Thursday, March 7, 2013

Flashback Friday: The Nervous Traveler {July 6, 2011}

{Baby Graves, upon arriving home from a trip in which Carrie and I met Ashley in Memphis. And purchased a bed for Aubrey.}

Yeah, I'm kind of glad to be leaving him this time.

Also kind of heartbroken.

Also, do you think Carrie will be alarmed if this is the look on my face when I climb in her car at seven tomorrow morning? I was doing SO well and had even managed to get a good bit done today in preparation for the trip. And then....I realized that I had totally forgotten about a big Junior League meeting and missed it earlier this week and I went to Circle and it was SO!FUN! but also ended up going SO!LATE! and my kids (well, Annie) didn't get to bed until almost ten. And now I'm packing at the eleventh hour like I told Carrie I would. And also I'm immersed in The West Wing because I've started using phrases like "the eleventh hour" in common conversation. 

And I'm super, super sad about leaving my babies. 

I know this will be so fun and awesome and inspiring and energizing, but right now I'm just stressed to the max and want to sob. Pray for me to be able to let go of control, like Carrie wrote perfectly about, will you?

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