Monday, February 18, 2013

Weekly Happenings Post #203 (February 11-17)-- My (Anything but) Ordinary Valentines

To clarify, my Valentine's (Day) was very ordinary. My actually Valentines? ANYTHING BUT. See the above picture with the froggie rocker and Peyton in a Snuggie later in the post. Peyton and I didn't buy each other gifts and didn't go out. We didn't really do much for the kiddos either. We're in major budget mode right now and honestly? It felt good to save. We have too much as it is.

Graves woke up super early (like six something) on Monday and Peyton got up with him. Praise God for a morning person spouse! I woke up around seven and got ready and headed to the CPC. I only stayed for about an hour because I needed to drop off some clothes I was consigning, but I was able to do some office training on the computer.

When I got home, I visited with Peyton and fed the kids lunch. Peyton left for work and we played and I did some homeschool stuff with AP.
 Dish towel super hero. This is why I don't buy a lot of fancy toys!

I put Graves to bed and cleaned up the kitchen and read to AP.
 Without question, one of the very best parts of my job.

While they rested, I ate lunch and started a blog post. I got on Twitter and did some in my Bible study.

I had meant to sweep the den really good during their nap, so when they got up I did that. We cleaned up quickly and I got them ready and dropped them off at my parents' house and headed to the consignment sale. We're trying to stay on a much stricter budget this year, so I tried to really limit myself. Carrie and I helped each other and had fun visiting. I ate supper at my parents' and then brought the kids home and put them to bed.
Of course, the dress up clothes box is the first place she visits when she gets to Minnie's.
 I hope this girl can always laugh at herself this way.

 I finished my post and read blogs and went to bed after Peyton got home.
I actually took this the previous Sunday. They both love sleeping this way. I do, too, sometimes!

Peyton had the day off on Tuesday. I got up and fed Graves breakfast and he snuggled with me for a few minutes and then Peyton and I traded off. I slept awhile longer and Annie crawled in our bed and we visited and snuggled. I took my bath and then Peyton took his and I got the kids ready and straightened some and we left. We ran by Walgreens and then headed to the mall. I know, The Mall. So bizarre, especsially since we're trying to major cut back on spending. Let it be known, I protested heartily. When your best friend is Kevin Smith obsessed as a young teenager, you spend lots of time in malls, and then you become a grown up and you detest them. And then you have your own kids and really, to be honest, become an old lady. And oh, the smells and the bright colors and the awful clothes that are rediculously immodest and you just want to be at home ordering stuff of the Internet or going to consignment sales where other people have done the dirty work for you. Anyway, it was pouring rain and Peyton thought it would be fun since neither of us had been in oh, like five years.

It actually wasn't that bad. We say my sister in law at the store she works at, people watched, and snickered at the autricious fashions, and debated a cookie (we didn't end up getting one- yay for intentional non-spending!). I did see one dress I liked. We came home and fed the kids and put them down for naps. I ate my lunch and visited with Peyton and got on the computer. Baby Graves woke up super early from his nap and, as always happens when Bapa! is home, was not content to play in his crib. We let him fuss awhile and then got him up. I got ready for a meeting and we cleaned up the kids' room and then took Graves's monthly picture.
I left early to go back to the mall and try on that dress. Honestly, I knew I wasn't going to get it, but my compulsive nature mandated I just see what it looked like on. I got in and out in a hurry, sans dress, of course. I headed to my Junior League meeting. We had all sweet snack for Valentine's Day and we had a presentation from someone at the American Heart Association. We also voted on several motions. Since I'm a provisional I couldn't vote, but that kind of thing is interesting to me. With all that, it still wasn't super long! Peyton had had a meeting, too, so he had left the kids with my parents. I got there and they were eating supper. I let them eat dessert and then bathed them both and we headed home. I put Graves to bed while Peyton watched the State of the Union and Annie watched a movie. I braided her hair and put her to bed then Peyton and I talked some.

 Best one so far- a couple of people told me to try it wet. It worked much better!

I cleaned up the kitchen- unloaded and reloaded dishes and stuff- and then unpacked our stuff from Mickey and Minnie's. I got on the computer and went to bed.

Peyton had Wednesday off, too, but he had a manager meeting that morning. Graves actually slept until 8:00. I got up with him and he was SO cuddley. He just kept running up to me and wanting to snuggle for a few minutes at a time. I LOVED it, of course. I fed him breakfast and started laundry and dishes.
 I'm picky about kid clothes but I'm so smitten with Bud when he looks like a Broadmeadow kid. That shirt is twenty five years old!

At 10:00(!!) I woke Annie up. I took my bath and then changed both the kids' bedding and did a little homeschool stuff with AP.
 And then AP wanted to wear one of my old dresses. Vintage Babykins.

 I got them dressed and we had lunch and all played until Peyton got home and then we went to the grocery store. Graves did great for it being so close to naptime.
 This is what you do when your prince gets sleepy at the grocery store. 

 Poor Prince was so tired!

We came home and unloaded groceries and got them down. I spent almost all of naptime on the computer and when the kids got up, we got ready and went to church for the Ash Wednesday service. After the service, we ran by Walmart and dropped off the recycling. When we got home, we put Graves to be (he had eaten before church) and got Annie ready for bed. I put clean sheets on our bed and then left to go get one last thing from the grocery store because I wanted to make some soup that night. I cooked chicken for the soup and unloaded and reloaded dishes and then made the soup. It was chicken tortilla and it turned out pretty good! I got on the computer for a bit and then went to bed.

Thursday was a nice relaxing day at home and I ended up being pretty productive. Graves got up early and Peyton got up with him and then I got up around eight. We just had a nice relaxed morning until Peyton had to get ready for work.

I fixed his lunch and supper and took a bath and he left. I played with the kids some and started laundry and dishes. I sent Minda a Facebook message and then browsed Amazon for our next read aloud book. The kids ate an early lunch and I cleaned the microwave and talked on the phone with Ellis a little. It's been awhile and we were having a great conversation- you know the kind that really just encourages your soul- and my phone dropped the call. We're using this new service (because it saves like $75 a month) and it's kind of (really) spotty. Anyway, it took awhile to get service back and his phone went to voicemail. Frustrating. I decided not to let it bother me and I folded some laundry and then we cleaned up and I put Graves down for his nap. I did some school stuff with AP and then got her settled.

While they rested, I ate my lunch and got on the computer. I also worked on some stuff for Annie's homeschool binder and wrote out her memory verses to put on the fridge and in the car. When the kids got up, we played in their room and I folded more laundry and put up some stuff in their. We cleaned up their room and got dressed in tights and coats and shoes and went outside for a bit. They had a lot of fun and when we came back in it was time for supper. I cleaned both bathrooms (and plunged a toilet) while they ate. I also cleaned my cleaning supplies box and the dustpan. Ha! Graves only had about thirty minutes until bedtime, so I bathed him and we played and read several books. I put him down and AP colored while I cleaned up the kitchen. She helped me make Suddenly Salad and chicken salad and then I gave her a bath. While she was in the bath, I worked on my closet. I read to her and put her to bed and then got on the computer and read blogs and worked on a post and went to bed. Peyton and I stayed up way to late chatting. Oh, Happy Valentine's Day.

Annie got in our bed at like four and that's not really unusual. I totally don't mind because she isn't in there the whole night and she's super snuggley and fun to sleep with. However, her diaper was wet and leaking a little, so I changed it to avoid a tee tee mess. Anyway, that woke her up and she would not stop talking about MonkMonk. I kept saying things like "If you want to stay in here, you need to go back to sleep" and Peyton would say "SWEETIE, I *AM* ASLEEP" or "You're not going to be able to sleep in this bed if you can't be stop talking" and Peyton would say "SWEETIE, I AM NOT LEAVING THIS BED" [sometimes his snoring gets him booted to the couch ;)]. Anyway, it was super comical the next day. That night? Not so much.

Graves got up on at 7:00 on Friday and Peyton had to be at work, so I got up with him. I took it easy at first and we had breakfast and snuggled and stuff and then around nine, I woke AP up and took a bath and I got ready for the day. I did some major butt hauling because Carrie and kids were coming over and I wanted to accomplish a few things before they arrived. I got the kids dressed and then I hustled and super quick grated some soap because we were out of store bought detergent and we're trying to save money and I didn't want to open the "emergency" box of detergent and I also didn't want to have to resort to disposable diapers. Anyway, I got that done and started a load and then I straintened piles, dusted a tiny bit, cleaned up dishes and finished getting ready. Whew. It was nice to relax once Carrie got here :) We had a fun time and the Howies ended up staying a long time. It's so much fun to catch up, and I'm thankful our kids are to the age where we can push them a little on the nap schedules (or maybe I'm just thankful for flexible kids- poor Alaina was such a trooper while her mommy and I went on and on...). Anyway, after they left, I started straigtening and then put Graves down. AP helped me finish and I read to her and changed over laundry.

I put her down and David stopped by because Carrie had left her phone. I got on the computer and then Peyton got home and we visited. When the kids got up, we got ready and left for beans and rice. We had a nice visit, but we didn't have beans! My mom was trying a new chicken recipe and I really enjoyed it! We bathed both kids and came home and put them to bed. I got on the computer and visited with Peyton and then watched The West Wing

Peyton let me sleep late on Saturday and then I got up and got ready and got things together because we were headed to Granny's. I got ready/collected everything in less than an hour! We had a lovely time talking on the way down and back and the three hour visit with Granny was priceless. She's so sweet and is the kind of person that loves to serve others. She's in her late seventies and she was jumping up any time the kids needed something and telling me and Peyton to sit still. This totally got passed to Peyton's dad and then to Peyton. I'm so thankful for this legacy and I pray that we'll be able to raise our children in the shadow of her's and Peyton's late grandfather's character.
 What a goofball their Papa is!

I was sad we didn't get to see Minda and Ellis, but they were visiting her family out of town. Anyway, when we got home, Peyton played with the kids while I unloaded and did a few things around the house. We talked and they played some more and then I put Graves to bed and Peyton went to buy some baby wipes. I got Annie to bed and then I got on the computer and started a post and read blogs. I wrote a post for later in the week, Peyton and I chatted, and we started The West Wing really late. As I was turning off the TV, I realized I had children's church the next day. Fortuantly, I had everything at home I needed, but we went to bed at like three in the morning. OMG.

Oh and the worst part is I had children's church for the early service on Sunday. We made it on time, though and I was very proud of myself. Children's church went well (I think because the girl to boy ratio was really high) and we went to Sunday school after that. We had one of the best discussions we've had in a while. After church, we ended up going over to Peyton's parents' house. We had a nice visit and his dad had made some AMAZING mashed potatoes. We came home and I cleaned up a bit, got on the computer for a few minutes and got Annie settled. Graves was still up and neither kid ever napped. Peyton did, though. After a bit, he got up and I took a nap. I was glad he was home, so we could trade off. Anyway, we just hung out some and then got ready for evening church. Of course, both kids fell asleep on the way. The sermon was awesome, though. When we came home we all ate supper (various leftovers for the kids, pita pizzas for us) and I cleaned up the kids room, bathed Graves, and got him ready for bed. I put him down and Peyton gave Annie a bath and did most of her nighttime routine. I got AP's school stuff together and straightened the house. I folded and started laundry, emptied and reloaded dishes, and did more general tidying. I got on the computer for awhile and then Peyton and I chatted and went to bed.

Last week was really good. My house got cleaned, we went on a little trip, I spent time with friends, Peyton and I had some quality hang out time was just a fun balance. I missed the boat on cooking three times. I'm not sure what we even eat when I don't? Sandwiches, pita pizzas, oatmeal, eggs? Anyway, I'm going to try to do better this week, but we're also trying not to buy to many groceries, so...we'll see. Anyway, this week looks good. A couple of League things, a field trip, and that's about it.

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