I kind of loath cooking. I'm not trying to overstate. Only in the sense that I loath things like changing extremely foul diapers or scrubbing baseboards with a toothbrush. No wait. More than that. That said, when I do it regularly and when I allow myself enough time and space, I get a sense of pride from it and I don't hate it like I think I will. I think it comes with practice. So practice I will!
2. Organize kids' outgrown clothes. I have several bags of things I've purged from their closets plus things people have borrowed and returned. I need to sort it, box it, and return it to the attic. I try to be super organized with the kids' clothes for a couple of reasons. One, it just makes me feel better. Two, I have a boy mom friend and a girl mom friend (or sister in law) who I send most of their stuff to. It blesses me so much to be able to do that. I want to keep stuff they haven't gotten to yet organized so it's easier when the time comes and I want the stuff they've sent back organized for whenever someone else might use it. For example: Alaina Howie seems to be in the market for some red Sun Sans in a size two. I know once I get a chance to hop up in the attic, I can put my hands on them in about three seconds. If I'm going to buy things at the rediculous rate I sometimes do, we're going to operate like a well oiled retail store.
3. Polish up the NYC blog and start posting over there somewhat regularly. [I actually privated it because I started the construction today!]

Here's to February. A month to celebrate love. May we love each other well and meet one another with abundant grace when we fail to.


amanda said...

Target has an MLK picture board book. I'd planned toget it or Monroe for MLK day, but ultimately decided not to. He doesn't yet notice skin color and as important as it is to share what MLk did, I don't want to taint that piece of his innocent mind. Instead, I got him a really cute book about an AA family eating dinner together at the grandmas house to introduce a little cultural diversity.

Mary Louis Quinn said...

I'll be interested to hear your post on introducing diversity to AP. I think about this a lot. Like the commenter above, C has never one time mentioned/noticed the differences between her coloring and someone else's. And all of her teachers at school are black, and she has several classmates of different ethnicities. I do want her to learn about equality from an early age, but at the same time, I don't necessarily want to point out racial differences and then perhaps inadvertantly cause her to form certain opinions or expectations. I know we'll have these serious conversations in the future, though. Not even sure if this makes sense... Just thinking out loud. :)

Sarah Denley said...

Like I said, we've read several "diversity" books from the library. One has an trans-racial family and is almost like poetry. Another is about a little Asian cat who brings sushi to school. I felt like they were very developmentally appropriate. I'm not sure if I can find an MLK book for a three year old that is, but I'm hoping to.

As far as noticing goes, I think that's really interesting about y'alls kids! Annie has talked about it a few times, mostly in the context of her Little People princesses and Tiana. She likes to say things like "Belle has brown hair like me. Cinderella has blond hair like Cookie" or discuss the color of their dresses. Anyway, a few times she's said "Tiana has brown skin" and once she asked me what color she was. I don't think it makes sense at this point to say "white", so I told her that she has "peachy" skin and we talked about how she and Peyton have a darker complexion and Graves and I are more fair. They get tanner in the Summer and we burn more easily. That's been the extent of it so far!

Mary Louis Quinn said...

I guess I should have just said she's never mentioned differences as opposed to "noticing" them. Hopefully at 3.5yrs old she's noticed them! Ha! I just don't know if I want to point out the differences if she doesn't "see" them. But I know one day she will and I want to be ready for that conversation!