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Weekly Smorgasbord

So, I had some trouble with the format again and I just worked through it. It looks like everything back running smoothly, so it should be normal next week. Lots of good links this week, mostly without controversy ;) This list seemed to how more posts of where I loved the writer's words or really resonated with the thoughts and feelings expressed. Less issues/ideas, more feelings/emotions. It's nice to mix it up!

  On Faith:
Living in the Tension: On Shame
"Shame though, at its base, is about fear - fear of condemnation, of rejection, of not measuring up - but perfect Love - radical, self-sacrificing, other-embracing, redemptive Love - casts out all fear. Shaming then is nothing short of denying the primacy of this Love, and the power of grace. It says that God's goodness, love, grace and kindness are not enough to draw us to repentance. It says that control, not love, is the nature of our relationship with God."

One Good Phrase: Peace of Christ be with you always (Seth Haines)
"I think back to the passing of the peace, and it seems especially poignant these days. The world is awash in turmoil. The news reminds me of the children who lay eternally silent, the ones slaughtered by men without peace. I avert my eyes, search for an outlet but find only vestiges of violence, or scintillating sexuality, or marketed materialism. I retreat inward, hoping to find a quiet corner, but it’s there, too, this turmoil that is endemic to the hearts of men. But in these moments of unrest, I remind myself of Christ’s words, the ones he knew that we, sons of thunder as we are, needed most–”Peace I leave you; my peace I give to you.”"  

Ooooh. This is so good.  

Real Failure, or Why All of it Matters / A Deeper Story
"What I fear this statement does is negate every other beautiful success that is not so outwardly spiritual. Work and art and family and small acts of love, true friendship. Thirteen years ago, I would have said God did not really care about business, about my dreams of writing poetry, about a really good novel that doesn’t have overt spiritual overtones. Is that what Chan is saying here? What is big? What is small? What will make God proud of me?"....What makes something valuable? What makes anything in this tender and cracked world more important than anything else? I am called to a spiritual work that runs deep and fine. Your calling may be wide. You may dig the wells that save the lives of thousands. Or you may lift the small plastic cup to the one mouth in your care. You may be doing the great work I dreamed of once, the brave work in the most broken places. But, you may also be living the most ordinary kind of life: one of laundry and dishes and children who scream your attempts to raise them well. All of us are knit into the fabric of Christ; all of us are living in holy time."

LOVE this.  

'Relevance Is Not Enough- Anne Marie Roderick / Sojourners Magazine- February 2013 
"The wonderful thing about transcendence is that it scoops us up locally and globally, backward and forward. As I participate in a liturgical service, I am investing in the local community, making peace with those I see on a regular basis, lifting up prayers of joy and concern week after week, and communing around ancient symbols of nourishment and sustenance. This practice of gathering around a common structure has historically guided the global church and continues to direct us today, giving these words and rituals enduring meaning. I don’t believe that transcendence can only be found in high-church traditions, but there is great value in holding on to practices that have sustained large portions of the church for so long...For a moment I felt guilty, sinful even for letting this elder kneel before me. But in that moment, the gospel made more sense to me than it ever had. This is the good news, even though it doesn’t make any sense."  


 On Family:
When mama ain't happy... -Lisa-Jo Baker
"And I take a deep breath and shake my cowardly head, no. As if I can ward off the world, as if I can unsee the movie reel I know is playing in his head. Because there is no going back from the moment when a young soul describes with surprise and wide eyes about how a man came into a room where a lady was sleeping and tried to creep her shirt off her without waking her up....While others might hear, “diaper-changer, food-maker, car-pooler, bottle-washer, laundry-doer, sweat pants-wearer, no-brain, mushy, washed up, life-on-hold” wanna be doing anything else woman, the Truth, whether it feels like it some days or not, is that we are in fact a shelter from the storm. We are a Cape of Good Hope. We are the warriors who will battle for our children’s hearts, souls, attention, innocence, and memories." 

emily t. wierenga: The loneliness of motherhood
"motherhood is lonely. it's not for the faint of heart. it requires courage and sacrifice and time, it means wiping snotty noses with your fingers because you have no Kleenex, it means sitting up with your son when he won't sleep and watching movies with him, or just holding him by the open window so the cool air can soothe his lungs, it means praying over their heads, over their beds, over their bodies and then crawling weary into your own to make love to a husband who misses you."  

Interesting to read this in the context of a lot of thoughts I've been having lately. I've said before that nothing has brought me closer to Golgotha than my children and here, Emily writes this out so beautifully. If the way I mother makes me a better disciple and one more reliant on Him- even and of course, at a personal cost to myself- then it's all together worth it, apart from any benefits my children receive. 

On Adoption:
Rage Against the Minivan: adoption in america
Interesting infographic about domestic adoption.

On Marriage:
Communication {How to Make Your High Maintenance Marriage Work}:: Week 1 - Kayse Pratt
I like this idea of Reflective Listening.

On Gender Roles:
John Piper's Influence is, he says, 'irrespective of competency'
"No. There is no such thing as an enduring society that operates “irrespective of competency.” Any society that tried to function “irrespective of competency” would quickly fail due to, you know, incompetency."

 I like John Piper. I've learned things from him. But, this was a weird thing to say. It seems to me like he keeps saying stranger and stranger things. 

On Life and Such:
For When You Think You Have to Prove Yourself to Other Women / Sarah Markley
"Measuring is a fallacy. Proving ourselves to other women has no benefit. Maybe we can be the ones to begin telling ourselves and our daughters to stop trying to measure up to what the world tells us we need to be.And in that love (that gracing-love) there is no proving, there is no moving faster or further and there is no urgency. There is simply Him and you and what is right."

On Valentine's Day:
Small Talk: Kids on Valentine's Day- YouTube
"Awkward and embarrassing". Haha. Hysterical.

 On Culture and Politics:
"Even when I open Google maps, I am at the center of the universe. No matter where I am, even as I am in motion, everything that surrounds me shifts to accommodate. There’s even that shaded blue circle around the blue dot, as if to indicate, “This is all that should matter to you."It’s possible that technology has made it too easy to make everything about me—to curate and sort and block out what doesn’t suit me."

Rage Agains the Minivan: resources for talking to kids about race and racism
I'm excited about this- Peyton and I already found one of these at the library. 

Obama's Epiphany / Wedgewords
"In one respect, this is nothing new. The GOP regularly worships America. George W. Bush routinely came under criticism from celebrities, musicians, and media-pundits for associating American politics with divine interests. And America has been on the receiving end of Biblical imagery since the very beginning, and this sort of language has shown up in Kennedy, Wilson, Lincoln, and others. What makes this noteworthy is that it is the ultimate rebuttal to all of the Right Wing conspiracy theories. Obama is not bringing us Kenyan, Muslim, Anti-Colonialist, Communistic ideas which are ultimately meant to cause America’s demise. To the contrary, Obama is ALL AMERICA. This is homegrown, centuries-in-the-making, American Progressivism. With certain modifications and shifts in emphasis, but all seen as basically continuous, Obama’s America is the culmination of Dr. King, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and Thomas Jefferson."

Interesting take. Some of it I totally agree with, some I'm not so sure about.

Quit Ruining the Internet / The Church of No People
"When you use the name “Hitler” in a comment, it doesn’t matter what the context is.  Anything you are about to say is going to be stupid, whiny, ill-informed, half-witted nonsense.Comparing the President to Hitler doesn’t denigrate the President.  It denigrates the suffering of millions of people.  It doesn’t put the President on the same level of one of history’s worst mass murderers.  It puts you on the same level as a person who actually went to a concentration camp.  Is that really what you are saying?  Your suffering as an American is comparable to a person in a concentration camp?   The liberals were guilty of constantly comparing W. to Hitler, and the conservatives are equally guilty today.  Can we just agree that the F├╝hrer stands alone?"


Rage Against the Minivan: best documentaries about social justice
Peyton and I LOVE documentaries, so we might have to check out some of these.

Hash Tag Activism / The Ramblings of a Wayward Son
"The old adage “all it takes for evil to exist is for good men to do nothing” comes to my mind.  But in a lot of ways, this feels worse than “good” people doing nothing.  This feels like us doing nothing, but patting ourselves on the back for doing something. We, as people, can’t just hash tag something for a week and move on.  I’m pretty sure that’s not how this works."

On Music and Entertainment:
Posted: 31 Jan 2013 09:57 PM PST
"But political quibbles aside, I remain convinced that what Springsteen actually does for a living is more important to the life of our country than the work of any living politician, and I saw living proof that very same week...America, when will you be worthy of your E Street Band?"

On Life and Such:
Finding Contentment- Thoughts on the Downsized Life / Storyline Blog

A Holy Experience- A Life Plan When You're Overwhelmed: Sanity Manifesto Printable
"What a heart knows by heart is what a heart knows....Your work is art: it needs a soundtrack....You really need one walk outside a day. Even it’s just out the door to get the mail or walk the dog around the block or a walk around the yard before you have to get in the car...Like Nehemiah who worked on rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem, build your wall, building whatever God has uniquely called you to — a particular work project, a creative project, homeschooling, homemaking, a ministry. Everyday before noon, work on your wall, laying down 3 stones before noon. If you don’t intentionally work on your wall, the tyranny of the urgent can make your life a rubble heap...Random acts of greatness pale in comparison to habitual acts of faithfulness...It’s not what you do every now and then, but what you do everyday, that changes everything. The only way to get anywhere safely is to make complete stops...Make hard, complete stops at set times throughout the day to pray. Otherwise you’re risking a crash."

Wise words from a great woman.

Be Brave in an Ordinary Way- SheLoves Magazine
"Let me be brave in an ordinary way first. Let me mother out of my best hopes instead of my worst fears. Let me love ferociously into the mundane corners of our life. Let me find God in my laundry pile.Let me take off my masks, admit my imperfections, tell my stories. Give me grace to be the one who jumps first. "
Yes. Yes. Yes.

Still Time / the beautiful due
"Those mired in the relative world no doubt vie it pagan but I think carrying this black precious resin causes the sum total of sadness in this life to be a little less than it would have been otherwise, I really do. Totems like this anchor us, make us less boring, and challenge us to commit truly great acts of love while there’s still time"

On Learning How To...
10 Ways to be a Twitter Jedi
"Incorporate your tweeting into your daily lifestyle. Once a week (or more) take note of your favorite tweeters and admire and encourage them publicly."

Great tips!


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