Thursday, February 7, 2013

Five Minute Friday Prompt: Bare

Five Minute Friday

A bit more skin than I was comfortable seeing in mixed company at a Sunday school party.

A little blistered bottom all torn to pieces by the stomach bug and a bazillion truly awful diapers.

Laying it all out there. Putting words to my thoughts and sentences to my feelings. Letting people see the insides of my heart, as raw as that little pumkin's back end.

One is glamorous. One is painful. One is the only way I know to live this life.

Being bare.


Anonymous said...

Woah I like this. Really like it. You have a fantastic ability to say so much, with so few words. Incredible!

Jennifer Camp said...

Do you know how powerful your words are here? Thank you--for how you stretch open your heart. It can feel like such a painful sacrifice to let ourselves be completely vulnerable and raw. Love how you model that safety you feel in doing it, though, despite the uncomfortableness of it all. There is really no other way, is there? Thank you.

BARBIE said...

This is beautiful!

Melissa Tiffany said...

Amazing- the ability to relate a bare bottom to a raw heart. Incredible.

Paula Barnett said...

One with you. Through Him!