Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Weekly Smorgasbord

Well, I got things working again, so the format should be normal. I think there's a lot of variety this week. More touchy subjects than last, but also some stuff that's just fun and light. I will say these lists are getting super long. I guess I've just been in a "zone" with reading blogs more than I used to? [And probably spending too much time on the computer.] Anyway, sometimes when I see posts like this and there are tons of links, I just click the big "x" because it's overwhelming. I say this a good bit, but it's not my intention anyone read all the posts. Well, except maybe Peyton ;) That said, I'm going to try to pare down next week.

    On Faith:
    Posted: 09 Feb 2013 01:37 PM PST
    "Wouldn't we all love to belong to a church that threw birthday parties for whores at three in the morning? THAT is the kind of church that Jesus came to create. I don't know where we got this other one that is half country club."
    Posted: 10 Feb 2013 09:13 PM PST
    "But there are some things we cannot change. And those are the things that break me. The little bird that I cannot heal. The hearts and minds of the wounded that I cannot do anything about. The secret, small (and big) things that only God knows of. These are where we must leave Him to work and be His hands and feet when we can, and when we cannot? Well, I guess we let our heart break."

    Posted: 10 Feb 2013 09:09 PM PST
    "In recent years, the mainline churches have become increasingly dependent on a common lectionary for worship and preaching on Sundays. An Old Testament text is always indicated, and yet sermons on Old Testament texts have become increasingly infrequent."

     Interesting analysis of how the lectionary hurts us sometimes.
    On Family:
    Posted: 12 Feb 2013 12:20 PM PST
    "Once I heard a speaker tell a group of moms that the reason they don't practice consistency is because they're lazy. I balked in that moment at the language, and I get angry thinking about it now because I think it's a dirty rotten lie. I've never met a mom who is lazy. Really, I rarely meet anyone who is lazy. When I look around me, I see a world that is tired. We are worn out and weary in one way or another – ever aware of how great the space is between what we want to be and what we are....When it seems like it's too much and not enough all at once, say grace. Look around you at the beautiful chaos of your life, and just say it. Grace. Speak it out over the messy kitchen and the haphazardly set table. You've got paper towels torn from the tube instead of napkins and the cups are mismatched and it's so loud. Maybe you're slouched, elbows on the table. Maybe not one of you is minding their manners. Who cares? Who ever said it has to be pretty? True grace so rarely is."

    There was an interesting discussion thread on my FB about this one. Several people said they know plenty of lazy people. I think we definitely all have our lazy moments, and I would guess most people have them daily. And we even have lazy "stretches"- like I said my blog post was evident of that. But OVERALL, I just don't know any moms I would consider "lazy". Personally, I think that's what she was getting at.

    Posted: 06 Feb 2013 09:58 PM PST
    "My fastest run. Breakfast Club fist pump...What do you think about brick tile for the kitchen? The old-world feel of home? Oh, it's discontinued. Starting over...After lunch & nap, of course...Baby shower. Blue cupcakes. I wish it were me...Fighting the toilet. My head in my hands & I wonder if we're doing the right thing."

    Great post.

    On Love:
    Posted: 12 Feb 2013 09:09 PM PST
    "but i don't know that all of the roses in the world could turn this girl's heart the way a sacrificial man can. because sacrifice, Jesus cries from the tree where he hangs, is everything."

     I'm so thankful that this is my husband, too.

     On Living Life: 
    Posted: 12 Feb 2013 09:20 PM PST
    "Sometimes it feels like everything in this world is asking me: Are you fast enough? Are you fast enough to play with your kids AND keep your house tidy? Are you fast enough to serve your family and your community? Are you fast enough to be an interesting person and good friend? Can you pile enough into your life without collapsing under it, without dropping all you're balancing all over the floor?...We are shaped by a world moving fast beside us. But when we look up, the clouds are floating with deliberate, careful force. Maybe we were made for that good gentle pace. Maybe we were made for long looks and real conversations."

    This resonated with me and truth be told, convicted me a little. I'm so bad about hurrying to the next thing. Of all people, I shouldn't do this. I have no deadlines, I have a very flexible schedule, ect. And I'm robbing my kids (and myself!) of something really important when I live life this way.

    Posted: 12 Feb 2013 09:12 PM PST
    "I realized then something I've known about love but hadn't yet been able to define: True love is often so fierce and so thick that the feelings don't have space to surface. My girls love one another deeply, but I don't think they have loving feelings for each other. At least, not yet."

    Posted: 06 Feb 2013 10:03 PM PST
    "Cushions are so important because it takes the irrational and the crazy and gives it a soft place to land. Margins help us because it gives us "white space" in a sea of wall to wall words...Maybe at their core, cushions are grace embodied in daily life."

    Posted: 10 Feb 2013 11:37 AM PST
    " It's a cycle I've come to recognize because these are my signature struggles. I have them and you do too. And here's the upside: Your signature struggles are related to your signature strengths."

    On Anxiety and Depression:
    Posted: 10 Feb 2013 09:15 PM PST
    "I have to pour it out to Him again and again, my precious things, and every time I do, it's the peace I've been missing that sweeps over. It's the peace that send our children into the future. Peace is anti-depression.*"

    On Purity and Sexuality:
    Posted: 08 Feb 2013 09:39 PM PST
    "Instead of purity culture, I wish we'd been told, "This may be difficult at times. You won't be "ruined" if you don't wait- and especially not if the decision was taken away from you due to abuse or rape. Waiting won't guarantee amazing sex with your spouse but sex in the context of marriage is God's best and here's why. And by the way, you're more than this decision.""
    Posted: 08 Feb 2013 09:23 PM PST
    "We make sure teenagers are hedged in with little rules like flimsy fences. And then the fences have to be mended when kids ask, "How far is too far?" When we entertain those questions, we too have missed the point. We ought to be focused on how intimate our kids' relationship with the Lord is, rather than telling them what base they can go to before Jesus gets pissed off."

    On Gender Roles:
    Posted: 06 Feb 2013 10:04 PM PST
    "I would suggest that society has assigned men the role of protector not because of "divine wiring," not because God designed men to be more protective and sacrificial (and dare I say "heroic") than women, but precisely because of those competencies that Piper pish-poshed. Men are, on the whole, bigger, stronger, and sturdier than women. They have more testosterone pumping through their veins. It just makes sense for them to be the protectors, until it doesn't–until the boogeyman jumps out at Black Belt Sarah, and her scrawny date insists on proving his manhood by leaping in front of her, effectively hindering Sarah and putting everyone at greater risk."

    One of the best posts I've read on gender roles to date.

    On Poverty:
    Posted: 07 Feb 2013 08:33 PM PST
    So damn humbling. I could die happy if I never heard the phrase again.

    Posted: 10 Feb 2013 09:08 PM PST
    "Shaking my head, I continue, "I don't know how you can say that. I don't know how you find the strength because you and I are the same age and yet, if that had happened to me, I would doubt God even existed. If he were real, why wouldn't he stop my heart from hurting? If I had to hold my mother while she died from the concrete wall falling on her, and I didn't have $13 to pay transportation to get her help."
    On Race:
    Posted: 12 Feb 2013 09:16 PM PST
    I loved this list. I read some of these in school and some in my Children's Lit class at MC (one of my ABSOLUTE favorite classes).

    Posted: 10 Feb 2013 09:14 PM PST
    "The world we live in is not colorblind. As most fair-skinned parents who are raising darker-skinned children can attest, there is a fine line between helping our children feel included and "as one" with their foster or adoptive families and helping them identify with and stay connected to their ethnic and cultural roots. And as any black child being raised in a white household can verify, no matter how accepting and supportive their family may be, finding their racial identity is difficult."

    (This is Kind of Late but) On The Super Bowl:
    Posted: 06 Feb 2013 10:02 PM PST
    "Riddle me this, outraged moms on Facebook – since when is the Super Bowl family-friendly, let alone honoring to God?" Y'all know I love doing "the other side of the coin" thing. And here it is. My take? Be upset, wish it was different, definitely. But don't be surprised. And don't expect anyone to do your job for you!
    Posted: 06 Feb 2013 10:00 PM PST
    "Ultimately, I think I'm wary of attributing any kind of commercial performance or photo shoot as an act of female empowerment or ownership of sexuality."

    Probably the best Beyonce post I've read yet.

    Posted: 10 Feb 2013 11:23 AM PST
    "One tweet after the Superbowl performance said it all: "This may be the Sasha Fierce-iest Bey has ever been." But if for Beyoncé this ultra-sexy side isn't actually a genuine reflection of who she is, we don't make any headway for women by defending it as her sexual self-expression."
    Posted: 06 Feb 2013 09:05 PM PST
    "Ever since the days of slavery, black women have been almost entirely evaluated based on their ability to sexually arouse white men. The black women who were light-skinned and/or possessed European features were deemed attractive/valuable and became "house niggers," more "powerful" slaves who worked closely with the master in his home. Of course, this was a false power because the beauty associated with it was entirely defined by the white master and because those who were granted it were often subjected to rape and other forms of abuse. Hello sexism, meet racism."

    On Writing:
    Posted: 12 Feb 2013 09:11 PM PST
    "If I could have my way, I would spend my days in coffee shops, tap tap tapping away, heavy fingers on my keyboard making too much noise, the way I do. I would read a book or two each week, the good stuff. Epics, deep philosophical rants, a bit on theology and culture and always a few pieces of overwrought fiction...And then I look hard into my own retinas and tap my forehead against the mirror and say, "Baby, it's great you want to do All The Things. But if you spend all your time doing the Things of everyone else, who will do your jobs?""
    Posted: 12 Feb 2013 09:10 PM PST
    "Now, a few of you have asked how I wrote the book, and I'm assuming you mean beyond the What-program-did-you-type-it-in? sort of stuff. So I thought I'd write a post with a few of the things that helped me write a 55,000 word book while not losing my head." Very interesting!

    On Social Media and Technology:
    Posted: 12 Feb 2013 09:13 PM PST
    "Design isn't just about what you see – the colors, the fonts, the beauty. It's also about how your site functions. How a user can navigate it. How easy you make it to actually read your blog or share it with others. So, here are seven mistakes some bloggers with great-looking designs are making:"

    Posted: 10 Feb 2013 08:08 PM PST
    "Treat others the way you want to be treated and don't attack people with pitches. Feeds are meant to be balanced, so try to offer people a little bit of the good with the bad (if you feel the need to share negative things on a regular basis) and a little bit of the personal with the work. It helps people get a well-rounded picture of you and the important projects in your life."

    Great tips!
    Posted: 10 Feb 2013 09:07 PM PST
    "Technologies of perception — and really all technologies impact perception — reveal and conceal. No one technology can simultaneously reveal the whole of reality. If it reveals some new dimension of reality, it is because it simultaneously conceals some other dimension."
    Posted: 10 Feb 2013 09:10 PM PST
    "I'm both more present and more private in my moments. There isn't another option than the present moment. I can't decide to check out on the conversation at hand if I'm bored...I noticed my surroundings, the people, my tinies, my life again. I'm listening a bit better...I actually live the moment instead of Instagramming the moment.""

    On Things Worth Being Excited About:
    Posted: 06 Feb 2013 09:59 PM PST
    So exciting!
    Posted: 10 Feb 2013 09:06 PM PST
    So sweet and funny!

    On *My* Heart:
    Posted: 16 Feb 2013 09:56 PM PST
    "It's becoming a new thing for my days to be filled with thoughts of our future in the city. And, I'm realizing, it is for others as well."


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