Monday, February 25, 2013

Weekly Happenings Post #204 (February 18-24)-- FEELINGS

Annie had a bit of a rough week last week. I'm not sure what it was, just so much....EMOTION. Y'all her teenage years have me so scared. Peyton was saying the other night that he wanted to hike the Appalachian Trail (it takes like six months). I told him jokingly that if he'd homeschool Graves they could just do it together. Annie and I could stay home and take massive amounts of Lexapro. 

I got up on Monday, got ready and packed AP's lunch. After I dropped her off, I volunteer at the CPC. I mainly did some training stuff- mostly reading. When I got home I had a short little visit and snack with Peyton and then he left. Graves had lunch and I started a blog post and kind of picked up the house. We picked up Annie from school and then came home for naps. I sent a few emails, got on Twitter, and did my Bible study. I got the kids up and AP was in an awful state. The day before she had fallen asleep in the car and then taken FOREVER to get to bed that night and I think being so tired was just making her major irritable. Anyway, I got ready and Peyton's dad got here to watch them while I went to my Junior League meeting. It was the last "Provisional Training" and it was really good, basically just about our future in the League. When I got home, I cleaned up the kids room and put Graves to bed after Peyton's dad left. Ann Peyton was still so mad at the world, but once I got her to bed she fell asleep faster than she has in probably a year. I got on the computer and when Peyton got home, we watched The West Wing and went to bed.

I got up with Graves on Tuesday and then traded off with Peyton after breakfast, snuggles, and a diaper change. When I got up, we just all hung out for a bit and then I cleaned up the kitchen from the night before and straightened the kids' room which looked like a disaster area from when they played in there with Peyton that morning. I'd normally make them help, but Peyton said Graves did most of it and I knew making him help would be a headache (I've been making him clean up with us a LOT lately, but he likes to make another mess while he cleans one up). Anyway, I ate breakfast and took my bath and then Peyton left. I consolidated a few piles and we did our homeschool stuff and then straightened and had lunch.

 sweet Bud feeding and burping his baby

I put the kids down and ate a snack and got on the computer. I took a short nap and started getting ready for Ultreya and baking some cookies. When the kids got up, I got them ready and fixed them supper. We left for the meeting. It was a great meeting. The leader asked us questions and we just discussed. When we got home, I put the kids right to bed. I got on the computer and worked on a post and read blogs and caught up on Twitter. Peyton got home and we actually got in bed, talked, and went to sleep at a normal hour!

I was volunteering at Bargain Boutique on Wednesday, so I got up and got ready. Peyton dressed AP and I got her lunch ready. There was some drama about hair and it was kind of chaotic, but we made it to school. I dropped her off and did my final BB shift for the League year. It was fun and actually I found a few things I wanted to buy. Budget slash, though. Oh, well. Anyway, I got home and visited with Peyton and played with Graves and ate lunch. I loaded dishes and then started cooking a potato casserole we were going to have for dinner (since we had church I was going to pre-cook and then reheat it). Anyway, Peyton left and I finished that and fed Graves lunch and then Peyton and Annie got home. We got the kids down and talked some and then I read some in our book for that night. After that, I got on the computer and then worked on my closet at little. The kids got up and we got ready for church. Annie had a melt down in her class (that she usually loves). She told me (she's told me this a few times lately) that she "just wanted to stop crying" but she couldn't. She even asked me to "make her stop crying". I don't know, it's hard. Anyway, we let her sit in on our class and it was a disaster. She wasn't out of control or anything, but she kept wanting to whisper things to me and it was just a distraction. I ended up just taking her out and Peyton had a big talk with her afterward. We came home and fed the kids and bathed them and put them to bed and then Peyton and I ate our supper (crock pot bbq, the casserole, and okra) in peace. I fixed some soup and cleaned up the kitchen (which took over an hour) after that and then got on the computer. Two meals in one night is the way to go, cooking wise.

Peyton had a meeting at nine on Thursday and then was going to meet us at the Science Museum for a field trip at ten. I got in the tub around eight and then he had to jump in. It was kind of chaotic because I was trying to blow dry my hair and Graves was mad at me for putting him in the Pack N Play. [I think it's about time I let go of my worries about what could happen when I'm out of earshot and just let them play in the gated den.] Anyway, Peyton got off and I finished getting ready and  packed all our lunches, started laundry and fed and dressed the kids.
 This is how we field trip- tshirt, Converse, and prissy pants.

We got off just in time. When we got there it was POURING. Peyton met us there and I was SO glad for his help. I think trying to keep up with Graves would have been um...exhausting. Anyway, we came home and all had lunch and I unpacked everything and got the kids down for naps. Graves had acted so sleepy at the museum but then took half an hour to go to sleep and woke up earlier than usual. I ate my lunch, got on the computer, and worked on my closet. When the kids got up, I worked on their "buy ahead" closet and got it organized and then went through their shoe drawers.
 Bud tucking in his "babies".

 I pulled out a bunch that were too small and got some new ones down from the BA closet. We cleaned up their room and they ate supper. I bathed Graves (who was SO fussy, I guess from being so tired) and read to him a bit and put him to bed. Annie and I did some school stuff and read and just talked and then I put her to bed. I got on the computer and ate dinner. When Peyton got home we visited and then I wrote a post. We watched The West Wing and went to bed.

Friday was a fun day.  Peyton got up and left for work and then I got up with Graves. And then Peyton got back home. He was supposed to work that night- too bad his commute is an hour round trip :( Anyway, it was nice to have him home that morning. We had a relaxing morning. Maybe too relaxing because I started getting ready, trying to get the kids ready, iron things, pack their lunches, and pick up the house and we were late getting over to Carrie's for lunch. We had lasagna Carrie had made and it was delicious. We had so much fun and it was our turn to stay FOREVER. When it was time to go, Annie lost her mind a little bit over not being able to find a plastic ring Peyton had given her. This week was so hard for her, for some reason. Anyway, we made it home and I put the kids down. I got on the computer and wrote a post and picked up a little more around the house. Graves woke up early again (and fussy again) from his nap. We cleaned up their room and got ready to go to my parents' house. We had a great visit and I put the kids right down when we got home. I did computer stuff and Peyton got home and we visited. I read some and did my Bible study and then watched The West Wing and went to bed.

We all slept late(ish) on Saturday- eight thirty! We got going and I took a bath and then tagged some clothes for a consignment sale. Peyton got ready and we loaded up and dropped the clothes off, I dropped Peyton off at his parents' house where he was meeting his brother, Andrew, for a walk. Peyton's parents were at Granny's, though, and Annie got upset they weren't there to visit with her. I called Elizabeth to see about stopping by, but they weren't home, so we headed over to Mickey and Minnie's. I told AP from the start that a) we were only staying about twenty minutes and b) if she was hungry, she could eat one Babybel and either leftover beans or leftover chicken pot pie (they tend to want to eat a lot of junk at my parents' house). We had a nice visit and I told Annie that we were leaving in about ten minutes and not to tell me she was hungry as we were walking out the door. She said she wanted to eat lunch and I asked what. She immediatly said chicken pot pie. Planning and preparing work really well with her. I don't know where she gets that :) Anyway, we finished up and came home for naps. I read to Annie and got her down and then straightened a little and got on the computer. Andrew brought Peyton home and stayed to visit a little and then it was time to wake up Graves because we had a Sunday school activity that afternoon. We were making UMCOR kits as a mission project and boiling crawfish for fun. We had a nice time at the service oppurtunity/party and stayed nearly three hours! Graves was melting down towards the end, though. I started putting up laundry in the kids room and Peyton bathed the kids. He left Graves in the tub for more than two minutes and of course he pooped. He actually finished on the frog potty, though. So...points for that? Anyway, I cleaned that up and started some laundry and tidied up a few piles after I got Graves to bed. We got AP down and talked some and then I got on the computer and read posts and put pictures on Flikr. I read a bunch in a homeschooling book and then watched The West Wing and went to bed.

Sunday was sort of weird. Not what I expected, but mostly good. We got up and went to church and Sunday school and then one of the volunteers for children's church didn't show up for the second service, so I helped with that. We came home and all had lunch and then we got the kids settled for naps/rest time.
 random photo shoot- I think my skills are improving a bit

I got on Twitter a bit and then Peyton and I hung out and talked and I read some.
 The loveseat in the sunroom is too small for both of us to stretch out on, so Peyton is on a chaise lounge, in the yard, visiting with me through the window. And also drinking hard liqueur at two o'clock on a Sunday afternoon. OMG.

Well, nobody here should be struggling to read because of this. #constantchatteraroundhere

When Graves woke up, Peyton took the kids outside and I fell asleep for a little bit with the windows still open.

Peyton was pulling Graves up and he heard his wrist pop. It got red and Peyton came in and iced it. It seemed to be better and he took him outside again, but when he tried to move it he started crying. I was going to take AP and go to church, but he stretched out his arms and I knew he wanted me. Anyway, it was really too late for Peyton and Annie to go. They ended up going to the park while I tried to get Graves to bed. I laid down with him in AP's bed after I finally go his diaper changed and pjs on.
 Can't say I didn't love this- it's the most sedentary he's been since he became mobile. Poor Bud.

When they got home, Peyton put him in his crib. I cleaned up the kitchen and picked up the house (both a disaster) and we put Annie down. Poor Graves was having a hard time staying asleep. We watched the Oscars and ate supper and then I got on the computer and uploaded pictures. I stayed up too late watching The West Wing and Graves was up a good bit.

I think this week is going to be pretty fun/relaxed. I'm hoping Baby Graves's wrist heals quickly and I'm also hoping for a less emo little girl. One can dream, yes?

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