Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Weekly Happenings Post #201 (January 28- February 3)-- Friends in Town

Last week was a hard week for some reason (read: some girly reason). I just felt tired and dwon all week. Sometimes I don't know if hard emotion wears my body thin or if the normal fatigue of family life, especially combined with feelings of isolation, give way to anxiety and insecurity.

Annie had school on Monday and Peyton was working that morning, so I got up and got myself ready before the kids lifted their little heads off their pillows. I woke them up and got them ready and fed and packed AP's lunch and we were off...on time! Graves and I came back home and I made the beds, started a load of diapers washing and did dishes. I had my breakfast and Graves and I played a bunch. I folded some clothes but poor guy was SO cranky. He was fine if I'd stop whatever I was doing, but even when I was right next to him and talking to him, he was upset. I finally just put everything up and we read and played and snuggled for a good forty five minutes! I never have long stretches of just playing with him like that and it was so nice. I need to make it a priority more.

We picked up Annie and and came home. I put Graves to bed and unpacked all AP's stuff and then we read and I got her ready for rest time. She was tired and emotional and had a hard time staying in her room. I ate lunch and got on Twitter and read blogs. I uploaded and edited some pictures and then the kids got up.
 Graves j came over and messed with Dress Up Dolly. Annie promptly told me "I just want another baby". I asked her what she meant-- "Just send him to somebody else's house and get me another baby." SD: "Um, what other baby??" AP: "Like a sister baby!".

They played and I got ready for my Junior League meeting.
When I came back, I found them like this- AP turned the lights off and had on her "magical music". Related: they're sharing a bed in NYC (really no other practical options) and Peyton wants to start "practicing". Um, not quite yet, dear.

Peyton got home and I left. The meeting was quick and good- they discussed projects we could do at UMC next year. When I got home, Peyton had put Graves to bed, but he was wide awake. We ended up all going to run errands. Ha! We went to Kroger and a Walgreens across town. It was nice to spend time with Peyton. We put the kids to bed and ate leftover for dinner. I cleaned up the kitchen and tidied the house and then we chatted and I got on the computer.

Graves woke up pretty early on Tuesday morning. I fed him breakfast and then climbed back in bed for half an hour when Peyton got up. I took my bath and started laundry and dishes and Peyton got ready for work. When he left, I started feeling so down. I was just lonely and kind of tired and I knew it would be a long day since he was leaving early and we had no plans. The kids were playing so well and I even laid down on AP's bed for a minute. I knew getting moving would help, so I put on more laundry and then I inventoried the kids Summer shoes. There are some sales coming up and I wanted to see what we had. Graves is pretty much set- he got some hand me downs from his cousin and he wears AP's old Sun Sans and Keds. Annie and I did school and then I fixed the kids' lunch. I read to Annie and got her settled after I put Graves down. While they rested, I got on the computer. I wrote a post and read a few blogs. I ate my lunch and rested a little. They both woke up early and we just played/folded laundry in their room for about an hour. Then I took them outside. They played and I managed to get a little reading done when I wasn't catching Graves at the end of the slide- it's steep and he goes down FAST.

 Naked toes and it wasn't even February!

We came in and I fixed their supper. While they ate I cleaned the windows in the den and their bedroom- I dusted the blinds, scrubbed the window sills, and Windexed the actual panes. I took out the trash and recycling and AP slipped and hurt herself during that. We fixed her knee up and I bathed Graves. They played a little more while I cleaned up the kitchen. I vacuumed the floors, did the dinner dishes, and cleaned Graves's highchair. I put him to bed and swept in the living room and then I gave AP a bath. I worked on my closet and read some while she soaked and then we read (alot!) and I put her to bed early. She had a hard time because I wouldn't let her do a puzzle, but then she fell asleep fast. I got on the computer until Peyton got home.

Wednesday was a fun day! We all got up and I got ready and fixed Annie's lunch while Peyton got her ready and then I dropped her off at school. One of my high school friends, Sarah Catherine, was in town with her new baby, so I headed over to her parents' house for a visit while Peyton was home with Graves. I got home before lunch and Peyton and I visited. My mom dropped by for an impromptu visit while Graves was having lunch. Peyton left to go get AP and Minnie left and I put Graves down and got to work. I cleaned up his high chair, sorted/started laundry, did some dishes and straightened up the house. When I'm not home in the mornings, things are CRAZY. I read some and then got on Twitter and started a blog post. Peyton had gotten home with AP and gotten her settled. She played really well and Graves slept a long time. I got ready because I was meeting Sarah Catherine and some other friends at Babalu and Peyton got the kids ready for church. I was initially planning on leaving early, so I just ordered a Coke and ate some guacamole. I ended up having so much fun, though, and our group really doesn't last that long, so I decided to stay. I got home a little before Peyton and the kids. We put the kids to bed and I finished my post.

Thursday was another full, fun day. Peyton had stuff going on all day and then work. I got up around eight with the kids and we had breakfast and then I got ready and got them ready. I did dishes and tidied the house and then we left for a playdate with the Howies! We were SO happy to see our long-lost friends. These past two months were weird and being off our routine and not having the girls in school and all that meant we hadn't been seeing each other regularly at all and then we've both had some sickness. Of course, we picked up right where we left off....and stayed for three hours. When we got home I got the kids ready for naps. Y'all, AP got so worked up about so many things. It was the worst rest time since we've started our "ticket system". She just had some ridiculous requests...like wanted me to do a forty eight piece puzzle with her. Um, no. That's not what rest time means, punkin. And she got SO worked up when I told her that. I think she had just had so much fun/got so excited/wore herself out playing with Aubrey, she couldn't really get a grip. Kind of like when Minnie goes to Bridge Club and can't fall asleep until three in the AM because she's W-I-R-E-D from seeing her friends she hasn't seen in a month. I guess. Anyway, I mostly played on the computer and texted Carrie. You know, because we didn't get everything in during those three hours.

Anyway, when they got up we cleaned up their room (also so difficult) and got ready to go to my parents' for beans since they were going out of town that weekend. I was about at the end of my rope when Ann Peyton kept whining about being cold in the car. I literally told her if she didn't stop I'd turn around and we wouldn't go. I'm glad she stopped because I hate to say I'd be such a lightweight parent, but I think she would have called my bluff ;) 

We had a nice time once we got there and I think everyone was happy for the change of scenery. My mom made cookies and I bathed both kids and we got home late. I worked on my February blog design and read blogs until Peyton got home. We talked and I sent a few emails and went to bed late.

We had a SUPER relaxing morning on Friday, which was nice. I didn't sleep very late, but we just all hung out in the living room and enjoyed each other's company. I got a bath before Peyton left and when he went to work, I started my day. I started laundry and dishes and then we cleaned up (both kids had to go to time out during that process) and I fixed the kiddos' lunch. I put Graves down and AP and I did some school and read. I got on Twitter and worked on my NYC blog. The kids got up and I started getting ready. I was fixing supper and all AP wanted was cereal. I told her she could have some after she ate her vegetables and she literally sat in the Calm Down Chair and sobbed for half an our. Right after she got better, our precious babysitter, Claire, got here. I was meeting Sarah, a Twitter friend who is moving here! We met at Babalu (again, ha!) and had a great dinner and visit. Such easy conversation and the food was great! I got home and Claire left and AP and I did a puzzle and prayed and I put her to bed. I sent a few emails and finished a post and Peyton got home. We talked and went to bed.

Peyton was going to a funeral on Saturday morning and I got up with the kids. AP pitched a HUGE fit about a cup she wanted that was dirty and I nearly lost it. I just couldn't deal with her being a basket case again. She's too much like me sometimes :) Anyway, Peyton handled it and calmed her right down. Of course. I started crying, because honestly...I wanted it to be harder for him. It just bugged me he dealt with her so easily and I had been struggling ALL week. He left and the kids played dress up while I watched them from the couch. I got up and started laundry after a bit and then put them in the Pack N Play and took a bath. Peyton got home and we had a nice afternoon after a little argument involving how much he should be away from home (doing good things like helping at church) that somehow escalated into an argument about how many kids we would have. He ended up apologizing for being to harsh and I ended up apologizing for being irrational and loosing my mind. We put the kids down and I cleaned up the house some and then got on the computer for awhile. I took a short nap and when the kids got up, I got ready because I was going to a Women's Event/fundraiser for The Pointe (Morgan's church/our church's church plant). It was super fun- entertainment, a great speaker who said just what I needed to hear (she has six kids that she homeschools and was talking about how her family was still involved in the community), and great food. When I got home, Graves was asleep and Peyton and AP were starting our wedding dvd. She'd never seen it before and was excited. I watched with them and it was fun. I had forgotten some stuff about it and I loved watching it all again. We put her to bed and then talked. I got on the computer for a bit and went to bed.

We got up on Sunday and got ready and went to Sunday school and the late service on Sunday. It was nice to see everyone after staying home with Annie the week before! When we got home, we had lunch and put the kids down. I did dishes and worked on Annie's letter and picked up around the house and then took another short nap.

We got ready and headed to our Sunday school class's Super Bowl party. It was fun and we ended up staying later than we meant to. We tried to drop off the recycling, but the bins were full. When we got home, we put the kids to bed. I got on the computer and Peyton watched a movie and then I did some laundry.
He won't keep on his socks, but Peyton got him to keep on his dinos. There is NOTHING like a little boy. [And before anyone (Minnie!) says anything, there is also NOTHING like a little girl.]

This week has been so much better. We have a few things going on, but not an overwhelming amount!

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